Sharing the Unity of Kwanzaa

Color of the day:  Gray
Incense of the day:  Neroli

It’s the first day of Kwanzaa, and today celebrants honor the concept of unity. You can honor this day magically with a ceremony of unity for your family and ancestors.

Prepare by creating a list or a family tree of your family members, as many as you know or can recall.

You’ll also need a special cup or goblet, a beverage to be shared, family photographs, and a candle. Ask each family member attending to bring a favorite item that reminds them of the family.

Gather your family members at the dining table, inviting them to place their items on the table with the photos. Light the candle safely. Ask everyone to share a favorite family memory, then read aloud the list of family members sharing memories. Pour the libation into the cup, and pass it around the table. Ask everyone to drink in honor of family, past and present.

Join hands and say:
Together, our family is strong.
Present and past, we endure.
May it always be so.

Extinguish the candle.

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