Rejuvenation Meditation

Color of the day:  Green
Incense of the day:  Apricot

Imagine you’re in a forest, or actually go sit in the woods if you can. Find a place that is quiet, where you can only hear the sounds of nature. If this isn’t possible, use headphones and play recorded nature sounds. Breathe deeply and close your eyes. The forest surrounds you. New leaves are emerging, and there are wildflowers everywhere.

Visualize the forest renewing you; see yourself being reborn along with the woods. Your life is like a leaf or flower bud that is slowly opening, unfurling with new purpose and strength. Raise your arms above your head and spread your fingers wide like branches. Return the embrace of the forest. Take in the soothing atmosphere of the forest through your fingers and arms, and feel it spread healing energy throughout your body, forcing out all negativity and stress.

Come back to this place in your mind whenever you need to renew your spirit. Choose a word that helps you access this mental state quickly and say it aloud.

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