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Affirmations for the Sun (and For Leo)

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Affirmations for the Sun (and for Leo)

  • The universal power sustains me moment by moment.
  • I radiate my inherent and true Self with confidence.
  • I am a vital and dynamic person.
  • I am a center for the creative intelligence of life.
  • I am a beautiful and totally miraculous person in all ways.
  • Faith and hope are the cornerstones of my temperament.
  • I am affectionate and graciously receive affection from all.
  • I build a strong and healthy body day by day.
  • I receive Earth's abundance and generously give to all.
  • I am demonstrative and loving with my children.
  • I know how to play and enjoy myself.
  • I am a joyous person who inspires trust and confidence in others.
  • I am the vital principle of all that is.

Excerpted from Astrology for Self-Empowerment, by Dovid Strusiner

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