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Court Cards, Part IV: The Pages of Tarot

This article continues my series on the Court Cards. For some background information on this series, see "Court Cards, Part I: The Kings of Tarot."

For this series, we are looking at the Court Cards as representing other people involved in the situation that the querent is asking about. Pages are known for being supportive and bringing freshness and enthusiasm to a situation but who seek to be directed by a firmer or more experienced person.

When a Page appears in a reading, it means that someone who needs help or guidance or who can provide support will play a role in the development of the situation.

Pages are not necessarily chronologically young. Instead, they are young in terms of the situation. They are feeling the first flush of excitement and possibly nervousness that often comes with new experiences. They are just getting the hang of something, just beginning to see how they fit in, or just deciding whether something is right for them or not. Although they generally exhibit visible energy, they can appear skeptical or resistant, particularly if they are still trying to get their feet under them and do not wish to appear foolish.

Pages are not known for their powerful or far-reaching influence. Unlike the Knights, they are hardly going to do anything that would upset the querent's apple cart in any way. And unlike the Queens, they aren't filled with wise advice based on highly honed skills or experience. Indeed, they are likely to instead be asking the querent for advice, help, or support. In exchange, they offer their gratitude and loyalty. They can be useful in the current situation in some way, perhaps as yet unknown, or in the future. Although their role may be minimal, it could prove the nail for which the kingdom was lost.

All the Pages share the contrary characteristics of curiosity and skepticism, courage and fear. They are novices and are motivated by the opportunity to be part of something larger than themselves. What they need or desire, the querent is usually in a position to provide. The return is well worth it in terms of loyalty, fresh insights, and enthusiasm. Each Page does have different specific needs as well as gifts to share.

The Shadowscapes Tarot - Page of Wands The Page of Wands is someone who has just discovered (or rediscovered) his sense of self, has experienced (or re-experienced) something that inspires him, or has just learned about (or relearned) what fuels his passion. At this point, he knows what it is and has some idea of the power it generates within, but has not yet grasped all the ramifications. He is still getting used to the idea, playing out scenarios in his mind, and imagining possibilities. This experience bestows a sense of power and self-determination. He may find this either freeing or frightening but more likely both. He will appreciate someone who helps him learn to channel and control his will and in exchange can devote some of that spark and energy to the querent's situation.

The Page of Cups represents someone who is seeing as if for the first time a matter of the heart, such as a relationship, emotion, or creative impetus. He may have any number of reactions. He may be enchanted, beguiled, curious, hesitant, repulsed, confused. But this card is not necessarily concerned with his immediate reaction. What it does reveal is that he does not know what to do with the experience. He has acknowledged its existence but is not sure what he is prepared to do with it or how it relates to him and his life. Instead of taking action he prefers to examine and study it, seeking its secrets and searching for understanding before making any decisions. Wise experience and encouraging words will hearten the Page as he explores these powerful emotions. In return, he will never forget his benefactor and will repay the kindness with sincere friendship and creativity.

The Page of Swords is someone who is encountering a new idea, solution, way of thinking, or method of communication. At the moment, although he acknowledges it, he neither discounts it nor fully accepts it. He needs to spend some time with it. First, he needs to determine whether or not he thinks it is theoretically true. Second, he wants to know how it can be applied to his life in practical terms. And finally, he will decide how useful it will be. He is looking for safe venues in which to try out this new discovery. He would be grateful for someone to discuss this with, someone who will bounce around ideas and share experience…but he doesn't want to be told what to do, just given data. He'll weigh it all in the balance and make his own decision. In exchange, he'll do the same for the querent. He may not bring experience to the party, but he can hold up any plan against his natural logic and provide an analysis.

The Page of Pentacles is someone who has received something new, such as a material item, a resource, or money (or a way to earn money). For him, this item is worth far more than it appears. In it, he sees possibilities. He is imagining how he can make the best use of it. It is likely that he will parley it into more than anyone else would imagine. Whether or not this actually happens is uncertain, but he is certainly going to try. He has ideas and plans, but wouldn't turn his nose up to any advice, although he is likely well-prepared. Instead, he' more likely appreciate encouragement and the idea that someone else believes in him and his ideas. He's not interested in small or negative thinking. In the course of conversation, he will probably offer insightful ideas about manifesting results that the querent never imagined.

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