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Let's All Honor Each Other

Color of the day:  White
Incense of the day:  Bayberry

Holding a big ball of rainbowcolored yarn, sit on the floor in a circle with friends. Sit so close that you’re all touching. With the end of the yarn in one hand, toss the ball so it flies like a comet with a rainbow tail to someone across the circle. As you toss the yarn, speak an affirmation that Concordia, goddess of community harmony, whispers in your ear. The person who catches the yarn touches it to their heart, then tosses it to someone else, speaking another affirmation of harmony.

Keep tossing the ball back and forth around the circle and speaking words of harmony until all the yarn is loose. What you’ll have now is a big, untidy web. It’s really a cone of energy of community harmony hovering above and around your circle. Ground the energy into yourselves and figure out a way to preserve that web as a symbol of harmony of your magical and mundane communities.

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