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Put Purpose into Raising Your Frequency

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I’d never really put much thought into how I could effectively raise my frequency, the spiritual energy of my personal vibration, or why I should even attempt to do it until I began to notice a correlation between my frequency and the positive or negative things happening in my life. I became aware that a higher inner frequency resulted in more positivity in my life, and lower frequencies resulted in stressful, negative situations, so I began to focus on raising my frequency with purpose.

The ultimate goal in raising frequency is to operate at a high level of vibration while still being able to function well at those higher vibrations in everyday life. It is one thing to elevate your frequency to a high level and maintain those levels when you're alone, but when you interact with others any negativity they may be experiencing will naturally affect your energy and lower your vibration. Giving you a year's worth of daily tools and exercises to elevate your frequency is the goal of my book, 365 Ways To Raise Your Frequency.

Exactly how do you give purpose to raising frequency? All you're doing is focusing on increasing the rate at which your energy vibrates, right? Yes, that's true, but when the elevation process has purpose, it's easier to maintain a higher frequency once you've achieved it. You will be amazed at the results you can attain. Start by determining what your purpose is for raising your frequency. If you'd like, you could stop reading right now and make a list of the reasons why you want to elevate your personal vibration. You don't have to come up with some theoretical, complicated concept; just list the things that you want to achieve as you raise your frequency. That's giving your frequency purpose. Let's take a look at some different purposes and the results you could potentially achieve by giving specific reasons to your frequency raising exercises.

Purpose: To achieve more joy and happiness in your life.
When you give your frequency the purpose of attaining more joy and happiness in your life you are giving yourself permission to attain joy and happiness. You will notice that more wonderful people and situations are drawn to you and you to them. When you experience joy and happiness, they raise your frequency even higher because they are positive emotions. Your frequency connects to the positivity around you and elevates even more. As you become a happier and more joyful person, you notice negativity less often than you previously did before, giving your frequency this purpose. You'll also discover that you're having more fun than ever before because having fun is a joyful, happy event.

Purpose: To love unconditionally.
Love is one of the strongest purposes that you can give your frequency. Loving with your whole heart, your entire being, can take your frequency into the stratosphere. Knowing that you are giving your love freely and without conditions, that you're allowing this emotion to come from the depths of your soul, to affect others in a positive way, always has a positive, elevating effect on your energy and moves it into higher vibrational patterns. It doesn't matter if the love you give is returned in the same way; what matters is that it's freely given. But as you give love, you'll often notice that it is returned in some way. It may be in smaller amounts, or in different ways than you've given it, but you'll notice love from people and in situations where you never saw it before, or even expected to find it, as your vibration increases to higher levels.

Purpose: To release that which no longer serves you.
How many times have you just hung onto something that no longer serves a purpose in your life? Sometimes, we have an experience and when its time has passed, the lesson learned and purpose served, we still hang onto it and don't release it when it's time. Clinging to it will pull your frequency down. If you release the thing that is no longer needed in your life, your frequency will elevate and you will often find that new opportunities or situations will come to you with new lessons for you to learn and new experiences for you to have. By giving your frequency the purpose of knowing when it's time to let something go, you will be more aware when that time comes and will maintain higher levels of personal vibration.

Purpose: To be more open to your intuitive nature.
An easy way to increase your frequency is to give it the purpose of openness to all of your life experiences. When it comes to intuition, you may not understand what is happening to you, or you may be fighting it because you don't want to have intuitive abilities. You may be fearful or you may embrace everything of an intuitive nature and want more. Giving your energy the purpose of openness will allow you to find a greater understanding in situations or connect to people who can teach you. Being open to possibilities is a high vibrational frequency and will attract in kind, bringing positive, high level vibrations to you. This can allow you to learn more about your own intuitive nature, your spirituality, and your life's calling—all of which have positive effects on your frequency.

Purpose: To manifest that which you need.
When you're manifesting, you're connecting to the frequency of the Universe to bring that which you need or desire to you. When you give your own vibrational rate the purpose of connecting to the high level frequencies of the Universe, you're elevating your frequency to match the Universal energy that you're connecting to. The thing that you're manifesting may come quickly or it may take a while, but this connection between yourself and the Universe is a frequency-raising connection. Sometimes you can even feel your own vibrational rate rise during your manifesting exercise. Make note of how you felt, the changes you experienced in your frequency, and if these changes stayed elevated or if they decreased when you were no longer actively thinking about it. Write it all down because it will help you in future exercises.

Purpose: To accept people, situations, and things you can't change for what they are.
One thing I often say is, "It is what it is." Each of us has our own path to follow, our own lessons to learn, and we experience situations that will enable us to learn those lessons. By accepting others for who they are, a spiritual being of energy and light who is trying to walk their path, just as you are trying to walk yours, then you are increasing your frequency through acceptance. We're often put in situations that may be difficult, frustrating, and stressful, but through those situations, you learn—and in learning you elevate your vibration. By giving your frequency the purpose of acceptance, you're allowing yourself to understand that some things just are, they have a purpose in and of themselves, but they just are what they are. You can't change them, nor should you try. See them for what they are and know that "it is what it is." Through this kind of acceptance of life, you will be successful in raising your frequency and maintaining that higher vibrational pattern.

As you think about the different purposes behind your desire to increase your frequency and to live at high levels of vibration, remember that as a spiritual being of light energy, your soul essence is already at a very high vibrational frequency. Existing on the earthly plane makes connecting with your purest divine frequency a challenge, but it is through this challenge that you will become that which you already are.

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