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Chakras for Creativity

Meditations & Yoga-Based Practices to Awaken Your Creative Potential

Through yoga, meditation, and visualization exercises, Jilly Shipway shows you how to tap into your chakras and enhance your creativity. Working with these seven energy centers helps you bring more success into all areas of your life, including art projects, business endeavors, scientific pursuits, and more. Your improved self-expression can even help heal trauma.

In this journey through the chakras, you will learn how Mountain Pose can ground your creative focus and therapeutic writing about the sun can build confidence. Discover how to send love to yourself and others with a walking meditation and unblock stagnant energy by visualizing light. With this book’s simple techniques, you can access a deep source of inner wisdom that is the wellspring of all creativity.

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"Whether you are an experienced yogi or someone who is looking to be inspired, this book will give you the tools to unblock energy and allow your creative juices to flow."—Donna Negus, yoga and mindfulness teacher

"When Jilly writes a book, there comes a calm, confident, and friendly guiding hand and heart. She takes us deeper into an area, an interest, a way of life. This latest offering...will be a delight and an ongoing source of reference to yoga students and teachers alike."—Lindsey Porter, Yoga Scotland yoga tutor, author of Whirlpools, Yoga and the Balance of Life

"A welcome addition to the bookshelf on creativity especially for those who prefer a physical approach."—Bethany Rivers, author of Fountain of Creativity and editor of As Above So Below online poetry magazine

"The contents, although profound, are very accessible and will be of great benefit to teachers and practitioners of both yoga and mindfulness as well as to creative people who may be struggling to give birth to new ideas...A generous, wise, and deeply helpful book."—Marilyn Buckham, yoga and mindfulness teacher

"Every page spills over with wisdom…This charming, friendly book will help anyone use the chakra model to better know themselves...This is one to read straight through at first encounter, then revisit time and time again."—Sage Rountree, PhD, E-RYT 500, author of Everyday Yoga and Teaching Yoga Beyond the Poses

"Bespoke asana sequences, walking and writing meditations, sound, mantras, colours and mandalas all combine in an accessible, practical way, helping us to tap into the transformational power of these seven wheels of energy."—Judy Brenan, British Wheel of Yoga teacher

"Jilly presents a clear, fresh perspective on the chakras, just what you would expect from a creativity-based book. This is a brilliant, go-to guide for everyone who wants to develop their creative gifts and abilities...It is beautifully written and organized in an easy-to-follow manner. Highly recommended."—Julie Lusk, author of Yoga Nidra Meditations

"Inspiring and informative, Chakras for Creativity is a treasure chest of exercises guaranteed to get your creative juices flowing...I'll be keeping this book on my desk so I can reach for it when I'm in need of a boost."—Sally-Anne Lomas, artist, filmmaker, and author of Live Like Your Head's on Fire

"Once I started to read this book, I couldn't put it down…When I then entered my studio, I was able to simply let go and dance with my imagination. Paintings that were not finished were suddenly being completed…A must-read for anyone who wants to really blossom into their full creative potential."—Ian Baker Johnson, artist and life coach

"Mapping through the body from earth to sky, Jilly presents a range of techniques, tools and activities that are simple and yet very effective in accessing one's own unique creative potential, empowerment, and expression."—Jean Hall, yoga teacher and author of Breathe

"Chakras for Creativity is certainly not 'just another book about chakras'...This book contains an extensive explanation of the chakra system from ancient texts, but its impact comes from the imaginative way that everyone can unlock their true creative potential."—Clare Badham, yoga teacher

"A treasure trove of varied, rich, and magical practice which will unlock the potential of every reader one petal at a time...This book should come with a warning: Be aware, Chakras for Creativity will have an enduringly positive impact on your health, wellbeing, and creativity."—Angela Ripley co-founder of Om Yoga Works Leeds and Om Yoga Works Foundation

ISBN-13: 9780738772783
Imprint: Llewellyn
Pub Date: December 2022
Product Type: Trade Paperback
Page Count: 240 pages
Size: 8 x 9 IN
Case Quantity: 30

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