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Cosmic Sway: The Astrology of Samhain 2021

Autumn Evening Sky

Widely celebrated October 31 through the first day of November, Samhain marks the cross quarter, the midpoint between the autumnal equinox and Winter Solstice.

Samhain: Summer's End
This year, the cross quarter coincides with the end of Daylight Saving Time on November 7, 2021. Samhain translates to "summer's end." In this death cycle after growth and light, some animals hibernate and the earth rests. Harvest concludes, daylight diminishes, and the colder season sets in. With garlic and bulbs now planted, farmers and gardeners make other preparations for fertility in the spring. In this liminal time between seasons, the veil between worlds feels thin, amplifying our connection to spirit. Holidays and feast days falling near this cross quarter and the increase of darkness often acknowledge death and the soul. Halloween, Día de los Muertos, and All Souls' Day traditions are rooted in respect for the dead.

The Sun moves to Scorpio, the sign of Samhain, on October 23. The Moon is waning, with the New Moon ahead on November 4. Skies will be darkening for optimum viewing of the season's constellations when Halloween arrives on October 31. The Virgo Moon and Scorpio Sun align near dawn, synchronizing the mind with the heart. Virgo Moon helps with grounding and emotional balance during the Scorpio extremes. Clear away baggage such as grudges or conflicts in this phase of letting go. This earth sign Moon also highlights practical tasks, creating, and baking from scratch. When night falls, connect to the natural world, root your feet in the ground, and gaze at the stars. Binoculars may help zero in on the Pleiades as they reappear annually during Halloween week.

New Moon and Full Moon
November's Moons fall in sensual signs, amplifying our responses to sound, sight, scent, taste, and touch. In sacred space, perhaps somewhere outdoors, allow yourself time to breathe well, sense, and feel. With heightened awareness, notice what the Moon and all of nature has to say. Back your intentions with Scorpio passion and wisdom as the lunar cycle starts on November 4. Decisions made close to this Super New Moon are said to have long-term effects. Plan to keep promises, show loyalty, and follow through. Uranus is directly across from the Sun and Moon for unexpected feelings and eventfulness. Practice anchoring techniques such as focusing on third eye center and steadying your breath to center through shifts and intensity.

On November 19, the Moon is Full in Taurus, with a partial eclipse visible in many areas of the world. A lunar eclipse signifies rapid or unexpected conclusions. Though Taurus Moon leans toward persistence, this lunar eclipse makes letting go inevitable. Outdated roles, relationships, and financial agreements may dissolve to make space for what's ahead. Commit fully in new endeavors while releasing the past.

While the Moon peaks in this physical sign, body wisdom speaks. Full Moon symptoms can sometimes seem magnified, only to later wane. Attune to somatic, sometimes subtle, information direct from the flesh and bones. Taurus governs the neck and throat, empowering the voice. Find something to sing about as the Moon lights up. A song that arises spontaneously relieves or expresses heartfelt intention. Enhance Full Moon spells with song to invite healing, freedom from judgment, and a connection to inner power. As the Taurus Full Moon and eclipse unleashes powerful energies, open your voice and let go!

Astrology, Tarot, and Crystals
On your altar or other display, include some dark and smoky crystals known for grounding. Obsidian absorbs negativity while smoky quartz helps reduce undesirable effects of electromagnetic currents. In the spirit of Halloween and All Souls' Day, add some labradorite for ancestral wisdom and amethyst for third eye opening. At Full Moon, blue stones like kyanite, turquoise, and lapis lazuli foster clear communication and healing of the throat.

For Halloween spells or meditations, draw the Death card from your tarot. Sometimes called Transition, Death exemplifies the movement into darkness and the promise of light's return. Though darkness can cause fear or dread, it is necessary for replenishing the earth as the Wheel of the Year turns. In ourselves, there must be room for little deaths, which make space for rebirths as well.

The King and Queen of Cups cards signify qualities of the sign Scorpio. Their element is water, and emotions are their realm. In each, you may recognize yourself or others in your life. During New Moon and Sun in Scorpio, contemplate these and other cups cards for personal and relationship insights. The King and Queen cards of this suit represent traits like compassion and devotion or manipulation and neediness. They pull the emotional strings. If one resonates, use it as a symbol for your highest good through this month's shifts. For the Full Moon in Taurus, meditate on the Empress and the pentacles suit, which signify earth and abundance.

The Sun has moved on to Sagittarius by November 25, the date of Thanksgiving in the United States. Void of course 12:46 a.m. to 10:58 a.m. EST makes way for Leo Moon. Those earlier hours require more flexibility with schedules or changes of plans. After a potent, perhaps heavy, Full Moon just days ago, the Sun and Moon in fire signs welcome lightness and stimulate enthusiasm for the rest of this holiday. Mercury is close to the Sun for joyful travels and humor. Share positivity and enjoy the ones you love. This Moon sign brings out playful spirit, so plan games, recreation, and creative options for all ages. Dress or decorate with gold, solar images, and festive candles in the spirit of fire. An atmosphere of optimism begins in the heart, governed by the Leo Moon. Whatever your Thanksgiving plans, open to generosity, gratitude, gifts, and blessings with the Sun and Moon in jubilant signs.

Excerpted from Llewellyn's 2022 Sabbats Almanac: Samhain 2021 to Mabon 2022.

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