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Astrology: The Energy of Color

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Color is introduced to create and enhance experiences beginning in children's infancy. New parents choose nursery colors with baby's development and comfort in mind. In preschool, we learn the colors, experiment with crayons and paints, and tend to gravitate toward our favorites. From the purple sunset to well-worn blue jeans to that certain shade of green in someone's eyes, color is part of our memories. Whether we think about it much or not, the colors that surround us create and leave their impressions. So, naturally, the colors we wear also evoke responses in the people we meet and interact with. The shades that adorn us may reflect and affect our attitudes each day, activating the traits we need to forward our agendas, strive for certain outcomes, and feel and look our best.

In my daily Web and radio forecasts, the color of the day is based on the dominant energies of the Sun, Moon, and planets. Though I elaborate on the lunar and solar influences, the question most often asked of me is, "What is today's color?" The color of the day has become such a popular idea that some of my listeners request the week’'colors when they are planning a vacation or business trip, and thousands subscribe to receive it by text. I've concluded that color is a concept we all relate to, whether we are inclined to follow Moon signs and planetary cycles or not. Many of us know that what we wear—from high fashion to business casual to workout clothes—affects how we feel. We broadcast ourselves to the world through style and color! Could it be that our choice of red, purple, or blue actually impacts our day, the way others relate to us, and even the effectiveness of our interactions?

Sun Signs and Color-Sense
Our Sun signs have colors associated with them by nature. The reds and other warm shades relate most to fire signs, the blues and cool shades to water. The earth signs have kinship with the greens and browns, while the air signs are associated with light shades and metallic colors. That is just a general guide and starting point, of course.

If you are an Aries, you know that red suits your personality. Likewise, if you are an Aquarius, you may often choose light or bright blues. Those are the colors that magnify your Sun-sign traits. However, there are times when downplaying certain characteristics, or projecting a more latent trait, may be desirable. Leos may use browns to bring out their practical side, and Virgo may try purple to stimulate creativity or spirituality. Taurus folks are in their element in greens and browns, but this Venus-ruled sign also connects with lavender and pink. Yellow stimulates the Gemini mind, yet there are times when Gemini benefits from the calming influence of blue, which may improve focus and communication.

Ahead is an exploration of colors, their associations, and their connections to signs of the zodiac. Using this as a guide and combining it with what you know about your own sign can help you draw upon and maximize the energies you need each day and night.

