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Meditation for Peace

Color of the day:  White
Incense of the day:  Rosemary

The holidays can be crazy and more than a little stressful. There are expectations and obligations, and even the fun parts take energy. It can be overwhelming, even if you enjoy this time of year (and not everyone does). Some folks fight with depression, anxiety, or loneliness. Whether you love the holidays or hate them, everyone can benefit from taking a break and doing this easy meditation for peace and calm. If you want, you can light a candle in a firesafe container and gaze at the flames. Then read or say these words:

I am calm and at peace,
Although chaos may be all around me.
I am the eye at the center of the storm.
I am the quiet breath and
the softly falling snow.
I am calm and at peace.
I am calm and at peace.

Then just breathe for a few minutes before blowing out the candle.

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