Discover Your Phoenix

Color of the day:  Blue
Incense of the day:  Rue

New job, school, town? Reinvent yourself ! I did this when I moved from one job to another and knew no one. To that rote question “How are you?” I answered every time, “Can’t complain.” Some of my fellow workers became annoyed and said, “Of course you can,” to which I replied, “I have my spouse and my child. All my family members are healthy. I am making a decent wage. My home is secure,” and so on.

Some people inevitably walked away in a huff. Others saw that they, too, were blessed. “Can’t complain” became my own personal incantation. It was true then and remains true now, and acknowledging the change as permanent created a new me. My phoenix had transformed.

Look inside and find your own phoenix. Create a simple affirmation as a constant reminder of the future.

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