Seeking Wisdom

Color of the day:  Purple
Incense of the day:  Carnation

Today is the Double Seventh Festival in China. It is traditionally a time when Chinese girls go to local temples in order to seek wisdom. We can also seek out wisdom today. We need only tap into the energies of the day. Since we are doing our magickal work on a Thursday, we can work with Jupiter and use the colors blue or purple. Use a candle in one of those colors or in white. If it is a white candle, use a blue or purple marker to write the word wisdom on it. Light your candle and ask for Jupiter to grant wisdom to you:

Jupiter, I call to you. Allow me
a deeper understanding of the
world of myself so I can better
understand the world around me.

Allow the candle to burn completely out so that the magick can take effect. Once it is extinguished, bury any remaining candle wax outside.

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