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Double Sagittarius Union: Jim Morrison & Pam Courson


My book Love in the Stars profiles the romantic dynamics created between each of the twelve signs of the Zodiac whenever dating one another. The book illustrates that every combination of sign can work together, it's just that some combos take more work than others just to achieve a state of equilibrium. This is especially true when you consider the astrological rule of thumb that same-signed unions are generally frowned upon, due to each sign having its own unique issues to confront whenever dating itself. Since we're currently in the sign of the Centaur, I thought it might be high time to discuss those issues that pertain specifically to the double Sagittarius couple as seen through one of its most notorious of romantic examples.

Jim Morrison & Pamela Courson: Too Much of a Good Thing
In many ways, the planets of Jupiter and Saturn can be viewed as astrological foils of each other.

Where Jupiter is the planet of Luck and Abundance, Saturn is the planet of Hardship and Restriction. Where Jupiter is brightly addressed as "The Great Benefic," Saturn is also grimly known as "The Great Malefic." If Jupiter is akin to the Pleasure Principle, Saturn can be likened to sheer pain.

Where Jupiter is 27, Saturn is 28.

Astrologically, the ages of 28-31 is a crucial period of time in our evolutionary growth as human beings. It's during those critical years when each of us technically become astrological adults, and anything that is no longer integral to our evolutionary path is removed during that time.

This process of evolutionary "pruning" during the ages of 28-31 is never a period of smooth transition, nor can it be called in any way "easy." However, the painful restrictions experienced during those 2 ½ years is a most necessary thing, considering whatever persons/places/things being removed during this challenging period are deemed by the Universe to be associated with our "child" selves and cannot comprise the mantle of adult responsibility each of us must assume upon turning 28.

Not coincidentally, the planet Saturn takes 28-31 years to fully orbit the Sun and return to the same place in the sky as it was at the time of our birth. Thus, the age of 28 which ushers in our astrological adulthood is also known as the beginning of one's "Saturn Return." With that in mind, what do Jimmi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Brian Jones, Kurt Cobain, and Amy Winehouse all have in common?

They were all rock stars who died by their own demise just prior to their Saturn Return, at the age of 27. And with the exception of Ms. Joplin, all were born beneath Mutable signs.

Sadly, the names of both members of our double Sagittarian famed couple of romantic notoriety round off this most unfortunate list, which many chillingly refer to as "The 27 Club." As with the aforementioned names of snuffed potential, both Jim Morrison and his long-time partner, Pamela Courson are bonified members of The 27 Club, given the two mutable-signed Sagittarians left this plane of existence in their 27th year.

The sign of Sagitttarius is known for its inherent sense of good luck and uncanny knack for being in the right place and the right time. This is astrologically due to the blessed influence of Sag's planetary ruler, Jupiter, otherwise known as "The Great Benefic."

By far, The Great Benefic is an astrological aspect that's consistently seen as having "the long end of the stick," due Jupiter overseeing such positive things as Blessings, Good Fortune, and of course, Luck. However, in the astrological Universe, nothing is all good, nor all bad. Also beneath the King of Planet's domain reside such non-positive things as Exaggeration, Amplification, Excess, Greed, Hedonism, and Overdoing things overall.

In the case of Jim Morrison and Pamela Courson's relationship, the union of two of Jupiter's children joining romantic forces sets a clear example for the rest of us that there actually is such a thing as too much of a good thing.

The lyrics and incomparable voice of Jim Morrison and his band, The Doors, are staples of the rock culture that emerged during an age when rebellion and social unrest were the norm—the turbulent 1960s.

Born beneath the last of the Fire signs, nearly all of Jim Morrison's actions bear the influence of his Sagittarian Sun sign. The sign of the Centaur even played a major role of influence behind the naming of the band that catapulted Morrison to the heights of international fame. It references a work written by a fellow son of Jupiter:

"If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, infinite."—excerpt from "The Marriage of Heaven and Hell," by William Blake, Sagittarian

As already mentioned, Sagittarius is a Mutable Fire Sign. Fire signs are action-oriented, and the Centaur's astrological quality of Mutability makes the Sagittarius crave both Variety and Change as often as possible.

Jim Morrison embodied these Sagittarian traits whenever performing on stage with The Doors. Those who witnessed The Doors play in person resolutely state that a studio recording could never compare to the electrified atmosphere the charismatic front man created with his band whenever they performed before a live audience. Jim Morrison not only was a physical force unto himself as a vocalist and stage performer, the Sag would also regularly exercise his Mutable signed capabilities by improvising poetry and newly made lyrics to back up beats and rhythms while on stage.

