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Your 2020 Tarotscope by Sun Sign

Astrology and Divination

Wondering what 2020 has in store for you? We are, too! So, we had one of our resident tarot readers, J. Ryan, pull a card for each astrological sign to see what can be expected in the coming year. (Love the cards? We're using the upcoming Wizards Tarot, which is available now for pre-order!)

Sign Card Prediction
Aries 10 of Cups from Wizards Tarot Ah, Aries, this year you have the opportunity to manifest the idyllic future for which you've been longing. The 10 of Cups indicates a sense of completion and things coming full circle. Expect to see some of the lessons you worked on in 2019 lead to breakthroughs and forward momentum in 2020. Possible words to bear in mind for 2020 are: Completion, Contentment, Cycles.
Taurus 8 of Cups from Wizards Tarot There is still something to be learned from where you are at this moment, dear Taurus. The 8 of Cups in the reversed position wants you to not only gain the knowledge useful to move forward but become a master of that particular information. For example, if you're involved in a project that requires a lot of design knowledge, this card would say, "Become the go-to for design know-how." Make yourself a resource. Possible words to bear in mind for 2020 are: Wisdom, Resource, Understanding.
Gemini 3 of Wands from Wizards Tarot Do not doubt yourself, Gemini. The 3 of Wands reversed brings your inner critic to the surface for you to address. How do you know that you're ready? Put simply, you may never know for sure. But you do know what will happen and what it will feel like if you sit there expecting a more explicit external sign. This is a sign that you have to act rather than analyze something so fiercely. Possible words to bear in mind for 2020 are: Action, Exploration, Novelty.
Cancer 8 of Cups from Wizards Tarot Well, we may have seen this card already, but the meaning differs slightly with it now appearing upright. Cancer, you need to leave those emotions that no longer serve you at the door. Sure, coping mechanisms are good at different stages in our lives, but they are meant to be temporary. Reevaluate them as necessary and adjust accordingly. The coping mechanisms that helped so much in 2019 may become a hindrance to progress and getting what you desire most. Possible words to bear in mind for 2020 are: Analysis, Evaluation, Move On.
Leo 9 of Cups from Wizards Tarot If there's a luckier sign out there, I wouldn't know it. The 9 of Cups for you, Leo, shows us that you have every opportunity to get what you want from 2020. It's magical! The 9 of Cups is called the "wish card" (as in, "Be careful what you wish for), so just remember that even with magic bolstering your luck you need to meet the universe halfway. Do the work you need to in order to lay out the metaphorical welcome mat, and don't expect it to fall from the sky. Possible words to bear in mind for 2020 are: Positivity, Discipline, Generosity.
Virgo 10 of Wands from Wizards Tarot Time to get real, Virgo. In 2020, it is imperative that you look at all you need to do and all that you feel you need to do. The two lists may differ more than you think. You don't have to do everything on your own! When it comes to your actual responsibilities, do your best not to ignore them. They don't need to become bogeymen for you. 2020 sees you taking them on from the start and if you do that, you'll be ahead of the game. Possible words to bear in mind for 2020 are: Planning, Persistence, Delegation.
Libra The Emperor from Wizards Tarot Your throne awaits, Libra! How will you manage your dominion in 2020? Despite being an air sign, the Emperor card asks you to assert yourself. If you're uncomfortable, then know that you do not have to stay there. Say something, speak up, stand up. The time to accept less than the best is a thing of the past. Possible words to bear in mind for 2020 are: Assertiveness, Leadership, Honor.
Scorpio The Empress from Wizards Tarot Mirroring Libra, we see Scorpio also sitting pretty in 2020. But this approach is drastically different. Where the Emperor is assertive, even forceful, the Empress is charming, able to cajole and schmooze when they want to, though it isn't a skill they like to lean on. The Empress is also about showing others your support. So, while you may need to employ that charm and be a little more extroverted in order to move closer to your goals, you'll find that it gets a lot easier to make progress when you aren't trying to so hard to go it alone. Possible words to bear in mind for 2020 are: Partnership, Charm, Teamwork.
Sagittarius The Devil from Wizards Tarot Sagittarius, you will find greater success by cutting off toxic behaviors and not beating yourself for your role in those behaviors. The point is not to wallow but to disengage with the negativity and look instead at what you learned from it. Use that to your advantage to decide your future. Possible words to bear in mind for 2020 are: Focus, Purpose, Present.
Capricorn The 10 of Wands from Wizards Tarot Another repeat on our list, the 10 of Wands wants to remind Capricorn that working hard isn't always working smart. Are you bogging yourself down with your processes? There comes a point in most projects where it veers too close to the point of no return—that is, the place at which the project goes from successful dream to spiraling nightmare. Don't overwork things by constantly picking at them. The load you carry gets lighter when you commit to the journey rather than stopping every few seconds to readjust the bundle on your back. Possible words to bear in mind for 2020 are: Acceptance, Work Smart, Journey.
Aquarius The 10 of Swords from Wizards Tarot Ouch! This card comes as a warning, Aquarius. If we do not use a bit of caution then we may find ourselves in painful situations that are best avoided. 2020 will work best in your favor if you practice some restraint and allow the possibility that not every battle needs to be fought. Or harbored. Let the moments wash over you rather than dominate your thoughts. By prioritizing your goals you will see more clearly what battles are worth participating in and when it is best to sheath your sword. Possible words to bear in mind for 2020 are: Discretion, Grace, Humility.
Pisces The 9 of Cups from Wizards Tarot Our final repeat on this list. The 9 of Cups wanders into your life, Pisces, and it may be hard to realize that it has finally arrived. You see, you're so used to working hard for everything that when the goals finally begin lining up it can be downright disconcerting. 2020 is your time to accept the gifts coming to you from the universe and from others around you. They aren't handouts and they aren't from pity. You've earned a little pampering this year. Let others take the wheel and pay you back for all the care that you've given them in time. Possible words to bear in mind for 2020 are: Acceptance, Hope, Rewards.

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