Hecate Candle Spell

Color of the day:  Ivory
Incense of the day:  Clary sage

On Samhain night you can ask Hecate to help you communicate with your deceased loved ones. You’ll need a black candle, some salt water, and a piece of purple fabric. Begin this ritual at midnight. Drape the fabric over your altar. Lightly rub the candle with the salt water to keep negative spirits away. Then safely light the candle. Sit before the candle and gaze at the flame. Now call upon Hecate by saying:

Hecate, queen of the Witches,
queen of the night,
Bring to me the power of second sight.
Let me see in this candle’s glare,
Spirits of the family tree I share.

Softly say the names of the departed souls you wish to communicate with. Gaze at the candle’s flame and its halo. Soon you’ll begin to see faces, some you may not recognize. When you wish to stop, thank the spirits, snuff out the candle, and thank Hecate. When the candle is cool, throw it away. Record any communication in your Book of Shadows.

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