  • Red
    Red naturally brings out fire-sign traits. The color of Aries and Mars, red relates to power and dominance. We wear red to be noticed and to assert ourselves. Other strong feelings, from anger to passion, can be represented by red as well. Reds ignite and incite, therefore it's best to leave red out if you're trying to have a low-key day or to avoid a confrontation. Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries, as the fire signs, along with Mars-ruled Scorpio, are most closely associated with shades from cranberry to orange in the full spectrum of reds. When it's your turn to pioneer, take charge, or get the recognition you deserve, whatever your Sun sign is, by showing up in red! Red is a good color to try when the Moon is in Aries or when Mars makes positive aspects in the heavens.
  • Yellow
    A cousin to red, yellow may seem fiery, but it is actually closely associated with air-sign Gemini and works very well with the earth signs’ natural shades, too. The color of intellect and problem solving, yellow is effective for learning, studying, and writing. Socially, it also makes us seem more approachable. Sales people and others who negotiate may wear yellow to seal the deal or reach an agreement. Less aggressive than red, but with a healthy dose of optimism, yellows help create a positive mood. If you are one of the folks who doesn't like to wear yellow, you can still use it in your environment to stimulate your mind. Yellow bridges many of the zodiac's signs. From pale yellow for the air signs, gold tones for earth signs, sunny yellows for fire signs, and yellow to complement blues and greens for water sign, there are enough options to go around. Wear yellow on days when the Sun, Moon, or Mercury are in Gemini and actively engaged with other planets.
  • Green
    Earth signs like green. It is also a Pisces color. Related to fertility, prosperity, and growth, green can ground us in the moment and remind us that it's okay to get our hands dirty. The color of the outdoors is also a money color, so whether you're trying to grow plants or your bank account, green is beneficial. Earth signs value security, and green indicates safety and an all-systems-go attitude. When green is present it feels safe to move on things. Green carries the Pisces quality of healing and generosity as well. Wear green for health and wealth, and wear green when the Moon is in earth signs or when Jupiter is active and encouraging expansion.
  • Blue
    Blue is a comfortable color for many of us because of its soothing nature. Blue is calm and cool; it relates to water-sign traits, including trust, sincerity, and stability. Blue can also be high-tech, and in its electric shades, it reflects Aquarian characteristics. While those brighter blues reflect a fresh and forward-thinking approach, dark and medium blues indicate loyalty, productivity, and things we can rely on. Wearing blue may help us blend in and go with the flow. Fire signs can wear blues to tone down strong personality traits, while air signs may like the lighter blues for balance and spiritual connectedness. Blue also stimulates communication and encourages both listening and self-expression. Dress in blue when the Moon is in water signs or in Aquarius.
  • Purple
    The color of magic and mystery, purple is most closely associated with the fire signs, particularly Leo and Sagittarius. Purple is worn by royalty and priests and represents both spiritual and earthly power. A relative of both red and blue, purple has the punch of red and the comfort of blue. The wearer of purple is is noticed and regarded as unique. Like pink, purple can help tone down any confrontational situation and lend an air of calm. The Sagittarian qualities of wisdom and knowledge are also reflected in purple. Wear purple to show that you are true to yourself, and keep in mind that others may see you as exotic or mysterious. Earth signs are least connected to purple, but if you are an earth sign, you may want to try it to bring out creativity and increase belief in what the five senses cannot account for. Try wearing purple when the Moon is in Leo or Sagittarius.
  • Brown
    Brown, which is considered to be neutral and grounding, is the earth signs' best friend. We can wear brown to appear more somber or sensible and to encourage a productive day. However, there is another side to brown, which is hearty and sensual. Wear brown to get out of your head and into your physical body and the environment. Brown roots us in our senses of smell, touch, and taste, and it is a kitchen and garden color. While earth-signs Virgo, Capricorn, and Taurus are the natural signs of the color brown, water signs find comfort and balance in shades of cocoa, chocolate, and terra cotta, and fire signs may adopt the brown reds. Air signs can experiment with brown as a grounding influence. Wear brown when you want to accomplish something or get back to basics. If Saturn is active or the Moon is in an earth sign, brown may be a good color choice for the day.
  • Black
    Black is a color of protection. Connected to earth and water signs, black has depth and an aura of mystery, but it also represents things we fear. Wearing black when we are anxious or uncertain may help ward off those feelings. A neutral color, black absorbs energies rather than giving them off. Combining black with other colors can create very different responses though. For example, pairing black with red makes you seem formidable or intimidating, while pairing it with gold denotes honor and increases respect. Black is very flexible, and the wearer can manipulate it to create many different auras that range from unapproachable to sexy and mysterious to very formal. If you tend to be depressed or overly shy, black may not be the best choice to bring out your most positive personality traits. Wear black with clear intention in mind. Black works well when the Moon visits Capricorn, Virgo, and Cancer and on days when Saturn makes aspects to the Moon, Sun, or other planets.
  • White
    White is clarity, newness, and innocence. Associated mainly with the air signs and with Cancer, white connects to higher consciousness and is used to depict angels and saints, and also clouds, stars, and other "heavenly" elements. When we wear white we project a crisp, pure image and give others a feeling of safety. Hospital workers and people who work in the sciences and in labs often wear white, which projects a sense of cleanliness. White is also a color of trust. Wear white for a clean slate and during New Moons for a fresh start. White is also a traditional Full Moon color and can be combined with silver or gold then for good fortune.
  • Pink
    Pink is Venus's color, and it symbolizes friendship and love. Taurus and Libra are the Venus-ruled signs and have the closest kinship to pink. Pink environments minimize strong feelings, such as adversity or depression. Pink can also project sexuality, femininity, and a sense of fun. Wear pink to open yourself to new relationships. Adorn yourself with pink, from shades of rose to mauve, on days when the Moon is in Libra or Taurus, when Venus is active in the zodiac, and on Fridays, the traditional Venus day of the week.

Colors by Sign

  • Aries: Red, orange, yellow
  • Taurus: Green, pink
  • Gemini: Yellow, light blue
  • Cancer: Black, white, blue
  • Leo: Purple, gold, red
  • Virgo: Brown, navy, black
  • Libra: Pink, lavender, pale blue
  • Scorpio: Red, maroon
  • Sagittarius: Red, purple
  • Capricorn: Black, gray, brown, dark green
  • Aquarius: Bright blues
  • Pisces: Green, blue


Excerpted from Llewellyn's 2011 Sun Sign Book. Click here for current-year calendars, almanacs, and datebooks.

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