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A length of time often used in Wiccan traditions. For example, a person may dedicate himself or herself to studying with a coven for this period. In some covens, and within some occult orders, a year and a day is the minimum length of time you’re required to spend in one degree before moving onto the next level. Some handfastings last for this period. It may be based on English law which states that if you harm someone, but they do not die from that action for a year and a day, you are not ...
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The Qliphothic Sentinel of Ayin, the 26th Path on the Tree of Life. His number is 237. His name should be uttered in the key of "A."

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A member of the Golden Dawn, he broke it into pieces by demanding that they cease doing magick and that advancement in the Order not be due to knowledge and work but mere time in the Order. He wrote several books that were basically compilations from other sources with his comments. His writing style is not considered modern, and whatever wisdom he may have wished to share (suspect as some hold it to be) is often hidden beneath turgid prose.
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1.  This is a special abbreviation for the name of a magical order, the Astrum Argentum (sometimes the words are reversed or spelled differently) which means “Silver Star” in Latin. The three dots that form a triangle after each “A” not only mean that there is something further that is hidden (that is, there is a spiritual abbreviation), but also form a Masonic symbol indicating that the order possesses the mysterious “Lost Word” of Masonry.
2.  (Argenteum Astrum, or Order of the Silver Star) A magical order founded in 1907 by Crowley after leaving the Golden Dawn. It was reputed to reflect Crowley’s bisexuality. See the website http://www.ordoaa.org/ for information and essential instructions for aspirants of the A.A.
See Also:  The Astrum Argentum
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The Trumpeter of the Enochian Watchtower of Fire. He heralds the presence of the Great King in court. This name is intersected by the 38th Governor. By Gematria it equals 2.

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The first of the Six Seniors found on the Enochian Watchtower of Fire, Martial in nature. This name is intersected by the 20th, 24th, 38th, and 41st Governors. By Gematria it equals 467, a Prime Number. 

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In ancient Egyptian tradition, a place of joy and peace after death. According to the tradition, if you were found unworthy, your soul would vanish into nothingness. If found worthy, you would enter Aalu (also spelled Aaru, Yaaru, etc.) a type of paradise where the gods lived.
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The second of the Six Seniors found on the Enochian Watchtower of Air, Jupiterian in nature. This name is intersected by the 43rd, 45th, 53rd, and 56th Governors. By Gematria it equals 149, a Prime Number.

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The fourth of the Six Seniors found on the Enochian Watchtower of Fire, Venusian in nature. This name is intersected by the 38th and 39th Governors. By Gematria it equals 181, a Prime Number. 

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Group founded in 1942 by an excommunicated Mormon who believed he had contacted the angel Elias five years earlier.
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The first Gate of the Sepher Yetzirah. It has a value of three. There is an opposition in the meanings of the letters A, or the Hebrew aleph meaning ox and the B, or the Hebrew Bet meaning house as well as their respective Tarot correspondences of The Fool and The Magician. AB has the meanings of father, master, source, and ancestor. Astrologically this Gate corresponds to Air and Mercury, which brings to mind the elasticity of the god Mercury; however this is before he is sent on a mission (as ...
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A method for predicting the future, similar to tea leaf reading, wherein you interpret patterns of dust.
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One of the most famous of spirits, also known as a demon or evil angel. Abaddon has been equated with Appolyon (spelled variously) and, by some writers, as the Devil himself. Also used as a name for the place of the dead.
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The 56th Enochian Governor. This Angel is believed to rule over the region of northwest France and Belgium, and resides in the Enochian Aire known as POP. He has 6732 Servitors. By Gematria, the word itself has a value of 138.

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One of the regents of the moon and often invoked in rituals involving emotions, fertility, childbirth, and female mysteries.
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African little people, like leprechauns, but said to be only about two inches tall. Although obviously mythical, some believe that they may be based on the African bushmen who have a very short stature.
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The name of a small commune dedicated to the practice of magick. It was formed in 1920 by Aleister Crowley and his "Scarlet Woman," Leah Hirsig (her magickal names was Alostrael) at Cefalù, a city in the province of Palermo on the northern coast of Sicily, Italy on the Tyrrhenian Sea. Other people, including his secretary, Israel Regardie, joined them there. One of the people who came there, a young man named Raul Loveday, drank water from a nearby well. The well was contaminated and ...
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(?–624 c.e.) Sent to England to convert the people by Pope Gregory I (after whom we have the Gregorian Calendar and Gregorian Chant). Among Pagans today he is best known for receiving a letter from the Pope known as Epistola ad Melitum, which told him to integrate Pagan customs and sites into Christianity. 

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A form of English ritual dance usually performed in September. The horns used at Abbots Bromley Manor in Staffordshire, England, come from reindeer that died some time around 1065 c.e.
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(Also spelled Abadiel) During the War in Heaven, Abdiel refused to rebel against God, and argued with Satan, saying that Satan had to be weaker than God as God had created him. According to John Milton’s Paradise Lost, Abdiel flew away, leaving Satan and his supporters behind. You should call on Abdiel in any matters concerning faith in yourself and faith in God.
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A person who believes he or she was abducted by extraterrestrials. Often, such a person does not have immediate recall of either the abduction or the events preceding, during, or immediately after the experience. The memories are triggered through chance events or during trancework such as hypnosis. Sometimes confused with contactees.

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A little-known spirit whose major function seems to be uprooting large trees. If you cross his path, he would supposedly hit you with that tree.
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A famous hand position (mudra) seen on many Tantric, Hindu, Buddhist, and even Christian statues. It is simply a hand (usually the right hand) raised to shoulder height with the palm forward and all fingers together, pointing up. While this hand position is often used in the West to mean "stop," Abhaya is a Sanskrit word meaning fearlessness, and is used on icons to represent the dispelling of fear. It source is the idea that "my hand is empty so you have nothing to fear," and is often used to ...
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A spirit evoked to help foretell the future, and who can provide military advice and even aid. Abigor has been described in different ways, including as a knight, a ghost, or riding on a winged horse.
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A name for a banishing. To abjure.

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Literally "to swear away from," (from the Latin Ab, meaning "away from" and jurare, meaning "to swear"). To abjure means to banish or exorcize.

