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The Astrology of Samhain 2010: Celestial Sway

Moon Over Field

Planting the seeds of the new year comes easily this Samhain, as a waning Moon in the heart-centered sign of Leo draws our attention inward. Mercury in Scorpio and Venus retrograde (also in Scorpio), add an even greater intensity to relationships now, reminding us to pay attention to the past before we move forward into the future.

On October 28, the warrior planet Mars transited into the buoyant fire sign of Sagittarius, bringing an optimistic and hopeful energy to the Samhain planetary landscape. Now we can begin to dream in the dark, nurturing our plans and wishes for the future. Jupiter’s ongoing conjunction to Uranus in Pisces adds support to this Sagittarius influence, expanding our imagination and vision and encouraging us to move forward in new and unusual ways. This planetary combination also opens our hearts, broadening our concept of love and connection. With Jupiter still retrograde on Samhain Eve, this is a time to explore our inner growth and wisdom, trusting our hearts to guide us in the right direction as we move forward into the darkest time of the year. Both Jupiter and Venus go direct on November 18, allowing us to begin to move forward with the plans and relationships that may have seemed to be on hold throughout October and early November. As the planet of growth (Jupiter) and the planet of love (Venus) begin to pick up speed throughout late November, we will have an opportunity to create new possibilities in love and relationships, opening up to bigger and better ways of both giving and receiving.

Venus Retrograde Samhain Ritual
Venus, the planet of love and relationships, is retrograde on Samhain in the sign of Scorpio. The retrograde motion of Venus during the Samhain season makes it a good time to release old hurts and bitterness from past relationships, or issues that may be holding you back in a current love situation. Venus in Scorpio brings a great intensity and depth to love, but this energy may also make it harder to let go of something that is really dead and gone. The retrograde motion of Venus at this time helps us to review and reflect on old patterns in love that may be keeping us from experiencing even greater intimacy and connection in our current relationships.

  • Venus Retrograde Reflection Ritual
    Use the Samhain season’s energy to rejuvenate your relationships with a ritual designed to make the most of the Venus in Scorpio retrograde cycle. On Samhain Eve, find a mirror that reflects your whole body and sit comfortably in front of it. Light a white candle for purity and openness and prepare a bowl of salt water to set on your altar. As you gaze into the mirror, imagine all the hurts and bitterness that you might still be holding on to from old fights, betrayals, or misunderstandings. Speaking to your reflection, name the hurt or situation that you have been holding on to and then say, “I release this (person, situation, hurt), with love, so that I can move forward.” Keep repeating this about each issue until you feel cleansed and cleared, then dip your hands into the salt water, anointing the parts of your body where you have held these feelings.

Planets in Direct Motion
In November, three planets move forward, introducing a time of renewed progress and action into our lives. Neptune, the planet of dreams, creativity, and spirituality, turns direct on November 7. Neptune has been retrograde since May 31, lending a dreamy and subtly introspective quality to the summer and fall. When Neptune goes direct, we have an opportunity to envision our dreams more clearly and also to gain a new perspective and sense of understanding about what we want to manifest in the world. Our spiritual growth and creativity turn outward, drawing on the inward and reflective time of the Neptune retrograde period. Neptune moves forward in Aquarius, emphasizing a collective understanding of unity, connection, and shared dreams for the future. Now is the time when we may evolve as a human race, united and together, rather than separate and alone.

On November 18, both Venus and Jupiter go direct. Venus, the planet of love, values, and resources, went retrograde in Scorpio on October 8. Venus retrograde can bring encounters with lovers and relationships from the past and may require a revised approach to finances and other money matters. When Venus goes direct, we can take what we learned from the retrograde period and apply it in the world. Relationships become more straightforward now and we are able to let go of any patterns and issues that may have held us back in the past.

Jupiter, the planet of expansion, luck, and risk-taking, has been retrograde since July 23. During this time we have had a chance to reassess what we want to grow or expand in our lives, taking a second look at these life areas and revising plans and projects as necessary. When Jupiter goes direct on November 18, we can move forward again, taking action out in the world and nurturing new growth into form. This is a good time to take risks and expand boundaries, having confidence that our luck will hold.

New and Full Moons

  • November 6–New Moon in Scorpio

The New Moon in Scorpio on November 6 is conjunct the Sun, just as Venus was when it went retrograde back in October. Use the power of this Venus-enhanced New Moon to bring your attention to letting go of the old in Venus-related matters and welcoming in the new. Now is the time to plant the seeds of new beginnings—not just in love and romance, but also in regard to money and finances. Partnerships with others, both business and romantic, are in the spotlight on this New Moon. Take the time now to set intentions and make wishes that relate to shared resources, sexuality, intimacy, and deep energetic connections.

  • November 21–Full Moon in Taurus
    The Full Moon in Taurus on November 21 brings our focus to integrating the mystical into the mundane. This earthy lunar event includes a square aspect from spiritual Neptune and a sextile from quirky Uranus. Awareness comes now of how our individual values intersect with collective or community values. The light of the Full Moon awakens us to the influence of magic and mystery in our lives. We may find it easier, with Uranus’ electric influence on this Full Moon, to experiment with new ways of making money or building our resources. Neptune could bring challenges to our ability to see clearly, so it can be important to get an outside perspective before taking any big risks now.

    • Taurus Full Moon Ritual
      Build an altar with objects or pictures of the qualities and experiences that you value or find meaningful in life. Light a purple candle on the night of the Full Moon and meditate on how to live in a way that is more closely aligned with your values. How can you surround yourself with the people, experiences, and things that are most important to you? What do you need to change or transform to make this happen?

      If answers arise, write them down in your Book of Shadows or a journal to be read at the Dark Moon as a reminder of what is important to you. Watch for signs of your values manifesting during the month following this Full Moon.


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