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Table Tipping: More Than Just Spirit Communication

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Table tipping is a type of physical mediumship that has been in use for many years, enjoying a tremendous popularity during the heyday of spiritualism in the mid to late 1800s, falling out of favor for a time, and once again experiencing a resurgence of interest.

If asked to consider what mediumship, whether mental (a medium receiving information from a spirit and relaying it to others) or physical (a spirit uses a tangible, concrete object to facilitate the communication), is used for, most people would say that it is a way of hearing from loved ones who have passed. Some may take this a bit further and include making a connection with spirit guides to receive messages and/or advice. These explanations are both correct; all types of mediumship incorporate these sorts of communication, table tipping included. This, however, is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. The uses for table tipping are rich and varied, opening up a whole new wondrous, potential-filled world—one in which this connection with spirit benefits not only you, but oftentimes others you know who aren't even at the table with you, and, albeit almost unbelievably, the whole world! The following is a brief synopsis of a sampling of these uses.

Paranormal Investigations
Over the years, I, along with other members of a spiritual development group that have been meeting regularly for a number of years, have participated in several investigations of homes that have been the site of seeming paranormal activity. It has been my experience that spirits are restless for a reason; usually they are trying to get someone's attention to either seek help for themselves or give help to the people residing in the house. Besides using technological tools—video, recorders, EMF detectors, etc., in an investigation, we also have our strong mental mediums record their impressions, and incorporate metaphysical tools (one of which is table tipping). Members of the group conduct a table session with the homeowner at the end of the investigation, asking the spirits there to identify themselves and inviting them to let us know why they are causing activity. (Please note that table tipping, like any physical spirit communication, should always be done with protective measures in place, with good intention; that is, in the light—both literally and figuratively.) Spirits have come through with information about their lives and their passing, sometimes simply expressing gratitude for the good care the new homeowners are giving the house and letting them know they are watching over in a protective way. In some instances, a spirit has given advice about what to place in and/or around the house to quiet ghostly activity. Oftentimes, a spirit that is causing activity in a home is stuck between realms and needs help and encouragement to cross over. This can also be facilitated through the table.

Crossing Spirits Over
There are times during the course of a table tipping session that a spirit indicates they have not crossed over into the light. Frequently, this happens in a paranormal investigation, but it may spontaneously occur at other times. There are many reasons for this: a sudden, traumatic death; fear of what awaits them on the other side; or thinking that they need to stay to await the crossing of another are just a few. With assurance and encouragement, they are more than ready and willing to move forward into that next realm. Everyone sitting around the table holds this vision and intention, and the table leader calls upon that spirit's loved ones and guides for help, urging the spirit to move towards them and the light. Once this happens, everyone notices a dramatic energetic shift in the table and the room; the space feels lighter and brighter. The newly crossed spirit then twirls and lifts the table in a joyous celebration that is shared by all present.

Psychic Development
In my Table Tipping Training workshops, I explain that although mental and physical mediumship are different techniques, they often go hand-in-hand. The more one practices and experiences physical mediumship, the more their mental mediumship skills develop. Every time you sit at table, you are opening a channel and making a connection with the realm of spirit. This realm vibrates at a higher frequency than ours, and, for communication to occur, spirit needs to lower their vibration a bit and we need to raise ours. We meet in the middle, so to speak. The more you do this, the easier it becomes to reach this heightened state. It is common for the "clair" abilities—clairaudience (clear hearing), clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairsentience (clear feeling), and claircognizance (clear knowing)—to develop to a greater degree. You may get a sensation in your own body of what a spirit passed from—for example, a pressure in your chest from a spirit that suffered a heart attack. You may start to "see" pictures in your mind's eye of what the spirit looked like. They may send you pictures that help validate them to their loved ones. These enhanced abilities will persist even when you are not at table, carrying over into and enriching other areas of your life.

Spiritual Guidance/Spiritual Development
It is not only loved ones and spirits who inhabit a property that come through on table. Spirit guides, angels, and even religious figures frequently visit. We all have a multitude of guides. Some are general, all-around helpers, while others are there to assist us in a specific area of our lives. These may include creativity, healing, love and relationships, and protection. Another, one of great import, is a guide for our spiritual development. Table tipping is a wonderful opportunity to connect with these guides and obtain guidance about what we could do to further our spiritual development, or see if we have veered off of our spiritual path and how we might best find our way back. I have some friends who regularly practice table tipping, but use it only in this manner, for spiritual help and guidance. Imagine: if we can get it right the first time, learn our lessons and achieve positive soul growth, just think how much time and angst we could save. No longer would we have to repeat lessons. The universe wouldn't have to keep hitting us over the head with the same presenting patterns, people, relationships, etc. You could say that table tipping has fast tracked you to a higher level of being.

The capacity of table work to be a tool for healing is immense. This can take the form of emotional healing for someone who is connecting with a loved one and comes away reassured that they are okay and still exist, just in a different energetic form. It can be physical healing, where a guide sends actual healing energy right through the table into somebody and they directly notice an effect in how they feel. It may be healing on a spiritual level, helping one find their way back to a belief in a higher power or unified consciousness. Advice about what to eat for optimal health, certain therapies to seek, exercises to do, and to which particular saints to pray are some of the communications received from spirit in their quest to help someone they care about heal. It is also possible, via the table, to join your energy with that of spirit and send healing distantly to someone who is suffering. Per a directive from spirit, at the end of a table tipping I always ask everyone who participated to hold the intention to take the energy raised during the session and send it out to all who need it, and to the entire world. Spirit has said that this collective focus helps lighten and heighten the vibration of all the Earth. Think of the potential as more and more people do this! These examples are by no means an exhaustive list. I am continually humbled and amazed at the many, many instances of table tipping being a conduit for and facilitator of healing.

In my book, Table Tipping for Beginners: A Time-Honored Way to Talk to Spirits, I delve into these uses for table tipping, and more, in greater detail. If the above has intrigued you and opened a door in your heart and mind, I invite you to now step through that door, read further, and explore how you might incorporate Table Tipping in your own life.

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