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A charm of the Gnostics, written in the form of a triangle with one point down. It was used to protect against the forces of evil. Although it doesn’t show well in English because the “th” was originally one letter, it is actually a palindrome, written the same way forward and backward. Traditionally, it would be written from ink derived from the dried acorn cups of the Valonia oak, a majestic, semi-evergreen (the leaves thin from October until January) native to the eastern side of the ...
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Although commonly used to mean washing yourself or a ritual wishing, among alchemists it means to wash away what is impure through repeated cleansings, that reducing the matter you have to a pure state.

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See: Yeti.
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1.  A traditional word of power, used by Western magicians from classical times to the present. Written in the falling way, it was used in talismans to cure fevers and asthma: ABRACADABRA ABRACADABR ABRACADAB ABRACADA ABRACAD ABRACA ABRAC ABRA ABR AB A In recent times, Abracadabra has mostly been used by stage magicians. English mage Aleister Crowley (1875-1947) altered the spelling to make it fit his new magical religion of Thelema, and in this new form the word has been much used in ...
2.  The spelling of the word was changed by Aleister Crowley to “Abrahadabra” to place the name Had, the second person of Crowley’s Thelemite trinity, at the center. Abracadabra is traditional outside the Thelemite community.
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1.  A rewriting of the famous magical word Abracadabra by Aleister Crowley. This places the name “Had,” a short form of the Egyptian Hadith that, according to some sources, represents Horus of Behedet, an area in Egypt. Hadith is the second person of the Thelemic trinity. Crowley believed it was the Word of the Aeon. One aspect of this is that it has eleven letters, thus linking the symbol of humanity, the pentagram (five identical letters) with the number of God, the hexagram, (six diverse ...
2.  Not to be confused with “Abracadabra.” Crowley declared Abrahadabra to be the “Word of the New Aeon” that would unite microcosm with macrocosm in the new phase of human evolution. In itself, the word is understood as a formula of sex magick performed within the Great Work.
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Abrahamic religions trace their origins back to Abraham, who, according to tradition, gave birth to the Jewish and Muslim peoples. His story is featured in the Torah, Bible, and Koran. The Abrahamic religions include Judaism, Christianity and Islam, along with any religions related to or branching off from these three religions, such as Rastafarianism.
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The name of an Egyptian magician cited in The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage, a magical text translated by S. L. Mathers. The French manuscript was written in the eighteenth century, but it purports to be a translation from an original text in Hebrew, dating from 1458. The grimoire contains elaborate instructions in the form of a six-month program of purification and prayer, designed to lead the magician to higher states of consciousness in which "knowledge and conversation with ...
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A mixture of four parts olibanum, two parts storax, and one part lignum aloes. If the last ingredient is unavailable, then cedar, rose, or citron will suffice. These must be turned to fine powder. Although many sources give frankincense as another name for olibanum (and that's what you get when you buy it), they are actually two different species of the genus Boswellia in the Burseraceae family. Due to their similarity, however, either can be used. 

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The formula for this scented oil comes from The Book of the Sacred Magick of Abramelin the Mage and is mentioned in Crowley's The Book of the Law (Liber Al). It is made from eight parts cinnamon, four parts myrrh (described as being in the form of "tears"), two parts galangal, and seven parts olive oil.

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A popular magical deity in the ancient world, Abraxas (also called Abrasax) was depicted on classical amulet gems as a humanlike figure with a rooster’s head and serpents for feet, wielding a charioteer’s whip. The letters of his name in Greek add up to 365, the number of days in a year, which marked him as a solar deity and a lord of time. In modern times, Abraxas has achieved a new popularity by way of the writings of psychologist Carl Jung, who gave him a central place in his Gnostic ...
See Also:  Abrasax
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A release of emotionally-charged material. This may happen during ritual or during hypnotic trance and can consist of levels ranging from extreme sadness and unhappiness to crying, all the way to violent convulsions.
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A technique by which a healer is able to help a person although that person is not present. Often described as the “sending of healing energy” to that person.
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A person not present at a séance, but for whom questions are asked at the séance.
See Also:  absint sitter
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A term frequently used to mean God or "The Divine." It sometimes refers to something that is spiritually completed. That is, if you are totally involved in meditation, you are in "absolute meditation."
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The coldest it can get at which most known physical activity ceases. 0°K on the Kelvin scale and as −273.15°C on the Celsius scale, and −459.67°F on the Fahrenheit scale. At temperatures very close to absolute zero, matter exhibits quantum effects such as superconductivity and superfluidity. The esoteric significance is that here energy still exists in matter sometimes called “Dark Matter,” and where Intentional Consciousness is still dynamic. 

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One of several angels who specialize in carrying prayers to the Throne of God…can be invoked if you are sending a desperate prayer for help.
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1.  The void between the supernal sephiroth and the lower sephiroth on the Tree of Life that separates the ideal and the real.
2.  A division on the Tree of Life separating the top three sephiroth from the rest of the Tree. A separation of the noumenal from the phenomenal, and the perceived separation between the upper, unmanifest, trinity of Kether, Chokmah and Binah, and the lower seven Sephiroth that are manifest. It is believed that only adepts can access those higher levels.
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A Greek spirit of the acanthus flower. She was once a nymph loved by Apollo the sun god. According to one myth, when she died Apollo transformed her into the sun loving acanthus plant. According to another myth she spurned him and scratched his face when he tried to rape her. In retribution he turned her into the plant. In yet another myth Acantha was a man who spurned Apollo’s advances and was turned into a nymph. Curiously, nymphs are associated with trees while the acanthus is a shrub ...
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An alchemical term for a small vessel. It either means a vessel that simply holds vinegar (acetum) or a small cup that holds as much as an eggshell.

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Alchemical term for vinegar. May also mean sour wine.

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Alchemical term for white vinegar.

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An angel who helps people become more patient and accepting.
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A form of Biblical interpretation and making codes. See Temurah.
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The name, meaning "River of Woe," of one of the five rivers in Greek mythology that surround Hades. The other four rivers are the Cocytus ("River of Wailing"), the Lethe ("River of Forgetfulness"), the Pyriphlegethon ("The Fiery River"), and the Styx ("The Hateful River").

