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New Moon Sweetgrass Cleansing

Color of the day:  Topaz
Incense of the day:  Bay laurel

Welcome the new moon and its potential for great beginnings today. Let’s align with the sweetness of Hierochloe odorata, which means “holy grass” and “fragrant.” The common name for this herb, believed to be the braid of Mother Earth, is sweetgrass.

As one of the Four Sacred Medicines, sweetgrass is a special herb. Unlock its healing potential with a respectful offering to the ancestors by burning tobacco. Next, tap sweetgrass’s ability to create good vibrations. Light an end and tamp out the flame to create a smoldering incense. Begin at the north door of your home and travel south, waving the smoke in open, closed, and corner spaces. Leave some sweetgrass at your southernmost door.

Use sweetgrass to cleanse the aura and sacred objects, bless a space, yield protective energies by carrying it in a pouch on your body, or hang it up indoors as a protective amulet.

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