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Eggzactly Unstoppable

Color of the day:  Topaz
Incense of the day:  Lavender

Ancient Europeans worshiped the first eggs of spring, to honor with gratitude the return of the regenerative fertility and life-sustaining cycles of Earth. This Ukrainian parlor game is a lively way to learn to maintain your compassion and tenderness under pressure. It teaches us that every egg is a treasure and our own endurance and patience are redeeming survival skills, because with time and practice we can all steadily develop any ability.

Nestle an egg between two teaspoons, holding one spoon in each hand. Cross your arms to make it more of a challenge. The trick is to apply enough pressure to grip the egg but not so much that the spoons will crack the shell. How long can you hold it? Can you dance with it, climb with it? Can you sit, stand, or roll around on the ground while still gripping the egg safely? Challenge your abilities today. Chant:

May joy and laughter abound,
should no egg befall the ground.

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