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The fibrous tissue that connects the calf muscle to the heel. 

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Name used by the Cyrenean Greeks for Beelzebub.

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Another term for the high magickal arts.
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Alchemical term for steel.

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1.  Generally considered someone following a particular spiritual path, it specifically means person who assists in a ritual.
2.  (Magick – Ceremonial) “Morvan’s duty was to keep this brazier fed and at an even height temperature, also to serve him generally as an acolyte serves a priest. She had, however, a much more important part to play in the actual ritual, which was to fix her mind unwaveringly on the work, to do her best to make it fluid, so that in welding it with his as it were, he derived added strength. For this concentration of the will upon the object of the ritual there must be no means of distraction. ...
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In geomantic divination, a figure of two dots above one dot above two dots above one dot. The word itself is Latin for “acquiring.” In a divination it means success or success is close, especially in matters of the physical plane.
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Alchemical term for red coral. Although it may seem odd to differentiate this type of coral, red coral is a substance that is associated with the planet Mars in ancient Tantric or Indian Astrology. Since some Tantric systems also involved alchemy, it may show that Western alchemy is linked to the systems of India.

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In Italian Witchcraft, the stag-horned God of the Forest.
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An organ that is associated with a specific chakra and through which that chakra expresses itself physically. 

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"Consciousness activation in the three lowest natural kingdoms is an unconscious and automatic process which gradually becomes a conscious one in the human kingdom. In higher kingdoms it is the result of self-initiated consciousness activity."

Laurency, H.T. The Knowledge of Reality, 1979, The Henry T. Laurency Publishing Foundation

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A form of traditional Asian medicine, probably derived from Indian Ayurveda, that is based on the theory that balanced energy within the body produces health and a lack of balance produces illness. This energy flows through certain paths, called meridians, and that this energy can be enhanced or reduced to balance the overall energy through the application of pressure on certain points along the meridians. It differs from acupuncture in that insertion into the skin of fine needles is not used.

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Part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and dating back to at least 200-300 B.C.E., it involves inserting very fine needles into specific points of the body. The basic idea is that there are energy pathways in the body known as meridians, and that by stimulating certain points on the meridians with the needles, the body’s energy (qi, pronounced “chi”) can bring balance to the body. The points may also be stimulated with the fingertips, and modern practitioners also use electrical and ...
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Alchemical term for a needle.

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Alchemical term for saltpeter.

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A divination technique that uses pins, needles, or other pointed objects. One method of their use involves tossing them onto a flat surface and interpreting their patterns. Another method has a symbol or letter placed on each object. They are mixed in a container and one at a time is selected and its symbol is interpreted.
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Latin for “at one’s pleasure,” it means to make things up as you go. Once you know the basic concepts of rituals and magick, it is possible to make up parts of rituals “on the fly” rather than depending upon repeating memorized scripts or reading written instructions. Often shortened to “ad lib.”
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1.  The human body projected upon the Tree of Life.
2.  The primordial man.
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The spirit of the Cape of Good Hope. The Cape is an outcropping of land near the southernmost tip of Africa. Seeing the spirit is said to predict disaster for ships rounding the cape on the way to India. The former name of the Cape was the Cape of Storms.
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Alchemical term for the foam of seawater.

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(Gaulish) - An offering or ritual in which something is given to the Deuoi.
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Code used in spells and recipes by Pagans, ancient doctors, alchemists, etc. going back to the Greek Magical Papyri. It means Dogstooth Violet or Plantain.

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Alchemical term for sour milk.

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A neuter term meaning brother or sister through affection rather than blood. In the occult Order of the Astral Star, an Adelphon is the title for members in the first degree. It is associated with the Fire of Earth in the Sephirah Malkuth (In the Golden Dawn's coloring, the russet colored quarter of Malkuth using the Queen Scale of color).

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1.  A person who is very skilled or proficient in a particular ability as in “When it comes to magick, he is an adept.” A description of such a person as in “He is adept at astrology.” In certain magickal orders, an adept is a person who has achieved a certain level of advancement in that group, sometimes using the original Latin form of the term, adeptus. In the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, there are two different grades, the Adeptus Minor and the Adeptus Major. Each has subgrades, ...
2.  Unfortunately, the term is used loosely and variously to mean either one who has reached a recognized higher grade in one of the initiatory orders, one who has made contact with their Holy Guardian Angel, one who has "crossed the Abyss," or for an advanced student. It is not a “grade” or “credentialed position” universally recognized like an academic degree. Beware of the self-annointed!
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Literally, the "Exempt Adept." In the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, a title given to people who have reached the 7° of the Order. Initially, the 5th and 6th degrees each had four sub-degrees. In many modern versions of the Golden Dawn, the sub-degrees are ignored and as a result of passing tests, members move directly from the 5th to the 6th, and 6th to the 7th.

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Literally, the "Greater Adept." In the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, a title given to people who have reached the 6° of the Order. Initially, the 5th and 6th degrees each had four sub-degrees. In many modern versions of the Golden Dawn, the sub-degrees are ignored and as a result of passing tests, members move directly from the 5the to the 6the, and 6th to the 7th.

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“Lesser Adept,” the title of the lowest level of the second Order of the Golden Dawn. The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn was actually composed of three groups. The Outer Order, the Golden Dawn per se, was where students learned about magick and some of its very basic techniques. After going through all the degrees of this Outer Order, a student might be invited into the second or Inner Order, known as the Roseae Rubeae et Aureae Crucis (R.R. et A.C.). Here the student first starts ...
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Alchemical term for fresh skim milk.

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(Sanskrit) literally “First” and “Sons of the Fire Mist,” an alternate name referring to the Upper Manifestal seventh plane up from the physical level.

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Alchemical term for mercury.

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A command made to stop another from doing something. In magick, most commonly used to order an evoked spirit not to do something harmful. The strength of an adjuration may be compounded by using a deity’s name.
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The angel of independence, who looks after anyone involved in pioneering or adventurous activities. He also looks after Sagittarians and the month of November.
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Pronounced “ah-dohn-eye,” a Hebrew word that literally means “my lord,” although frequently translated as “the lord” or simply “lord.” Among Jews, it is spoken as a replacement for the Tetragrammaton, the holy, four-letter name of God that should not be pronounced. Adonai is frequently used as a generic name for God among Jews. Another replacement is Hashem (pronounced “hah-shem”) which literally means “The Name.”
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Hebrew translated as "[My] Lord of the Earth." In the Kabalah, this is the god name associated with the tenth sephirah, Malkuth, and is associated with elemental Earth.

