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Communicate with Your Loved Ones in Spirit

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Working with my brother and co-author, world-acclaimed Medium Patrick Mathews, has been quite a learning experience that has forged a wonderful path in my life. Every day I study the readings Patrick does and break down the meaning of those wonderful, thought-provoking messages from loved ones on the other side. I am able to witness firsthand not only how the weight of grief is taken off of the shoulders of those receiving the reading, but also how, once that wall of grief is broken down, love finds its way in, pushing through all the negatives that can occur during the passing of a loved one, and hitting the heart like a light shining from the heavens!

The one constant we all strive for in life is love, and I can assure you that love is also the constant that bridges this world and the next. People tend to think of love as an abstract idea, when in fact it is a very physical, a very real thing. It not only makes you feel good and gives you the assurance that you are cared for, but it actually nourishes your soul. It is what you take with you when you pass over and it continues to grow from the other side.

Grief Can Rob You of Connections
When one of our loved ones passes, we will naturally grieve the loss. It is the physical loss, the loss of a touch, the loss of speaking to our loved one and hearing them answer, and knowing that we will never be able to hold that person again in this life that is so hard for most people to accept. Patrick and I try to teach people that our perspective of the "physical," yes, has changed at the time someone passes, but that the love bond grows even stronger without the limitations of the physical body. Yes, it is true: your loved ones can connect with you easier than ever before once the physical body releases the soul. All the senses—like touch, smell, sight—can still be achieved physically through our being aware of our loved one's presence near us every day.

We All Have the Ability to Communicate
Communication with the other side is something we can all do. I like to think of it as similar to playing the piano. Some of you may play Mozart and are very accomplished at this skill, while others may only be able to tickle the ivories and know only Chopsticks. You are all playing the instrument, just at different levels. It's like that when communicating with our loved ones who have gone on. You may be good at feeling someone's energy, or perhaps you can hear their connection through thought. Some of you probably have had the feeling that someone was in the room watching you, yet you brush off that feeling as being silly. Perhaps you see someone out of the corner of your eye, a flash or shadow in the distance, and when you turn, it disappears. You talk yourself into thinking it was your imagination, or merely wishful thinking. When Patrick and I teach workshops on connections, that is the number one rule we seek to impress on people and make clear: do not doubt yourself or your ability to connect! Start off with an acceptance of the connection that has happened and take those signs and that communication to the next level. By recognizing which connections you and your loved ones are good at transmitting and sharing, you can enhance it with practice and continue your relationship with those who have passed on. It takes work, and you have to be willing to put in the time and be open and ready to adjust to this new way of life.

Tools of Communication
Meditation can be a great way for you to open up to connection. Formal meditation can be hard for some of you to fit into your schedule, or perhaps you do make the time for it and all the day's problems and thoughts come rushing in while you're trying to meditate. Not to worry! I tell people that simply taking a walk in the countryside or gardening, and concentrating on and allowing yourself to be aware of feeling those loved ones around you (even working on a car, something to keep your mind busy) can put you in a meditative state, which is in truth just a relaxed state that will allow you to be open for communication. If you only take it one day at a time and open yourself up, you can achieve that bond that you thought lost. Keep in mind that your loved ones in spirit work at each type of connection or sign as well, so it takes practice on both ends.

I have included a new type of meditation in our new book, Everlasting Love, which I think of as "destination meditation." These are fun, adventurous, and detailed meditations that will allow you to take a journey to different locations while bringing your loved ones with you in spirit on these journeys. You will experience each situation together, and during the meditations or journeys you will have time to reflect on what is happening, to speak to your loved ones, and feel everything that is occurring within each fun-filled, exciting trip. These excursions may spark old memories, or make new ones, but the time you spend with your loved ones will be inspiring!

It's time you stop thinking that your life and your loved one's life ended on that day they passed. Life continues for them and for you with new adventures, and new memories to make and share. How wonderful that love continues to bond us together and even grows to strengthen our connections. Let love be your lifeline and let it guide your path through the rest of your journey, for it is the journey that matters.

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Kathleen Mathews has participated in and studied many of the readings given by her brother Patrick Mathews, as well as joined him in giving lectures to demonstrations throughout the U.S. She has appeared on television ...

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