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Writing Down the Moon

Color of the day:  Brown
Incense of the day:  Marjoram

The full moon is a time of power. It’s a great time to do work that manifests energy or requires introspection. One powerful approach to looking within is freewriting, a process that opens the channels between the brain, hand, and paper, allowing access to ideas and memories that otherwise might remain hidden.

For this exercise you’ll need:
* A fluorite or moonstone
* A cup of peppermint tea
* Paper
* Pen or pencil
* A location from which you can see the full moon

A few minutes before the moon is full tonight, sit down. Raise your stone to the moon and feel the rising energies. Sip the tea, heightening your mental clarity.

As the moon becomes full, start writing. Pick a subject, or just write about whatever comes to mind. Write without stopping to edit or make corrections. Don’t worry about forming full sentences—just write. Let the lunar energies flow through you and onto the page, and write in whatever direction it takes you, perhaps veering into unknown corners to find oncelost memories and details. You are inspired, writing down the moon.

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