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Alchemical term for water that has had a red-hot iron inserted into it.

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Biblical character who murdered his father, an Assyrian king, while the king was worshiping an idol. Later he became associated with a demon of pride and stubbornness.
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Derived from a Greek term that means “not to be entered,” it is most commonly used today to mean the most holy part of a temple or a secret room into which unenlightened people were not allowed to enter. Paul Foster Case started a magickal order called the Builders of the Adytum. The order still exists and is known for its extensive mail-order lessons about the Tarot.
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She was Helios, the Greek sun god’s daughter and, like her sisters Circe and Pasiphae, a hypnotically beautiful woman, so beautiful and dazzlingly bright that when the earthborn Titans attacked the gods of Olympus, the earth mother Gaea placed Aega in a cave to hide her shimmering beauty. There she became Zeus’ nurse and he eventually put her among the stars. In other myths she was a descendant of Hephaestus, a nymph, or a goat. Her name may mean “a gale of wind,” and ...
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1.  The third and current Thelemic Aeon, characterized as the Aeon of the child and promoting individuality. Also referred to as the New Aeon.
2.  Following the channeling of Liber Legis—(which see)—The Book of the Law—in 1904, Crowley believed he was to lead a new age, the Aeon of Horus replacing the older matriarchal Aeon of Isis and the patriarchal Aeon of Osiris. The Aeon of Horus is based on the magical union of male and female polarities, and replaces all repressive religious traditions. According to Kenneth Grant, the Aeon of Horus will be followed by that of Maat, the Egyptian goddess of truth and justice.
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The first Thelemic Aeon, characterized by material power and worship of the Earth.
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The second Thelemic Aeon, characterized by paternal power and worship of gods of sacrifice, death, and resurrection (notably Osiris and Christ). Also referred to as the Old Aeon.
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1.  Divination through observation of phenomena in the sky. Examples include the interpretation of the appearance of comets (death of a famous person), images of clouds (interpreted in a similar fashion as interpreting tea leaves), etc.
2.  Divination by observation of atmospheric phenomena—clouds, winds, storms, etc.—as well as sometimes related phenomena such as items carried by wind and rain including birds in flight. In response to a yes/no question, winds that rise and blow to the north or west are favorable, those to the east and south unfavorable. If no wind rises within nine minutes of the asking, no answer is available. Whirlwinds and dust devils are unfavorable answers. Also cloud gazing in answer to a question that ...
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The name of a famous book on alchemy from the 17th century. It is a Hebrew expression meaning “purifying fire.”
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Name of one of the principle families or clans of gods described in the Northern mythos. The word Aesir has been translated as "pillar." Aesir is the plural form. The singular form is Ass.
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A spiritual plane of initiation in the Enochian system of magick.
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A stone that can supposedly be found in the nest of an eagle. Others say it can be found in an eagle’s neck or stomach. Magickally used to protect mother and child during birth. The stone has a smaller, inner stone, so it rattles. It’s also said to make you sober, bring wealth, victory and popularity.
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Group of eight runes in a set order. Aett is the singular form and aettir is the plural form.
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The Anterior Fornix Erotic zone is an area in the vagina opposite the G-spot which is sexually highly responsive in many women.

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1.  As used in Self-Hypnosis, these are positive assertions of that which is desired as if it is already realized. This is vital to the involvement of the sub-conscious mind. Suggested reading: Self-Hypnosis for a Better Life by William W. Hewitt (Llewellyn Publications) and Self-Empowerment Through Self-Hypnosis by Carl Llewellyn Weschcke and Joe H. Slate (Llewellyn Publications)

2.  An affirmation should be carefully planned, and written in very concise form. When spoken, aloud or silently, believe it and feel it – adding emotion to give it energy. An affirmation is communication with the subconscious, stating your particular goals. The most effective use of affirmations is to change your “Belief System” (which see) that filters incoming information.

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In Astrology, an archaic term still used by some astrologers to describe a planet that has challenging aspects (such as squares, oppositions, and quincunxes) linked to it.

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The second-largest continent, Africa has a wide variety of lands, flora and fauna, and people. The population lives in everything from vast, modern cities to very primitive conditions. Composed of 53 independent countries, many scientists believe the human race began here. At its northeastern point is Egypt. Its capitol, Cairo, is the content’s most populous city with a population of over 9.2 million. Egyptian culture goes back thousands of years and heavily influenced Judaism (founded ...
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Person, object, or concepts that come from Africa.
See Also:  Africa
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The African American Tarot is a Tarot deck focusing on the common origin of African American culture, history, art, and mythology.
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Term used by some believers in reincarnation to describe the period of the soul’s or spirit’s existence after the physical death of the body but before reincarnation into a new physical body. There are many theories as to what happens during this period ranging from quiet, rest, and recovery to training in preparation for the next physical incarnation. In some instances the spirit may try to manifest on the physical plane, resulting in their appearance as ghosts.
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During the life between lives we are progressively empowered to use past life experiences as critical growth resources to accelerate our evolution through next life planning.

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A term used by some to describe the area, plane, world, etc. where a person’s spirit or soul goes after that person dies.
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A form of divination using small statues or idols. These were often on altars or attached to walls. It was believed that these household deities could speak to you and give advice.
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A well-known spirit described in several grimoires. In the Goetia Agares is primarily known for teaching languages and causing earthquakes. Agares will also cause people to start dancing. The spirit can help stop runaways.
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A type of silica, primarily chalcedony, known for their bright colors and clear layers that appear to be lines. Magically, it is a stone of strength and protection. It is believed to strengthen the intellect. It can also be used to cleanse and stabilize the aura and supposedly can bring invisibility.

