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Strawberry Blessings

Color of the day:  Indigo
Incense of the day:  Ivy

While the end of June is known for the first rush of local strawberries, in many areas the berries are still widely available in mid-July. Associated with purity and passion, perfection and righteousness, strawberries are the perfect food to use for blessings. Not just spiritually powerful, strawberries are filled with healthy antioxidants.

Whether alone or with family or friends, create a strawberry blessing dessert. I love strawberries with sponge cake and a topping of Greek yogurt, but you can eat them with scones and whipped cream or shortbread and clotted cream as well. As you wash the berries, intone purity. As you cut the berries, notice how perfectly red and juicy they are, and how they are passionately heartshaped. When you serve the berries, hold the blessings of purity, passion, perfection, and righteousness in mind so that all who eat this divine dessert are blessed and filled with sweetness.

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