Mountain of Memories Altar

Color of the day:  Amber
Incense of the day:  Almond

Today, on International Mountain Day, begin the construction of a ritual altar that will take you into the next year. You can also create this altar for just today, this week, this month, or whatever makes the most sense to you and your situation.

You’ll need a pen, some sticky notes, and a blank wall (the front of a refrigerator works well too!). Cleanse and clear the space you will use. At the end of the day, write a note or draw a picture that represents what happened that day, whether it be cheerful or challenging, supportive or painful (keep it real), and place it on your chosen surface. You can also create multiple notes and images if the day was memorable for many reasons. Day after day, the mountain will grow. Build up the base and watch it take shape. You can arrange the notes in a triangular shape (although not all mountain formations are like that) or let it grow organically.

Next December 11 (or for however long you’ve decided to build your altar), “climb” the mountain by reviewing each memory. Meditate on how it has shaped your present and helped you grow, and give thanks. Safely burn the notes and scatter the cooled ashes to release them.

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