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To the Egyptians, an agathodemon was a positive spirit with the head of a man and the body of a snake. The ancient Greeks believed they brought good fortune and health. They protected fields and vineyards, so drinking a glass of wine after meals honored them. They are the opposite of cacodemons.
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Due to the astrophysical process known as the precession of the equinoxes, the exact date of the equinoxes slowly moves backwards through the zodiac. As the equinox enters a different sign it is considered a new "age." Because of the vast distances, there is no hard and fast date between the last and next age. Depending upon the astrologer, the date of the beginning of the Aquarian Age ranges from between 1904 and 2680.
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1.  While in a hypnotic trance, the process of taking a person into an imagined version of a potential future. Used for helping to set goals and in overcoming some fears.
2.  Hypnotic age progression is an innovative approach that has demonstrated unusual effectiveness in identifying future events of both personal and global significance. The program uses self-hypnosis to induce the trance state during which awareness flows with ease along the time continuum until it is arrested either voluntarily or spontaneously to engage areas that command special attention. This approach is especially effective in identifying future happenings that can be either prevented or ...
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1.  A technique where a client, while in hypnosis, goes back to an experience or event that occurred earlier in their life.

2.  A hypnotic state in which the subject experiences past events that occurred in the present lifetime.

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1.  A person who unintentionally causes unusual physical phenomenon described as poltergeist activity. The person may be shocked to know he or she is the source of the phenomena. Most often the agent is a girl going through puberty, although it may be a boy.
2.  A person on whom a haunting seems to be centered.
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Aghora means without fear. The term refers to a Tantric sect that engages in extreme practices. Aghoris embrace that which most of society would find intolerable. 

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Famous as part of the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, AGLA is actually an acronym for Ah-tah Gee-boor Lih-oh-lam Ah-doh-nye or “Thou art great forever, my Lord.”
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The name of the ancient God of fire found in spiritual traditions from India.

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The Voodoo Loa of the ocean, he protects all sea life as well as ships and boats. He is invoked using titles such as “Tadpole of the Pond” or “Shell of the Sea,” and is a protector of sailors and seafarers. His symbols include brightly colored oars and shells, and even small metallic fish. Specific rituals to him are typically performed near seas, rivers, or lakes, and you should have wet sponges and towels prepared for him for when he leaves the water. It is challenging ...
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A Sanskrit term meaning the individual consciousness or ego, as opposed to the aspect of self that is linked to the divine.
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Transliteration of the Hebrew word for "love." Sometimes transliterated as ahavah. Via Gematria, a form of Kabalistic numerology, it equals 13, also the numeration of the Hebrew letters in the word for "one." As the Kabalah holds there is only one deity, the number one represents God, and since the numeration of the letters in the word equal the numeration of those in "ahevah," this is taken to prove that God is love.

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(Sanskrit) “Non-killing.” The Hindu doctrine of non-violence and non-injury, whether by act or word or thought. Hence, no negative Karma.

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The fourth of the Four Kabalistic Worlds in descending order. It is the World of Action.
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A Kabalistic method of Biblical interpretation and system for making codes. See Temurah.

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Aikido is a martial art that relies on harmonious movements and minimal muscular effort to resolve conflicts.

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The 16th letter of the Ogham tree alphabet, representing the letter A and meaning "fir."

Fir trees signify a higher, more powerful perspective. Consequently, Ailm gives insight and the potential for great wisdom. It is an indication that you are progressing and will shortly be able to see ahead much more clearly than before.

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(Kabbalah – Tree of Life) “Nothing.” It is the outermost of the three veils of negative existence above the Tree of Life.
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1.  Without Limit. A description of the ultimate, unknowable divinity.
2.  "(Kabbalah – Tree of Life) Limitless.” The middle of the three veils of negative existence.
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“(Kabbalah – Tree of Life) Limitless Light.” The innermost of the three veils of negative existence preceding Kether.
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One of the four creative elements in magick. It is commonly associated with mental activity and is considered masculine in nature. In an occult sense, “masculine” refers to the characteristics of specific types of energy rather than to gender.
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In the system of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, a symbolically decorated dagger. It is used by an adept to direct elemental air energy.
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The “thinkers” of the Zodiac: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius.
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An Irish word that means “dream” or “vision.” It relates to the concept of a poetic vision that gained popularity in Ireland in the late 17th and early 18th centuries. Although there are several variations in the way it is pronounced, the “s” is always pronounced “sh.” Thus, one pronunciation would be “ash-leen.”
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1.  The entity who communicated the Book of the Law to Aleister Crowley.
2.  The name of Aleister Crowley’s Holy Guardian Angel. Crowley spent many years trying to determine if Aiwass was merely his higher self or was, in fact, a non-physical being.
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1.  Unlimited power. Forehead chakra located between the eyebrows. This chakra is associated with insight, perception, and intuition and is seeded and activated during Reiki One and Two attunements, respectively.

2.  (Sanskrit) “Command Center.” Primarily known the “Brow Chakra”.

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A concept within the Hawaiian Huna tradition. Aka is a sticky and elastic substance that, like the Western concept of ectoplasm, can stretch without breaking. In Huna, people are said to have three bodies. Each of these bodies has an etheric or “shadow” body. The shadow body is made of Aka. Aka threads or cords are the means by which all energy (mana) and information travel. The more you communicate with someone, the more your Aka threads intertwine.
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1.  Pronounced "ah-kash." Sanskrit word that has been adopted in the West as the name for the fifth magical element. It means aether or spirit.

2.  (Sanskrit) See Spirit. The fifth element of Spirit or Ether, one of the five tattvas or elemental forces—the others beingAir, Fire, Water, and Earth, which are derived from Spirit. It is symbolized by an indigo egg shape, and is associated with Vishudda, the throat chakra. It manifests as sound, but is not sound. It is all-pervading Space without dimension. Compare to the alchemical “Quintessence.”

Suggested Reading: A Chakra & Kundalini Workbook, by Dr. Jonn Mumford.

