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Craft: Wish Bracelet

Wish Bracelet

Wish bracelets are an opportunity to make a wish and watch it come true! The bracelet is tied around your wrist or ankle. Once the bracelet breaks off, your wish comes true. If you are very patient, you can make a longer bracelet and wear it as a necklace. If you mix your aspiration beads with beads of protection, then you should make the necklace because it takes longer to wear off—therefore, it protects you longer.

Choose the color of beads that closely resemble your wish; this will help energize your desire for better results. Other powerful tactics are rubbing the beads daily and meditating on your wish. This is a fun project to make with friends or give as gifts. This projects calls for raffia, but hemp string can be substituted.


  • 3 yards raffia ribbon
  • Scissors
  • 5 colored beads
  • Larger wooden bead

Step One:
Cut 2 lengths of raffia ribbon that measure 1½ yards each.

Step Two: Hold the lengths of raffia together and fold down the middle. Measure 1 inch away from the folded end and knot together. This loop is part of your clasp, so make sure it will just barely allow the wooden bead to pass through.

Step Three: Perform a square knot multiple times until the knotted portion is approximately 2½ inches in length. To perform a square knot, lay your raffia flat. Smooth down the 4 strands. Hold the first strand on the left side and bring it over the next 2 strands and under the final strand.

Step One

Hold the last strand on the right and pull it under the next 2 strands and over the first strand. Pull tight.

Step Two

Next, hold the last strand on the right and bring over the next 2 strands and under the first strand.

Step Three

Finally, hold the first strand on the left side and pull it under the next 2 strands and over the final strand. Pull tight. Repeat the square knot for 2½ inches.

Step Four

Step Four: To add a bead, slip the colored bead onto the 2 middle strands and perform a square knot. Continue to add beads until 5 beads are added.

Step Five

Step Five: Continue to perform square knots after the fifth colored bead until the knotted portion is approximately 2½ inches in length.

Step Six: Slip all 4 strands of raffia through a wooden bead. Tie a tight knot directly after the wooden bead. Trim the excess.

Step Seven: Visualize your intent as you slip the bracelet over your wrist and fasten the wooden bead through your initial loop. Meditate on your wish while slowly rubbing the beads. You may vocalize your thoughts aloud or continue with silent meditation. Wear the bracelet until it breaks off.


Excerpted from Witchy Crafts, by Lexa Olick.

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