A Spell for Mental Clarity and Growth

Color of the day:  Green
Incense of the day:  Carnation

Our brains are constantly changing and developing, and every challenge we face offers us a chance to learn.

For this spell to encourage mental clarity and growth, you’ll need:
* A purple candle and holder
* A small open bowl or jar
* A sharpened pencil
* Matches
* One or more of fluorite, amethyst, lapis, or tiger eye
* One or more of fresh or dried peppermint, turmeric, basil, or green tea
* A small bell

Place the candle, bowl, and pencil on your altar. Light the candle safely. Place the gems and herbs in the bowl or jar, then hold it in your hands, with eyes closed, and focus on clearing your mind. Think about an obstacle you face and what you need to do to surmount it. Set the bowl down, open your eyes, and hold the pencil. Repeat:

The sharp point of this pencil
creates, while its softer end erases.
May I remember that in every action
There is no failure—
Only a chance to experience growth.

Ring the bell and pause, focusing on growth. Extinguish the candle. Leave the materials on your altar for contemplation.

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