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Stored-up cosmic memory. A level of time-consciousness within the astral plane that contains all the past events, thoughts, images, and activities of humanity from the beginning of time. This "chronicle of the world" can be accessed by the mystic and the magician.
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1.  A recording of all events that have ever occurred and said to be stored in a spiritual substance, Akasha, that surrounds the earth.
2.  The collective unconscious is a kind of group mind that is inherited from all our ancestors and includes all the memories and knowledge acquired by humans and sometimes is called "the Akashic Records." It is believed to exist on the higher astral and lower mental planes and to be accessible by the super consciousness through the subconscious mind in deep trance states induced through hypnosis, self-hypnosis, meditation and guided meditation It is a function of the Astral Light to retain all ...
See Also:  acashaakacha
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A term used in Theosophy. It is believed that magnetism and electricity are derived from the universal energy, Akasha (they spell it without the "h"). However, there is the "small" magnetism (for example, that which is around people) and the greater, or Akasic, magnetism, such as that of the Earth. Magnetism can be used to create electricity. In fact, it is constantly doing so at various levels. Ultimately, changes in magnetism and electricity on the physical plane are the results of changes ...
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One of the three parts of the soul according to ancient Egyptian belief. A person must have all three parts to live, and if one part died they all died. The Akh is the immortality of a person; the spirit. In Egyptian symbolism it was depicted as a bird or a flame of fire. In some transliterations of the Egyptian language, Akh is written as Akhu, Ikhu, or just Khu.
See Also:  AkhuIkhuKhu
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Akiba (or Akiva) ben Joseph Talmudic Sage, Biblical exegete and mystic (1st–2nd Century). [Rabbi Akiba] is arguably the most celebrated figure in the Talmud. [In a famous Kabalistic story, he] was the only one of four sages who entered pardes and returned unscathed. His prayers were credited with ending a drought. He encountered a ghost and subsequently exorcised it by teaching the dead man’s son the daily liturgy; this is credited by some with establishing the tradition of reciting ...
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Although this means a "sharp-pointed stone," to alchemists this referred to aconite, a poisonous herb that grows on rocks.

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An angel who helps people who have problems with infertility. These include conception, sterility, and lack of libido.
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The 11th Mansion of the Moon, corresponding to part of the constellation Virgo.
Influence: Creates harmony between lovers
Spirit: Neciel
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The 19th Mansion of the Moon, corresponding to part of the constellation Sagittarius.
Influence: Causes misfortune for enemies
Spirit: Amutiel
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The 26th Mansion of the Moon, corresponding to part of the constellation Andromeda.
Influence: Aids the fisher
Spirit: Tagriel
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The 28th Mansion of the Moon, corresponding to part of the constellation Aries. Influence: Aids in reconciliation Spirit: Amnixiel
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The second Mansion of the Moon, corresponding to part of the constellation Taurus. Note similarlity to the star name, Aldebaran.
Influence: Ill will, separation, revenge
Spirit: Enediel
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The fifth Mansion of the Moon, corresponding to part of the constellation Gemini.
Influence: Secures material desires
Spirit: Gabriel
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The 24th Mansion of the Moon, corresponding to part of the constellation Pegasus.
Influences love and favor.
Spirit: Abrinael
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The 25th Mansion of the Moon, corresponding to parts of the constellations Pegasus and Andromeda.
Influence: Fouls liquids
Spirit: Aziel
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The 13th Mansion of the Moon, corresponding to part of the constellation Virgo.
Influences friendship and good will
Spirit: Fazeriel
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The third Mansion of the Moon, corresponding to the constellation Orion.
Influence: Favor with authority
Spirit: Anixiel
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The fourth Mansion of the Moon, corresponding to part of the constellation Gemini.
Influence: Secures love
Spirit: Azariel
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The eighth Mansion of the Moon, corresponding to part of the constellation Leo.
Influence: Aids in childbirth and healing
Spirit: Amnediel
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The 14th Mansion of the Moon, corresponding to the constellation Libra.
Influence:Material increase
Spirit: Ergediel
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The 16th Mansion of the Moon, corresponding to part of the constellation Scorpio.
Influence: Aids against poisons
Spirit: Azeruel
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The 18th Mansion of the Moon, corresponding to part of the constellation Sagittarius.
Influence: Aids the hunter
Spirit: Egibiel
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The sixth Mansion of the Moon, corresponding to the constellation Cancer.
Influence: Aids in battle
Spirit: Dirachiel
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The 23rd Mansion of the Moon, corresponding to part of the constellation Aquarius.
Influence: Aids the harvest, and plants in general
Spirit: Requiel
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The 21st Mansion of the Moon, corresponding to part of the constellation Aquarius.
Influences destruction and decline
Spirit: Bethnael
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The 20th Mansion of the Moon, corresponding to the constellation Capricorn.
Influence: Aids the fugitive
Spirit: Kyriel
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The 22nd Mansion of the Moon, corresponding to part of the constellation Aquarius.
Influence: Aids fertility in animals
Spirit: Geliel
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The tenth Mansion of the Moon, corresponding to part of the constellation Leo.
Influence: Causes disharmony between lovers
Spirit: Ardefiel
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The 27th Mansion of the Moon, corresponding to part of the constellation Aries.
Influence: Aids in the destruction of enemies
Spirit: Atheniel
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The 17th Mansion of the Moon, corresponding to part of the constellation Scorpio.
Influence: Aids childbirth
Spirit: Adriel
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The twelfth Mansion of the Moon, corresponding to part of the constellation Virgo.
Influences divorce and separation
Spirit: Abdizuel
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The seventh Mansion of the Moon, corresponding to part of the constellation Leo. Spirit: Scheliel
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The first Mansion of the Moon, beginning at the Pleiades and corresponding to part of the constellation Taurus.
Influence: Good fortune
Spirit: Geniel
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The ninth Mansion of the Moon, corresponding to part of the constellation Leo.
Influence: Causes fear or reverence
Spirit: Barbiel
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According to some authorities, this refers to an oven used by alchemists. Other authorities of alchemical terms say this simply means charcoal.

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A Greek word meaning avenger, it was used as a title of Zeus in His role as the avenger of evil deeds, especially killings within a family. Later, the name was given to any spiritual entity that would punish wrongful human behavior. Still later, it became an insult similar to the concept of a scoundrel. In Christian terms, Alastor was a generic name for certain evil spirits, and specifically for a possessing spirit. Some have referred to it as the “evil genius of a house.”

