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Color of the day:  White
Incense of the day:  Neroli

The ancient world had ten sibyls, who were prophetesses. The Cumaean Sibyl wrote her prophecies on leaves that she placed at the mouth of her cave. If no one came to pick them up, she let the wind scatter them.

A hot summer day is a good time to try some prophecy. Take advantage of “the heat of inspiration.” First, cut 22 leaf shapes, one for each major arcana card in the tarot, out of colored paper and number them. Next, take your leaves, some colored pencils, and your favorite tarot pack and go outside and find a shady spot. Look at the Fool card and consider what you and he, working together, can predict. When the prophecy comes to you, write it on your first leaf. Repeat this with the rest of the cards and leaves. Write clearly. Add drawings. When the wind comes up, go to a windy place and imitate the Cumaean Sibyl. Pray that your prophecies will come true.

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