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Saturnalia Feast Blessing

Color of the day:  Blue
Incense of the day:  Sandalwood

The Roman holiday Saturnalia begins today. It honors Saturn, the god of wealth and agriculture. Historically, it was a time of feasting, drinking, dancing, games, and role reversal of kings and servants. Evergreen boughs were brought inside and candles were lit.

This meal blessing recalls some of the merriment associated with that time. All you need is a meal, beverages, an evergreen bough, taper candles, and a lighter.

Set the table with the greenery and the candles in the middle. Light the candles and raise your drink. Say:

Today we feast as royalty
On the land’s great bounty.
May all who dine here
find some pleasure
In dancing, drinking,
gaming, and leisure.
For Saturn calls us to rejoice,
Have fun and frivolity in raised voice.
Cheers to Saturn and the Golden Age!
May we relish these fruitful days!

Enjoy every bite and sip. Set aside some for Saturn, then play games or dance to celebrate life and your successes. When the day is done, extinguish the candles.

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