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Intuiting Your Way to Good Health

medical intuition

True health is more than a lack of disease or pain. Emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being all contribute to our overall experience of good health and positive satisfaction with ourselves and life. The new and evolving paradigm of health includes empowered self-awareness and active participation in our everyday, health-related choices. We are taking back our power to actively participate in creating optimum mind, body and spirit wellness.

In the evolving health care environment, we continue to discover more of what we need to know and do to heal and increase our stamina and longevity. We have become more aware of the foods and nutrition that our body needs to thrive, the importance of exercise, and the benefits of meditation. We have also become increasingly more aware of how our emotions and thoughts can either positively or negatively impact our health and well-being. However, it is not only our present thoughts and emotions that impact our health; our past experiences, unhealed grief, and stuffed away emotions and negativity often cause the most problems. Even though there is increasing evidence of the extent to which these nonphysical influences affect our health, we are not always able to uncover and know what they are and the impact that they are having.

For instance: The root of digestive problems that continue to persist after a change in diet, medication, and an endoscopy that fails to detect any abnormality may be caused by the emotional stress of relationship conflict and discord. The fear of being laid off at work may be a causative factor in lower back pain, and feelings of grief after a recent loss may bring about overwhelming tiredness and exhaustion.

Your body is always communicating to you and ready to revel both the positive and negative influences that are impacting your health. Yet, its messages often bypass logic and reasoning. Through intuitive sensing and insight you can begin to better tune into and discern its messages. Your innate intuition is a powerful ally in uncovering the unknown factors and stresses affecting your health and wellbeing that lie outside of your conscious reach.

The Intuitive Body
Medical intuition is the ability to intuit health energy information without reliance on an external source. Intuitively tuning into your health empowers you to become aware of the condition and overall wellness of your physical body and the interconnectedness of the mind, body, and spirit. Intuitive insight may include energy information about your present or future physical condition and the thoughts, beliefs, and negative or unhealed emotions that may be impacting your health. It is also likely that you will receive intuitive messages that provide insight into the changes and actions that you may need to take in order to heal and improve your health. Medical intuition provides an extensive and often surprising array of information and guidance that informs, but does not diagnose. Instead, it empowers you with insight and awareness to make positive choices for yourself and to aid in the healing process and the creation of good health.

For all of its benefits, intuitively tuning into your own or another’s health may be intimidating. Even though intuition is an innate sense that everyone possesses, it may seem difficult to access and fully trust. For the most part, we have entrusted our health to professionals and have lost our power to tune into and connect to our natural bodily rhythms and processes. Yet, your body is naturally intuitive. Pain or physical discomfort can be a type of intuitive message alerting you that something needs attention. Feelings of happiness, stamina, and inner peace are also messages from your body that inform you of your state of health. Some of the other common ways that your body communicates to you are through emotions, thoughts, sensations, images, vibration, messages, synchronicities, and dreams. With a little help and practice you can learn how to better intuitively tune into your body, work in unison with it, and make beneficial choices to enhance your health and well-being.

The physical body is wise and responsive to your intuitive efforts to improve your health and better take care of yourself. At its most minuscule level, your physical self is energy vibration that is constantly in motion. You are a vast network of brilliant atoms, each doing its best to create, maintain, and produce the most positive and supportive psychical body for you to experience the love, abundance, and joy of the physical world.

Exercise: The Energy of Health
The following exercise will help you to intuitively tune into your body, communicate with it, and experience your power to positively impact your health.

Relax and breathe; inhale, and send the breath through your body. Inhale cleansing breath and exhale any stress and tension. Scan your body and become aware of a place in your body that is healthy, strong, and flows with positive energy. This might be your heart, your solar plexus, or your lungs. It might also be a less obvious part of your body, like your eyes or ears, your hands, your brain, or even your toes. Focus on one area of your body where you feel positive energy, well-being, or vibrancy.

Continue to breathe relaxing breath and imagine this area as a color. Use your imagination. You may see a color with your inner or outer sight, or you may not visually see a color. Instead, you might intuitively feel or know what the color it is. Trust your impressions. Continue to breathe and try not to get into your head and overthink what you receive. The ability to intuitively see energy information is called clairvoyance.

Once you have intuitively tuned into the color, imagine the color as a texture. It may be silky, ruff, soft, hard, mushy, dense, translucent and light, or any one of many other textures. Breathe, relax, and imagine that you can feel and sense the texture. Intuitively tune into this area of vibrant health; feel and sense it. This is called clairsentence. It is the intuitive ability to feel and sense energy information. You may also see the texture through outer or inner sight or know what the texture is through quick intuitive insight. Trust whatever you receive. Continue to breathe and ask to sense and feel the energy.

Breathe and focus on the intuited color and texture and imagine that this energy has an emotion associated with it. Breathe, and feel what emotions surface. You may feel a sense of well-being, joy, peace, or other positive feelings. Sometimes, it can be difficult to perceive and name intuited feelings. Unlike our everyday reactive emotions and feelings, intuited feelings and emotions can be even-toned and subtle. The ability to intuit feelings and emotional energy is called clairempathy. You will likely feel the emotions, but you may also become intuitively aware of them through a sense of knowing or though spontaneous insight. Continue to breathe; draw your attention to your body and feel. Trust what you receive.

Once you have intuitively tuned into the color, texture, and emotional energy, ask this healthy part of your body what message it has for you. Imagine that the energy color and texture that you just received has a voice and can communicate to you. What is it saying? You may receive this message as a knowing or you may see words or a phrase. You may also hear a message with your inner hearing. This message may seem to come from your own voice. The ability to intuitively hear energy information is called clairaudience. This usually occurs through inner hearing, but it is also possible to hear a message externally as you would hear someone talking to you. You may also receive a message through claircognizance. This is the ability to intuit energy information through insight or spontaneous knowing.

Take your time and trust whatever message comes to you, even if it does not make sense. It can be easy to begin to overthink and become confused with clairaudient and claircognizant messages. The mind would like to take over the intuitive process. If you find multiple and conflicting messages surfacing, take a deep breath and exhale any stress and tension. Focus your awareness back into your body and listen. If your attention begins to drift, keep going back to the breath and the body. Trust your initial impressions.

If you have not received a clear intuitive message, color, texture, or emotion, don't despair. This does not mean that you are not able to intuitively tune into your body. Give yourself time and continue to invite your body to communicate with you. Continue listening to and tuning into any emotions, feelings, sensations, thoughts, or images that surface. Don’t forget to allow your imagination to lead you. Imagination is a tool that the brain uses to interpret intuited energy into understandable information.

Once you have focused on and intuitively tuned into a vibrant and healthy area of your body, take a deep breath and continue to absorb its positive energy. Now, become aware of an area of your body where you are experiencing pain, discomfort, stress, weakness, or illness. See, feel, and experience the energy of the vibrant and healthy area of your body into which you just intuitively tuned overlaid on this area. Imagine that the area of pain or discomfort is absorbing and soaking in this vibrant and healthy energy. Pay attention to any colors, emotions, sensations, insights, or messages that surface. Stay with this process; breathe and continue to send the positive and healthy energy to the area of pain and discomfort. When you feel the positive energy moving through this area, continue to send it all through your body. Breathe and imagine the warm flow of health and vibrancy moving throughout your entire body.

Intuitively tuning into your health is innate and natural. Medical intuition is an exciting and developing practice that has limitless potential in empowering you to work in unison with the body, mind, and spirit to create optimum health and wellbeing for yourself and others.

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