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Yule Candle Spell

Color of the day:  White
Incense of the day:  Bay laurel

This spell invokes the power of Yule into your home. It can be done before starting a Yule ritual, a celebratory gathering, or a dinner. You’ll need one taper candle in whatever color reminds you of Yuletide. Place your candle in a prominent place wherever you are doing your work. Take a deep breath and think of the beauty of the holiday season. Envision the sun growing in the sky and the joy present on so many faces this time of year. With those images in your mind, light your candle and say:

I invoke the blessings of this time of year,
Merriment, mirth, and all
people of good cheer!
Gifts, peace, growth, and
wonder I do invoke,
Timeless Yuletide magick
for all of the folk!

Your space will be filled with the magick of Yule while the candle burns. Extinguish it when done.

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