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How to Enchant a Man: Spells to Bewitch, Bedazzle & Beguile

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You have bewitched me.
—Jane Austin, Pride and Prejudice

How to Enchant a Man is an entertaining and enjoyable guide into the world of loving enchantments, romantic spells, and women's witchery. Designed for both single and married enchantresses, this is a fun and pleasurable book that invites you, the reader, into the world of personal improvement. It urges you to reclaim your feminine power, to focus on your captivating abilities as a woman, and to bring more romance, laughter, love, and magick into your life.

There is so much more to love magick than the "You shall be mine…" type of fictional love spell. For magick to be transformational, it must affect you on an emotional level, as well as a spiritual one. As women, the desire to be in a loving relationship is one of the strongest needs that we have. They say that love makes the world go around, and it definitely takes us for a whirl; we are all affected by love in some manner. It is a mystical force that moves through our lives and shapes our daily existence in so many ways. Actually, love is not unlike magick, as both magick and love must be experienced to be truly understood; the comprehension of these mysteries can only come after the experience.

The easiest way to fall in love is to be in love with life. The secret to attracting others is to feel and to believe that you are attractive and worthy of love yourself. Love begins when you take pleasure in everyday activities. You can begin this journey of self-discovery by experiencing your world as a Witch does, by discovering the enchantment that is inherent in all things. Get out there girlfriend, and enthusiastically live your life.

Right now, I'd like to take this opportunity to invite you to take some personal time for yourself as a woman. Dare to laugh, to learn, and to love. Together, let's explore what the laws of attraction, feminine power, and the concepts of "magnetism" are truly all about. As a bewitching woman, you are both a force of nature and a loving force to be reckoned with. Each and every day, you do have the opportunity to manifest wonderful change and to create happiness within your life.

How to Enchant a Man will captivate you right from the start with ethical spell craft, common sense information, humor, and of course magick. So, what will you find inside this little book? The introduction begins with a discussion on what the word "enchant" truly means. Do you really know? Well, now is the time to find out. There is much, much more to the topic of love magick than meets the eye, and I can't wait to share it with you.

The first chapter of the book focuses on reclaiming a woman's personal power and embracing the Goddess within. Here we will build a strong foundation of confidence in which to begin our spell craft. Next is a primer into love magick, with a practical and ethical look at the rules of romance magick and loving enchantments. Yes rules. You need to understand and to be refreshed on the rules of loving enchantments so you don't get burned. (This is where your personal honor and integrity will come into play, for honorable behavior is essential to this type of spell craft). You will find suggestions on how to build a personal love altar, and of course there are a few spells in the opening chapters to get you warmed up.

The following chapters delve into working your own brand of charm. There is a discussion on flirtation, attraction, and courtship. Following that you will learn more about the four elements, and how these can be utilized in love spells and romantic magick. In addition, you will learn the qualities of elemental personalities (yours and his), and how they can compliment and work in harmony with each other. Plus, you'll find a no-nonsense discussion on how to put these natural powers to work in your own love life.

You will discover dozens of practical magick tips and enchantments that will help keep the home fires burning, with entrancing and seductive ideas designed for real women and real life situations (such as tips on keeping a sexual relationship vital when you have children). How to Enchant a Man features plenty of original love spells, fascinations, and charms that can be worked with easy to find supplies and ingredients. The cycles and seasons of enchantment are discussed within the book as well, for no matter what time of year it may be, love is always in season.

There is also an entire chapter devoted to the darker side of love and magick, with spells for breaking up, letting go, and moving on. There is also a segment in the chapter on breaking hexes, performing uncrossings, and how to un-do a manipulative spell that may have gone awry. The book closes up with a passionate potpourri of deities, correspondences, herbs, crystals, flowers, and information that you can easily use to design even more loving and ethical enchantments of your very own. The bottom line is that there is truly something here for every witchy woman. This book will appeal to any woman, no matter what their level of magickal experience, relationship status, or magickal tradition.

How to Enchant a Man will be a bewitching addition to your personal magickal library. There is plenty of enchantment, fun and information to be discovered here. The topic of love magick is a perennial popular one. As well it should be, but not for the reasons you may suspect. If there is one thing I can honestly say after twenty-five years of practicing my Craft, is that love is without a doubt the strongest magick I have ever known.

Come and spend some time with me. Pull up a comfy chair, crack open the book, and get ready to have some fun while you laugh, learn, and grow in your Craft. There is plenty of information here for to keep you busy for quite some time. I know that you will enjoy your journey into the realm of love magick and enchantments (and so will your men!).

Don't you owe it to yourself to turn up the volume on your personal power and charm? My newest book will show you how. After all the truest, most potent magicks, do indeed come from the heart.

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