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A Sanskrit meaning not capable of being dissolved. To Theosophists, this relates to the universal soul, the basis of all things.
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Alchemical term for arsenic.

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A large sea bird with some species having a wingspan of up to twelve feet. Although being one of the largest birds of the sea, they are remarkable for their flying prowess. Their ability to fly great distances is due to their strength and their use of various types of soaring. It is believed that if it flies around a ship at sea for a long time there will be bad weather. If an albatross is killed, it is said to bring bad luck. Samuel Taylor Coleridge turned this into the famous poem, The Rime ...
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A dwarf, sometimes called the King of the Dwarves, found in Old High German myths. In French he is called Oberon.

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Name for any person who practices alchemy.
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1.  The word alchemy is an Arabic term comprised of the article "al" and the noun "khemi.” The later word relates to "Khem" the Coptic name of Egypt. Alchemy thus means, "that which pertains to Egypt.” Thus the words alchemy and chemistry are a reminder of the scientific legacy of Egypt. Another possible origin of the word is the Greek "cheo" which means "I pour" or "I cast"—a word often used in reference to the ancient Greek metalworkers who used many alchemical formulae. Together, alchemy ...
2.  Alchemy is the art and science of transformation. This is not an easily understood art, because the primal medium of alchemical expression is through the use of allegory and mythological symbols, which can be interpreted simultaneously both at a material and a spiritual level. The primary goal of alchemy is to bring all things, including humanity to its pre-ordained state of perfection. To that end, the alchemical theory states that eternal wisdom remains latent, dormant and obscure in humanity ...

3.  The art and science of creating medicines from plants and minerals for healing physical and psychic diseases, thereby restoring the alchemist to a state of perfect harmony. These medicines can be either liquid, such as the Elixir of Life, or solid, such as the Philosopher’s Stone. Alchemy is also known as the Royal Art.

4.  The alchemy of the occultist and of sex magick is the transformation of the "baser" self into the "gold" of the higher self. The procedures, tools and materials of the physical alchemist become symbols for the psychological and magickal operations of the occult alchemist.
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Alchemy 1977 is famous around the globe for their stunning gothic artwork and steampunk accessories. Fans of this iconic brand will recognize and appreciate the powerful and seductive images in this extraordinary tarot deck. This captivating mix of art from world famous gothic illustrators ranges from traditional horror to lush supernatural scenes to medieval fantasy.

Tarot deck by publisher Fournier.

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One of the three Greek Erinyes or Furies along with Megaera and Tisiphone. She is the Greek goddess of war and death. She was the daughter of Gaea impregnated by the blood (?) of Uranus resulting from Cronus’ castration of Uranus.

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A form of divination. A circle of letters of the alphabet is spread out and a chicken is placed in the center. A question is asked and the bird indicates letters that form words and reveal the answers.

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An early Greek goddess, daughter of Helios the sun, and Rhode. She was worshipped as a heroine on the island of Rhodes.

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1.  Divination by having a rooster strategically peck grains of food placed on letters of the alphabet.
2.  Divination with roosters. A circle is created of small pieces of paper each marked with an alphabet letter. A kernel of corn is place on top of each letter. A white rooster is placed in the center of the circle and those letters from which the rooster pecks the corn are believed to form a message.
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Born Edward Alexander Crowley, he was a remarkable poet, writer, mountain climber, and occultist. His strong positions on magick (his spelling), including the use of sexuality in magick, have made him highly controversial. He “received” (what today might be called “channeled”) a short text, The Book of the Law, in 1904, and modified the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn’s magical system to fit this revelation. It also became a religious system. Followers of this system are called ...
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The first letter of the Hebrew alphabet. Represents the number 1. The first of the three "mother letters." A Hebrew word meaning "ox." Corresponds to the element of Air, the 11th Path (between Kether and Chokmah), and Tarot trump The Fool.
See Also:  AlifAlef
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1.  Divination by flower or baked goods, like fortune cookies.
2.  Divination using flour dough. Words and sentences are written on small pieces of paper and rolled up in dough balls. Carefully mix up the dough balls nine times, and then choose one to open and read the future. The probable origin of the fortune cookie.
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Born in 1916 and died in 1988, Sanders became an important figure in the rebirth of Witchcraft during the last quarter of the twentieth century. This was due to a popular book written about him, King of the Witches by June Johns, and his frequent appearances in the popular media. His claim to being initiated into Witchcraft by his grandmother is still considered controversial, and some would say that his style of Witchcraft, known as “Alexandrian” (a clever play of words on his name) seems ...
See Also:  SandersSanders, Alex
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Alexandrian Tradition is a Wiccan sect founded in the 1960s by the British Witch Alex Sanders and his wife Maxine. Alexandrian covens focus strongly upon training in the area of ceremonial magick.
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In the early days of Wicca, there were two major traditions: Gardnerian (formed by Gerald Gardner) and Alexandrian (formed by Alex Sanders). In 1972, a woman named Mary Nesnick—who was a High Priestess in both traditions—blended the two into one tradition known as Algard.
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The 15th rune of the Elder Futhark, representing the letter z.

The primary meaning of the Algiz rune is protection. The sign itself looks like a splayed hand, and is reminiscent of Tyr's hand which he sacrificed in order to bind Fenris the wolf.

