Collecting Rocks

Color of the day:  Purple
Incense of the day:  Vanilla

Today is Collect Rocks Day. Stones represent the element of earth. They bring strength, stability, and other benefits. Searching for them adds an element of chance.

There are several ways to celebrate this holiday. First, you can take a walk and collect natural stones that you find. Second, you can paint some rocks, then go on a hike to distribute the ones you made while searching for those left by other people. Third, you can take a shopping trip to look for jewelry or other items with gemstones.

As you set out on your quest, tap your foot on the ground and say:

Mother Earth, send me the stones
Suited to my path today.
Pick them out and put them down
So I find them on my way.

Pay attention as you walk around, and choose the stones that call to you.

When you get home, take out a book about stone magic. Look up the stones you found. Try to identify them and learn about their qualities.

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