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The Angels of Your Sun Sign

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Angels can change your life for the better; they create a positive energy in your life that brings happiness and contentment. But how do we access this wonderful ability of the angels? First, we must believe in them. If you believe in angels it makes it easier for them to work their magic in your life. But is not always easy to believe in something you cannot see and feel.

This is where imagination comes in. Imagination is a gift from the Divine, and by imagining an angel you make it easier for that angel to manifest in your life. By constantly imagining an angel you open the way for the reality of angels to bring illumination to your consciousness. Soon you will not need to work at imagining an angel; the angel will appear in your mind without any effort on your part. You will be aware that angels are real and you will believe in them.

Zodiacal angels are extra powerful. They are working on the ray of your zodiac sign and have a special significance in your life. These angels will raise your consciousness and bring awareness of the spiritual aspect of your being. Working under the influence of your zodiac sign, these angels will help you reach your full potential and also will help you achieve your dearest dreams.

One of the best ways to meet your special zodiac angels is by way of meditation. When the mind is stilled and quiet, a channel opens for your chosen angel to communicate and touch your soul. In fact, you don't need to practice a full meditation to reach your angels—just sitting quietly and being still and emptying your mind of your cares will make is easier for the angel to come to you. As you practice meditation more and more, you will become more aware of the angels' presence in your life and will realize their loving energy that brings positive power to your life. My book, Angels of the Zodiac, provides full details of how to meditate with your chosen angel and how to bring the power of that angel to your awareness.

There are four angels for each of the zodiac signs.

  1. Each zodiac sign has a special angel (for example, the Angel of Renewal is the special angel for the sign of Aries).
  2. Each sign also has a special lesson that you have incarnated to learn; this also has a special angel. The lesson for Aries is, "love," and the special angel of "love" comes to the Arien to help him or her learn about unconditional and altruistic love.
  3. Each zodiac sign comes under the influence of a planet, and there is an angel of this planet who will bring wisdom to the soul when attuned to that angel.
  4. There is also a color ray for each zodiac sign, and this, too, has a special angel who will bring the lesson of the color ray to the aspirant on the spiritual path.

All four angels bring awareness to the aspiring soul of spiritual laws and heighten your consciousness, which brings about a positive influence in your life. Angels will teach you how to live a happier life and how to deal with problems as they occur with courage and faith. Angels cannot change your karma, but they can make life much easier and bring solutions when things go wrong in your life.

Angels of the Zodiac gives full details of each angel for the relevant zodiac sign and teaches you how to meditate with your angels to bring the maximum positive effect to your life. Angels will become very real to you, and when this happens you will find that you have a friend you can confide in and ask for guidance. Angels will always listen to you and bring you comfort—along with the realization that you are not alone but have a helper who can work miracles in your life.

Below are the special zodiacal angels for each sign and a brief outline of the way in which they can help you as you aspire to reach spiritual enlightenment and a happier life.

  1. ARIES:
    • MACHIDIEL, the Angel of Renewal and Courage. This is the special angel, of Aries and he will bring courage to you when you feel anxious or fearful. He will also bring about a renewal of your soul as you seek inspiration on the spiritual path and refresh your mind when you feel confused.
    • TELETIEL, the Angel of the Red Ray. The red ray is the ray of energy, and Teletiel will bring you energy when feeling depleted.
    • RAHMIEL, the Angel of Love. Love is the special lesson that Ariens have incarnated to learn, and Rahmiel will bring you understanding of altruistic and unconditional love. Love is the ultimate lesson and will lead to spiritual enlightenment.
    • SAMAEL, the Angel of Mars. Aries is under the influence of Mars and this angel will bring harmony and guidance in daily life.

  2. TAURUS:
    • SURIEL, the Angel of Beauty. This is the special angel of Taurus and he will bring an understanding of the true meaning of beauty and help you realize that you are indeed a very beautiful spiritual being.
    • ASMODEL, the Angel of Service. Service is the special lesson of Taurus, and Asmodel will help you embrace and understand service to your fellow man.
    • LEHATIEL, the Angel of the Violet Ray. Lehatiel will bring to your soul new heights of consciousness and spiritual awareness.
    • ANAEL, the Angel of Venus. Anael will bring you peace and harmony in difficult situations and will also bring the wisdom of Divine Mother to your soul.

  3. GEMINI:
    • PHENIEL, the Angel of Transformation. Pheniel is the special angel of Gemini, and will give you help in finding your true spirit and obtaining mastery over the materialistic.
    • TOMIMIEL, the Angel of Positive Thinking. This is the special lesson that Gemini people have incarnated to learn. Being positive is not always easy, but Tomimiel will help in gaining a positive attitude to life.
    • AMBRIEL, the Angel of the Yellow Ray. Ambriel heals depression and will help lift you up when you are feeling low. He will also bring clarity to your mind.
    • RAPHAEL, the Angel of Mercury. Gemini is under the ray of Mercury, and meditation with Raphael will enable you to attain a state of Heaven through realization of the Divine Light within.

