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New Worlds of Reincarnation

An essay/review of Dr. Joe Slate's Beyond Reincarnation by Carl Llewellyn Weschcke

This book is based on the simple premise that the more we know about ourselves, including our past life, the more personally empowered we become in achieving our present life's goals. And, the more we know about ourselves, the more effective we are in accelerating our growth and developing our highest potential.

Wherever we are in our life's voyage, we are the sum total of our past.

Think about it. If you believe in reincarnation, then you also believe that "life is more than meets the eye." Instead of one single lifetime of experience and knowledge, you have a depth accumulated from many lifetimes that could add immeasurably to your skills and abilities in this current life, if you could only draw upon them.

Instead of just believing in past lives, you can go beyond belief to actually revisit the core experiences and integrate the experience and knowledge previously gained into your present life. Instead of a lifetime of perhaps a hundred years, you really do LIVE FOREVER and you can recall memories of earlier chapters in your book of life.

Dr. Joe H.Slate has devoted the entirety of his current life chapter to the scientific study of parapsychology, aided by students and research grants at Athens State College (now University) in Alabama, and has developed easy procedures enabling you to safely and comfortably explore past lives in your own home and at your own pace. You can learn to probe your past lives, your life-between-lives, and even your pre-existence</u before any incarnations, through self-hypnosis, astral travel, and spirit communication.

You will actually know that your existence is from everlasting to everlasting.

We are a never-ending work in progress. Consciously or subconsciously, we bring into the present all our past experiences. All our past-life experiences are available, but like chapters in a book it is up to each of us to retrieve them and discover their relevance to the here and now, and then integrate them into our present lifetime.

It's through concentrated effort and self-discovery that we learn and grow, and thus the knowledge of the past becomes a power for the present. And it is not only knowledge from past lives but also that from lives-between-lives from which we gain access to inner resources and potential and understand their current relevance.

  • Past-Life knowledge brings assurance of immortality.
  • Past-Life knowledge can give new meaning and direction to your life.
  • Past-Life knowledge establishes true Self-worth.
  • Past-Life knowledge enables us to overcome present-life adversities and dilemmas, and transform them into new opportunities for growth.
  • Past-Life knowledge can bring about physical, mental and spiritual healing.
  • Past-Life knowledge can help in bringing about understanding of complex problems of global dimension.

The scientifically-developed techniques taught in this book include how to: contact your spiritual guides, open access to loved ones who have passed over, help develop your innate psychic and intuitive powers, establish direction for your spiritual growth, and accelerate your own evolution while promoting the evolution of others.

The Great Sub-Conscious Mind
We are used to thinking of the sub-conscious as containing little of value—a sort of storehouse of mostly repressed memories, forgotten facts and observations, kinds of mental and emotion debris, and such. Something like a basement filled with boxes of old letters, odd furniture, childhood toys, broken odds and ends, and who-knows-what. But it is also the doorway to past-life memories and even to the "collective unconscious" where all of humanity's memories and pre-existence codes and guidance can be accessed.

Many techniques have been developed to access both personal memories and the collected "wisdom of the ages" found through the subconscious—meditation, channeling, and various kinds of ritual and divination, but probably the most direct and efficient method is that of hypnosis, and most particularly self-hypnosis.

While these other things are important and interesting, none is more important for our immediate consideration than that of recovering past memories and past-life experience, for these belong to us alone and are part of who we are. By accessing them, and integrating those of importance to this current lifetime, we embark on the journey of wholeness after which these other kinds of knowledge are available as needed and without the particular hazards associated with "forbidden knowledge." It was never truly forbidden, but it can be hazardous to the un-whole person.

The Past-life Corridor
Dr. Slate has developed a unique procedure based on self-hypnosis and the visualization of a corridor containing doorways—each of which represents your past lifetimes as well as your life-between-lifetimes and your pre-existence. Each door is a living gateway to your past and the corridor provides for regression to your past life in its totality.

The self-hypnosis procedure is termed "EM/RC" (for eye movement and reverse counting) and induces a trance-state that is fully under your self control. Dr. Slate emphasizes that "within each of us in not only a master hypnotist but also a master teacher, healer, and psychic" that we access with this procedure. Because you alone are in command of the induction and regression process, you proceed step-by-step through childhood experiences to past-life regression and then "re-entry" through the same portal for integration of those memories of importance. You control whether you experience a particular lifetime as a participant or an observer, and your own higher intelligence guides you to the most relevant segments.

The book provides complete and very detailed instructions for you to follow, and includes many example "case histories" to give you confidence in your own experiences.

What have we learned?

  • Each lifetime offers totally new mind, body, and spirit interactions that promote our evolution, and that of others.
  • Each lifetime offers new opportunities to learn and grow and to know our self-worth.
  • Each lifetime can be a source of personal enlightenment, self-discovery and self-fulfillment.
  • Each lifetime offers opportunities for overcoming physical limitations, completing unfinished tasks, compensating for past actions, and setting new goals.
  • Each lifetime offers opportunities to discover the beauty and power of nature and the world we share. We learn to appreciate the grand diversity of life.
  • Each lifetime teaches us to take responsibility for our decisions, actions, attitudes and beliefs.
  • Each lifetime expands our opportunities to experience love, commitment, and understanding of others.
  • Each lifetime is progressive, but the degree of its progression is self-determined.

As we gain from our past-life regressions, we find that our psychic and spiritual skills are enhanced, and based on the same techniques we've learned, Dr. Slate provides further guidance to the development of clairvoyance, healing, divination, and astral projection.

Astral projection becomes one of the most direct ways known for experiencing the spiritual world. Through hypnosis and past-life regression, you can travel inward to retrieve important experiences from your past. Through such strategies as Interfacing and table tipping, you can interact with the discarnate realm. And through astral projection, you can further extend your search for new understanding and self-empowerment. You can travel outward to directly experience the spirit world and access its abundant resources. You can interact with discarnate loved ones, master teachers, and guides. You can literally bathe in pools of revitalizing and rejuvenating energy. You can soar into the great reaches of the cosmos, and you can discover new meaning to your life in the present and the magnificent realities that await you in the future.

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Carl Llewellyn Weschcke (Minnesota) was the owner and chairman of Llewellyn Worldwide, the world's oldest and largest metaphysical publisher. He played a seminal role in the rise of Wicca and Neo-Paganism in the 1960s and ...

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