Friday, My Day Spell

Color of the day:  White
Incense of the day:  Orchid

Dion Fortune said that “magic is the practice of changing consciousness at will.” Friday is my magical day, my day off, the day when I do all of my favorite things. I comprehend the deep and abiding magic that comes from this practice. It changes my consciousness and heals and uplifts me. Even on Fridays when I might have to work, I still practice this spell to great benefit, wrapping myself in the transformative energies of love and passion.

To begin, quickly identify five things you love that don’t cost money: walking, with my dog, in nature, by the lake, at dusk. That wasn’t so hard. Try it again: laughing, exercise, hugs, smiles, people holding doors. Now tell me five things you are passionate about: ecology, magic, nature, animals, neurophysiology. You know what you love and are passionate about. Can you purposefully choose to spend time today engaged with love and passion?

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