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The Horseshoe Spread

The horseshoe spread is a dramatic way to explore the details of any question or situation—all in a mystical seven-card reading.

  1. Past. The circumstances and events that led to the present situation.
  2. Present. The current situation.
  3. Future. The near future.
  4. Self. The subject's attitudes, thoughts, and feelings about the situation
  5. Friends and Family. How other people see and affect the situation.
  6. Obstacles. The obstacles that must be overcome.
  7. Outcome. The most likely outcome of the current situation.

Excerpted from Tarot for Writers, by Corrine Kenner

About Corrine Kenner

Corrine Kenner (DeLand, Florida) specializes in bringing metaphysical subjects down to earth. She is a certified tarot master, and her work on the tarot is widely published. Corrine has authored Tarot and Astrology ...

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