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Top 10 Signs You're Experiencing a Spontaneous Past Life Memory

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Energy from our past lives smacks us in the face to see if we're paying attention. I know, because a ton of weird things have happened to me over the years, and when I realized this happens to just about everyone I meet, I identified a phenomenon called Supretrovie: a spontaneously induced past life memory. The challenge with Supretrovie is that people are largely unaware when it's happening. Here are a few signs that Supretrovie may be happening to you:

  1. Travel: You're traveling out of town and you arrive at a "new" place and have a familiar feeling of times long gone. You may recognize streets or buildings, you may even know your way around without a map or directions. The familiarity may make you feel euphoric or a little dizzy, or you may find the feeling overpowering in an unpleasant way.

  2. Past Images & Sounds Fill Your Mind: You're standing in this "new" place and all of a sudden, the current surroundings fade away and you find yourself seeing a movie in your mind where modern buildings and streets vanish or are replaced by the things you used to find familiar hundreds, if not thousands of years ago. You may also hear sounds that seem to come from a higher plane of reality—bombs, horses or any other noises that are not part of the contemporary environment.

  3. Museum Visits: You visit a museum specifically to see a world-class exhibition that's touring your city. You absolutely cannot wait to see these items, yet when you do, you become suddenly overcome with emotion and have to excuse yourself to avoid embarrassment. Determined to go on, you go back inside and happen upon a compelling display that makes you feel dizzy, enamored, or even nauseous. The item compels you closer, and once you get within a few feet away, you become overheated or woozy.

  4. Antique Store Surprises: You're out shopping with your BFFs and wander into a huge antique mall. Once you hit the jewelry counter, you begin coveting that gorgeous antique ring when suddenly you recall you've had one of those before with a similar setting. Your mind dashes back through your current life, but you soon realize what you're recalling happened a long, long time ago.

  5. Gemstone Obsession: You're drawn to certain gems and stones. When you hold one of them, you have feelings of euphoria. You pick up another stone and suddenly sense a burning sensation rushing through your fingers. You toss it aside, wondering what happened, but then you forget all about it.

  6. Historical Programming: You're flipping through the channels or browsing around on YouTube when suddenly you're stuck. Hours pass by as you watch one video after another about a place you'd never even heard of before. You may get a tingly feeling in your forehead as you watch in wonder and daydream of visiting there one day.

  7. Overstaying Your Welcome: You're on a trip to a new place and after twenty four hours, you have an overwhelming urge to pack your bags and move there—for good. Common sense returns eventually…or not. If not, you go home, pack, rent your U-Haul, and prepare for adventure.

  8. Understaying Your Welcome: You're planning that two-week vacation, but now that you've arrived to what you thought would surely be your dream destination, you soon realize that this place is uninhabitable, horrible, disgusting. You cannot understand why the travel agent lied to you and what everybody thinks is so awesome about the place. You absolutely hate it, and you won't stay another minute. It's all you can do to keep from running kicking and screaming down the street and hopping the next flight home. Forget what the change fees may cost. Unless you or your companions can somehow calm you down, you're outta here!

  9. Love at First Sight You met someone new at a coffee shop over the weekend for your first date. A few days later, you're making plans to move in together. There's something about this person that you can't live without.

  10. Hate at First Sight: You love your job and plan to be there for years to come. At least that's what you thought until your boss assigned you to a new work partner who is going to help you complete a project. The moment you meet, you tell yourself there's absolutely no way you two can work together. Even though the assignment only lasts a few days, you go home and update your resume.

So, how did you do? Did any of these scenarios sound at all familiar? Many are common, everyday occurrences, right? And yet, what if there was more to these simple obsessions or annoyances than first meets the eye? Although I work as a past life regressionist, it took me quite a while to finally come to the awareness that many of my weird experiences had roots in my past lives. You'd have thought I would have figured that out fairly quickly, but these memories are so deep, it's hard to get a handle on them.

I discovered firsthand that a past life regression is not always needed to find out who you were in the past or where you lived, but the process can also help you heal from issues carried over from former incarnations.

Once I began interviewing people, I proved that situations like our Top Ten list above happens to just about everybody alive. Since then, I've made it my mission to alert people of this fact so that they may find greater peace and relief from what I call unwanted influences.

In my latest book, Blast from the Past: Healing Spontaneous Past Life Memories, I share easy-to-do exercises to help you get in touch with your own Supretrovie experiences and make peace with the past. You'll learn how to heal from overwhelming experiences with objects, people, or places and take guided past life regression journeys to uncover situations most in need of healing. I hope you'll reach out and let me know about your own Supretrovie experiences. It's always fascinating to hear your stories! Until then, I wish you peace and joy on your path, now and always.

About Shelley A. Kaehr PhD

For two decades, Shelley A. Kaehr, PhD (Dallas, TX) has worked with thousands of people around the world helping them achieve greater peace and happiness in their lives. A world-renowned past-life regressionist, Dr. ...

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