Not surprisingly, the title of first single released by The Doors (which would turn out to be one of the band's biggest all-time hits) reflected the elemental foundation of their lead singer's Sun sign: "Light My Fire."

"Pamela was Jim's other half. The two of them were a perfect combination; I never knew another person who could so complement his bizarreness."—Ray Manzarek, Keyboardist, The Doors

Jim Morrison and Pamela Courson met while the two were art students at UCLA. Over the course of their tumultuous relationship, the two Centaurs embodied every potential pitfall that could particularly affect the double Sagittarian relationship.

Listed below are three romantic sources of potential pitfall that a double Sagittarian couple should always be mindful of if they wish their same signed union to survive. (For the potential pitfalls of other same-signed unions, be sure to check out Love In the Stars.) Jim Morrison and Pamela Courson made themselves fully aware of these pitfalls by enacting each of them in total excess and in front of as many unfortunate bystanders as possible:

  1. Double Sag Potential Pitfall #1: Physical Exhaustion
    The essence of the element of Fire is action and to be sure every member of the Family of Flame (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius) prefers to be as actively busy as often as possible. Despite their natural need to be in as constant a state of action, many a Fire sign will tend not to hear their bodies' SOS call of alarm whenever approaching the brink of physical exhaustion. Hence, every Fire sign—but especially the Mutable version of the action-oriented element of flame (this means you, Sag)—is prone to running their bodies physically down to less than zero.

    Physical collapse could occur in private or for all eyes to see, both of which were seen in Mr. Morrison's case:
    "Few have pushed themselves so far and so frequently as Jim Morrison did. It seems part of his DNA. His girlfriend Pam asked him why he exhausted himself at an early show when he knew he had another one to give in an hour. His response was genuine surprise; 'Why not? I might not live to the next one.'"—Wilber Webb, Producer of the film, When You're Strange: A Film about The Doors
  3. Double Sag Potential Pitfall #2: Anger Issues
    The human emotion that all members of the Fire Sign Family have at their immediate disposal, and which can get rather punchy in and of itself, is Anger.

    Despite their natural luckiness and good timing, the children of Jupiter tend to have naturally bad tempers and anger issues. One punchy Sag with anger issues is bad enough; throw another enraged Centaur into the mix and the backdrop becomes the Ultimate Fighter Octagon in the blink of a black eye if left unmonitored.
    "I think they [Jim & Pam] were made for each other…They liked things to get upsetting and dramatic; they had huge brawls."—Marandi Babitz, friend of Pam Courson, in Rolling Stone Magazine, 1974

    Case in punching point: the 1991 film The Doors skillfully depicted the high level of active violence that Jim and Pam (played by Val Kilmer and Meg Ryan) regularly displayed to one another. In the film, friends and family were at first please—and then horrified—to have been invited to the double Sag home for Thanksgiving in 1968. The Fire-signed couple is shown breaking into blows not just in front of their guests, but with the holiday turkey also becoming involved in the melee.
  5. Double Sag Potential Pitfall #3: Cheating
    "Biographer Danny Sugerman surmised that part of Jim & Pam's difficulties may have stemmed from a conflict between their respective commitments to an open relationship and the consequences of living in such a relationship."—

The Doors emerged on the music scene in 1965 and their wild ride ended with the demise of the band's Sagittarian leading man a mere six years later, in 1971.

During that six year period, Jim Morrison and Pamela Courson sought a pleasure principle that the rest of the non-Jupiterian populace couldn't even fathom as being humanly possible. While together, the two Sagittarians partook in every narcotic known to human consumption at the time with both Fire Signs influentially stoking each other's hedonistic passions into a blazing bonfire of reckless irresponsibility...

…resulting in both of Jupiter's children being reduced to ashes right before the commencement of their Saturn Return.

As stated earlier, The 27 Club is a group of famed artists who perished by their own demise with each member taking exit from this world at the age of 27. Numerologically, 27 results in a final number of 9, since 2+7 = 9. Here, it must be once again pointed out that the sign of Sagittarius, the Centaur, is the ninth sign of the Zodiac.

Let Jim and Pam's combustible relationship serve as romantic example for each of us to make the most of every action-filled minute with our significant others, but to do so in romantic moderation.

Given the hedonistic love union between the only two members of The 27 Club that were romantically tied together have clearly shown, to both Jupiterian and non-Jupiterian persons alike, that there really is such a thing as too much of a good thing.

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