Spell for Balance

Color of the day:  Brown
Incense of the day:  Sandalwood

Eleven is considered a master number, connected to enlightenment and balance. Today is perfect for a balance spell. Gather these items:

* A candle of any color in a glass jar/votive holder (I like yellow.)
* Calm music
* A yoga mat (optional)

Light the candle. Listen to the music for a few minutes, following your breath.

Pinpoint where your life is out of balance. Imagine what is out of balance on one side of a scale. Put yourself on the other side of the scale. Visualize the two sides evening out, so they are in balance. Hold this image for at least five breaths.

Embody the balance by doing your favorite yoga balancing pose, such as Tree, Dancer, or Crow. Hold the pose as long as it feels good.

Release the pose and extinguish the candle. Repeat the ritual any time you feel out of balance, visualizing the balance of eleven.

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