Where Shall I Wander?

Color of the day:  Gold
Incense of the day:  Eucalyptus

Sometimes you just need to get away—but where? First deal with the mundane details. Think about where you can go, physically, financially, etc. Then print out a map that encompasses all the possible areas, and set it on a table or place it on the floor—upside down so that you cannot see the various destinations.

Take a piece of tourmaline. (It’s protective, and you want to get to your destination safely. If you don’t have tourmaline, use another protective stone, like turquoise, or a penny.) Gently toss the tourmaline onto the surface of the upside-down map with these words:

Wither shall I wander,
Where shall I go,
To lift my heart
And heal my soul?

Make a pin prick on the map where the tourmaline lands, and repeat two more times. Flip the map over and your destination will be revealed.

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