All Hail Salt

Color of the day:  White
Incense of the day:  Clary sage

Salt is a common crystal on Earth and one of the most sacred. We depend on sunshine and water to stay alive, but we need salt too. Our eyes weep salty tears, our hearts pump salty blood, and our unborn children float in salty wombs. Salt has been used medicinally, as currency, and in sacred offerings, and our salted oceans are cauldrons of life. It’s no wonder we attach such value to it.

Keep a vial of salt at hand, ready for a number of uses:

Purification: Bury magical tools in salt or bathe them in salt water.
Cleansing: Wash hands and face with salt water before ritual or spellcraft. Clean magical tools and spaces with salt solutions; sprinkle the solution to cleanse large spaces.
Setting space: Use salt to outline magical space, holding defined energies in or out.
Protection: Cast salt to create barriers or to protect doorways and thresholds.
Spellcraft: Include salt in spells and charms for abundance, protection, or wealth.

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