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Uranus in Taurus: Sweeping Change for Greater Stability

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Uranus, the planet of technology and social change, entered Taurus on March 6, 2019, where it will remain until July 7, 2025. Due to the amount of time it takes to transit one sign, Uranus is considered a "generational" planet, defining eras in our lives, with a heavy impact on both personal and global affairs.

The Internet Grows Up
Since 2011, techy Uranus was transiting Aries, the sign of the self—so it shouldn't be any surprise that the 2010s were the "selfie years." Now, with Uranus' move into practical, back-to-basics Taurus, all of a sudden, it seems everyone is talking about taking a vacation from social media and going offline for everything except email, in order to see what it is like and get grounded. During Uranus' transit of low-key Taurus, documenting one's "perfect" life on social media will start to seem tacky and ostentatious, and IRL (In Real Life) pursuits should increasingly take up greater amounts of our collective time. Taurus is more about quiet achievement than flashy pronouncements, and living in truth as opposed to highly curated personal branding.

Taurus is also the sign of hard work and big business. The democratic, even playing field of the early internet may be fading fast, as the web becomes increasingly corporatized and regulated. It will be harder for small individuals to compete against the big players—and their big budgets. This can already be seen in the way many social media platforms, such as Facebook and YouTube, are actively promoting the content of large businesses and media outlets through algorithms, ad buys, and de-platforming, making it harder then ever to have posts and videos from your favorite small creator appear in your feed, let alone discover new talent. The age when an unknown person in their living room could outperform a Fortune 500 company may finally be coming to an end, and the utopian ideals of the early 1990s internet, which are already fading fast, will be but a distant memory. In fact, the Uranus in Taurus era was ushered in with mega media conglomerate T-Series finally overtaking Pewdiepie in Youtube subscriber count, which many see as the symbolic end of the "You" in Youtube.

On the flipside, however, the disruption of the recent past is also fading, as companies have figured out how to monetize their online presence, leading to the creation of new jobs and an end to endless lay offs and shut downs, especially in fields such as publishing and media. Therefore, the fiercely individualistic years where everyone seemed to be starting their online business, largely due to a stagnant job market, may also be receding, as new opportunities for stability in the traditional workforce arise.

Additionally, with the recent end of Net Neutrality, we may also be entering an era where flat-rate internet usage is a thing of the past, and ISPs may start offering different packages, depending on use, such as higher rate packages for social media or streaming. Expect a free and open internet to morph into a profit-driven one.

As Taurus is a sign that lives in reality and strips away hypnotically seductive glamour, an internet that is increasingly costly and corporate may also become rather dull and boring—and another impetus for people to start returning to IRL pursuits and socializing. Over the coming decade, the internet may morph from being an endless time-suck to being a place one goes when they need to buy something or watch a movie.

Outrage Exhaustion and a Return to Rationality
Aries is ruled by Mars, the God of war, so it is not so surprising that revolutionary Uranus' transit of Aries also coincided with the rise of the Social Justice Warrior and Twitter Outrage Mob. For many years now, everyone has seemed angry about everything, all the time. While on one hand, consciousness has been raised in a positive manner by the #MeToo, Black Lives Matter and Trans rights movements, we were also plunged into a topsy-turvy world where entire lives could be destroyed by an unearthed ten-year-old, joking tweet. Living openly without filters online with constant, incessant, mostly rage-filled feedback is now proving exhausting and counter-productive to both individuals and society. Unlike emotional, wrath-fueled Aries, Taurus is the sign of rationality and harmony. It is ruled by peacemaker Venus, and always seeks out a sense of fair play and win/win cooperation. Hopefully, over the next seven years, society's social fabric can be knit back together as a unified whole, after so many years of fraying.

Already a lot of people have abandoned Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter due to the non-stop negativity of these platforms. This trend should continue for businesses, as well as ordinary citizens, with everyone being much more reigned-in with what is said in postings, as the internet never forgets. Some may even abandon social media altogether. If a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound? In the same way, if a company or person doesn't have a social media account, can it be attacked by an outrage mob? After the March 2019 mass shooting in New Zealand, one of the country's main book retailers decided to remove some controversial titles from its shelves, leading to much backlash online. The company deleted their entire social media presence—after all, without an @ to complain to, the criticism quickly died down.

Uranus' move into Taurus may also mark the end to the "moral panic" of the past few years. A more laidback, rational outlook, less prone to emotionalism and authoritarian bullying, may take root, as rational voices rule once more. The internet is growing into adulthood. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, the ever-petulant, yet endearing, child. Much of the behavior in the past decade may have been due to the fact that it's hard to discern people's real age online. Grown adults and corporations were being dragged into online conflicts with teen-age trolls and bullies, and acting like children themselves or made to offer endless apologies for barely perceptible slights. With Uranus in Taurus, expect for adults to starting behaving more maturely and setting the agenda, instead of allowing children to devolve society into a sort of unruly, Lord of Flies landscape.

As things return to a more balanced, adult outlook once again, we should finally all be able to come together as one to build a better future.

End to the Migrant Crisis and Looking Local
In terms of offline world events, Aries rules war, and Uranus is the planet of unpredictability and sudden, massive change. During the past seven years, Europe was completely transformed by the rapid onset of the migrant crisis, which brought millions of refugees from war-torn and economically disadvantaged countries to their shores. Now, with Uranus moving on, these upheavals of war will also subside.

Uranus in Taurus will now bring a rise in nationalism and the need for people to feel a sense of rootedness and togetherness with those next to them in their physical communities after the massive disruptions of economic and online globalization since the 1990s. More and more people may be unplugging and abandoning social media to return to more physical connections and friendships with their neighbors.

Taurus, however, is also a bit of a control freak, and opposed to Aries' hyper emotionality, Taurus is more cold in its authoritarianism. Nationalist and collectivist leaders such as Hitler, Pol Pot, Ho Chi Minh, Vladimir Lenin, Ayatollah Khomeini, and Saddam Hussein were all sun-sign Taurus. While the rise of nationalism could be a good thing, allowing people to take care of the social and economic needs of their communities, there is also the risk of the sudden rise of fringe movements that preach togetherness, but are really a power grab.

End of Stagnancy
We should continue to see the economy make a rebound and even boom, as the major planets Uranus, Saturn, Pluto, and, later this year, Jupiter will be in the harmonious, earthy, business-oriented signs of Taurus and Capricorn. Late 2019 should be an especially booming time. The internet and globalization disrupted the way business was done, resulting in decades of uncertainty and falling wages. Big businesses will now figure out online monetization, resulting in a better economy and job growth. Sometimes this growth could come about unexpectedly, with sudden spurts.

It seems like it has been forever since any major public work projects have been undertaken, leading to a decaying infrastructure, because government has grown too bureaucratic to effectively lead and allocate funding. Taurus is all about stability and structure, making Uranus' transit through this sign an excellent period to completely revamp and transform the nation's infrastructure. From trains to green energy to highways, bridges and the electrical grid, the future is now, and if these improvements are put off, we could see start to see massive failings in these basic underpinnings of civilization. Changes may be made, not due to choice or proper planning, but because they literally have to be done immediately.

On a more personal level, Uranus in Taurus pushes for growth in the more material aspects of life, often by blowing away what is already there that no longer serves us. It is especially auspicious for those who work hard and think outside the box. Uranus will be pushing you to establish firm foundations via dramatic change in the sector of your chart it enters. It may sound contradictory, but by pushing you to get on a rollercoaster, you can overcome your fears and morph into someone with an unshakable confidence. You can achieve your dreams and goals, if you just jump in!

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