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Affirmations for Mars (and for Aries)

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Affirmations for Mars (and for Aries)

  • I am a pioneer and a leader.
  • The strength of the spiritual warrior is with me now.
  • I am passionate about living.
  • I react quickly and powerfully to every challenge.
  • Impulsive I may be, but my initial impulse is right.
  • I am not rude, I am direct and speak the truth.
  • I am pulsing with energy as I act in the drama of life.
  • I am sure and certain in all my undertakings.
  • I am empowered with force and courage.
  • I am energized, heated, and ready for action.
  • Ever victorious am I—of victory I am certain.
  • I dominate only myself so that I may serve.
  • I am always ready to begin again.
  • I am the hero in a moment of crisis.

Astrology for Self-Empowerment, by Dovid Strusiner

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