See Also:  Eolh
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An experience, usually unexpected or unwanted, of being kidnapped by alien beings. Often the experience has been repressed and is only recovered during hypnosis. This is different from the contactee experience where persons consciously desire communication with aliens and often stay in contact with supposed aliens.
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(Magick – Ceremonial) Are there such things? Are not all forces and beings part of a single and Divine Cosmos? Presumably, we have to say yes to that, but we also recognize that at different circumstances and times there are negative options. A snake bite can be poisonous. Even your pet cat can bite you and cause a severe, life-threatening infection. In the context of magick, we are excluding from the Circle anything alien or unfriendly to the intent of the operation. Note the ...
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Generally associated with UFOs, semi-humanoid beings claiming to originate on other planets or other dimensions. Most contacts with these beings involve telepathic communication and some have included abductions and transportation to space ships were surgical operations have implanted devices, and others have included sexual contact. Some believe aliens are spirits and that alien encounters are psychic in nature. Suggested Reading: The Gaia Project by Hwee-Yong Jang (Llewellyn Publications) and ...
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The process of harmonizing two or more things. Thus, a person might align himself or herself with a deity, a planet, etc
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A popular term used by many Pagans as a title for the male aspect of Divinity.
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Another name for Samhain or Halloween.
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A name given to mistletoe by druids due to the many medical properties of that herb. Warning: DO NOT use mistletoe without training, as it is toxic. Do not let your pets eat it.
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A popular term used by many Pagans as a title for the female aspect of Divinity.
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The image of an eye in a triangle, often with the indication or expanding rays of light or a “glory” around it. Its original source was the Egyptian image of the Eye of Horus. In Medieval times, the surrounding triangle was added, with Christians saying this represented the Trinity. Mystically, it has become associated with Freemasonry as early as 1797, symbolic of the Great Architect of the Universe who is believed to observe the thoughts and deeds of the Mason. Fifteen years ...
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A descriptive story that includes symbolic or hidden meaning, used for imparting ideas and principles.
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A description of Odin, who is considered the father of all, both gods and men.

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1.  One of the books of The Lesser Key of Solomon.
2.  General term for a talisman made from pure, white wax, and inscribed with various names and symbols.
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An archaic name for a particular length: from the elbow to the tip of the fingers. Used in Sweden.
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1.  Divination by throwing salt.
2.  Divination with salt or dry sand. Pour the salt or sand into a square or rectangular tray to a depth of about three inches. Hold a pencil loosely in your hand, with the point at the center of the substance. Relax, close your eyes, and state your question. Let your hand move of its own accord until it stops—and no longer than three minutes. Open your eyes and look for symbols or letters among the markings. Some common examples: “Y” for yes; “N” for no; “P” for perhaps; ...
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In Italian Witchcraft, the Guardian of the Eastern Portal between the Worlds.
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The alpha brain wave is associated with inner levels of mental activity, tranquility, rest, and relaxation. It is also associated with inspiration, creativity, accelerated healing concentration, and ESP.
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First and last letters of the Greek alphabet; beginnings and endings.
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English occult order, founded after the breakup of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn in 1900 by former GD head Samuel Liddell Mathers and his supporters. There were two temples in Great Britain, one in London and the other in Edinburgh. The former Golden Dawn temples in the United States—Thme No. 8 in Chicago and Thoth-Hermes No. 9 in New York City—sided with Mathers during the breakup and became part of the Alpha et Omega afterwards. Three other American temples were founded after the ...
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The brain generates weak electrical impulses representative of its particular activities. As recorded by the electro-encephalograph (EEG), they fall into particular levels assigned Greek letters. Beta, at 14-26 cycles per second, is our normal waking state including focused attention, concentration, thinking, etc. Alpha, 8 to 13 cycles, is the next level down characteristic of relaxation, alert receptivity, meditation and access to the subconscious mind. It is at 8 cycles per second, the border ...
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One of the four brainwave patterns, the alpha state is typified by patterns that repeat at the speed of 8-13 Hertz (cycles per second). People drifting into sleep or coming out of it are in the alpha state. It is also the speed of the brainwaves typified by daydreaming, a light trance, etc. This state becomes stronger when you close your eyes. The other brainwave patterns are beta, delta, and theta.
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In the GBG magickal order, Alphaism means first or beginning because alpha is the first letter of the Greek alphabet. Alphaism was the beginning of the GBG instruction on Sex Magick. Alphaism simply means no sexual intercourse. Erotic thoughts of imaginations should not even be entertained in the mind during the one or two months that the practice was required. Instead of sex, the Alphaist member was to begin with the first verse of the first chapter of The Book of the Law, and take one ...
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1.  A form of divination by grain, especially barley. According to one tradition, if it was believed that an unknown person in a group were guilty of a crime, they would all be given cakes made of barely to eat. The person who developed indigestion was guilty. What would happen if several people got indigestion, or if none did, is not discussed.
2.  The use of wheat or barley bread to determine guilt. Suspects were gathered together, and each made to repeat, “If I am deceiving you, may this bread act upon me foul.” The loaf was sometimes rubbed with vervain, and then a portion of bread was consumed by each suspect. The guilty person who suffer severe and painful indigestion while the innocent would not be affected.
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Popular in Germany, an Alraun was an image usually made from the root of a mandrake, although sometimes from an ash or other tree. It was supposed to be wrapped in a white cloth, offered food daily, bathed on Fridays, and kept in a box. If you did this it would bring good luck. If you didn’t, it would shriek until you paid attention to it. Alrauns could bring good luck and were used in various magickal rituals. Supposedly you can’t give it away or throw it away; you must sell it at a higher ...
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1.  At the center of the circle is placed the altar, which magically represents the center of the universe and the center of the self. It is the working surface of ritual, the focus of awareness and power. When there is no space for a material altar, one may be visualized in the astral. The altar is square on top, cubic or doubly-cubic in dimension, and should be made of, or contain, natural stone. All these aspects symbolize that the altar is the material foundation that supports the work; it is ...

2.  An altar is really a work bench holding your magickal tools. Usually it is placed at the center of the circle or working area. Sometimes it may be moved to face any of the four corners. Traditionally it is composed of two equal size cubes, one on top of the other.

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Candles used to provide light for an altar during a magickal ritual or worship. Altar candles are usually white.
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1.  Also known as an ASC, a state of mind that is different from normal, waking consciousness. Examples of an ASC range from dreaming and daydreaming to trance, out-of-body experiences, and drug-induced states. Besides pointing out that “normal, waking consciousness” is simply something people agree upon (“consensus reality”) and implying that there is a greater reality than what we normally accept, certain magickal, mystical, and paranormal phenomena may occur during an ASC.

2.  Wakefulness and sleep are the two most familiar states of consciousness. Others include dreaming, meditation, trance, hypnosis and self-hypnosis, hallucination, astral projection, etc. ASCs can be induced by sleep deprivation, chanting, fasting, ecstatic dancing, drumming, sex, psychedelic drugs, and conscious self-programming. Once you’ve been "there," it is easier to get there again.

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Alchemical measurement meaning a drop.

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Alchemical term for cinnabar, the bright red ore from which mercury is derived.