Willow Healing Talisman

Color of the day:  Orange
Incense of the day:  Marigold

We are in the Celtic tree month of Willow now, so working with willow for healing is even more powerful now than in other months.

If you have access to a willow tree, pick up a small twig from the ground (do not cut it from the tree), or find a photo of a willow tree that speaks to you and print it out. This is your willow talisman.

Hold the talisman in your hands as you sit quietly. Follow your breath. Feel the healing energy of the willow fill you from the point of contact throughout your body. Memorize the sensation, so you can call it up whenever you are in pain.

Sleep with the willow talisman under your pillow for thirteen consecutive nights, and meditate while holding it during the day. Then keep the talisman in a safe place and use it as needed in healing work.

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