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Flower Power

Color of the day:  Indigo
Incense of the day:  Ivy

January is a cold and snowy month for many people in the Northern Hemisphere. While it is dark and cold outside, bring flowers into your home to add vibrant new life to your space. You can choose flowers based on their color meanings. Red flowers bring power, passion, and love to your space. Yellow flowers add an uplifting joy. White flowers have the energy of purity and innocence. Orange flowers represent enthusiasm.

Once you have flowers and colors in your space, this chant will evoke the energies to magnify and show gratitude for nature’s gifts:

I am grateful for the flowers
that are now in my space.
May their energies enhance my home
with their magick and grace.

This spell can be done to liven up the energy of your home and add more magick to your days at any time of the year.

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