  4. CANCER:
    • ZORIAL, the Angel of the Imagination. Zorial is the special angel of Cancer, and will help you in using your imagination wisely and also help you in attaining a sense of security and safety.
    • MURIEL, the Angel of Peace. Peace is the lesson of Cancer, and Muriel will assist in finding the true peace of the spirit. When peace prevails in your spirit you can truly experience the glory of the Divine.
    • SATTAMIEL, the Angel of the Silver Ray. Cancer is under the influence of the Silver ray, and Sattamiel will help in healing hurts and overcoming negative aspects in life. He will also assist in developing healing powers.
    • GABRIEL, the Angel of the Moon. Cancer is under the influence of the Moon, and Gabriel will bring spiritual illumination to the soul.

  5. LEO:
    • HANIEL, Angel of Joy. Haniel is the special angel of Leo, and he will help in developing the heart center and bringing true joy to the soul.
    • HERCHIEL, the Angel of Faith. Faith is the special lesson of Cancer, and Herchiel will develop trust and confidence in Divine Power that leads to true faith.
    • ARIEL, the Angel of the Orange Ray. Ariel will bring optimism and strength of character and help the Leo to resolve distressing situations.
    • MICHAEL, Angel of the Sun. The angel Michael will help you strengthen the Divine Light within your soul.

  6. VIRGO:
    • CHEIAL, Angel of Serenity. Cheial is the special angel of Virgo, and will bring deep peace and contentment from which serenity can flow.
    • BETULIEL, Angel of Commitment. This is the special lesson of Virgo, and Betuliel will help Virgo embrace commitment to the spiritual path and learn who you truly are.
    • HAMALIEL, the Angel of the Blue Ray. Hamaliel will help in realizing your true self, and bringing a positive outlook to your life.
    • ZADKIEL, the Angel of Mercury. Zadkiel will assist in achieving unity between the lower self and the spiritual self.

  7. LIBRA:
    • TZORIAL, the Angel of Courage. Tzorial is the special angel of Libra, and will bring courage to the heart.
    • ZURIEL, the Angel of Harmony. This is the special lesson of Libra, and Zuriel will help in attaining true harmony of the spirit.
    • MASNIEL, the Angel of the Green Ray. Masniel will bring balance between the head and the heart, and help you in realizing your dreams.
    • HASDIEL, the Angel of Venus. Hasdiel will help the Libran to develop their talents.

    • HETIEL, the Angel of Creativity. This is the special angel of Scorpio, and Hetiel will help you be creative in all aspects of your life.
    • BARBIEL, the Angel of Compassion. Compassion is the lesson of Scorpio, and Barbiel will bring to you the true meaning of compassion that will expand your heart center and bring spiritual illumination.
    • ACRABIEL, the Angel of the Indigo Ray. Acrabiel will help the Scorpio develop their intuition.
    • AZRAEL, the Angel of Pluto. Azrael will bring to you the secrets of your spirit and the reasons for you present incarnation.

    • MEDONIAL, the Angel of Caring. Medonial is the special angel of Sagittarius, and he will help you expand your consciousness as you care for others.
    • ADNACHIEL, the Angel of Sacrifice. Sacrifice is the special lesson of Sagittarius, and Adnachiel will help you understand sacrifice and union with your higher self.
    • CHESETIEL, the Angel of the Gold Ray. Chesetiel will bring prosperity and riches into your life and help you understand spiritual laws.
    • SACHIEL, the Angel of Jupiter. Sagittarius comes under the ray of Jupiter, and Sachiel will help you attain unity with the Divine Light within.

    • SHENIAL, the Angel of Pleasure. Shenial is the special angel of Capricorn, and he will help you develop your understanding and experience of pleasure that is the gift of the Divine.
    • URIEL, the Angel of Wisdom. Wisdom is the special lesson of Capricorn, and Uriel will expand you understanding and enable you to gain divine wisdom.
    • GEDIEL, the Angel of the Purple Ray. Capricorn comes under the influence of the purple ray, and Gediel will help you achieve unity with the higher consciousness.
    • CASSIEL, the Angel of Saturn. Capricorn is under the ray of Saturn, and the angel Cassiel will help you achieve the life you want and bring understanding of the lessons you have incarnated to learn.

    • GABRIEL, the Angel of Happiness. The Angel of Happiness is the special angel of Aquarius, and Gabriel will help you achieve union with the Divine from which true happiness comes.
    • CAMBIEL, the Angel of Brotherhood. The special lesson of Aquarius is Brotherhood, and Cambiel will bring you to an understanding of the mystery of true brotherhood. He will also help you achieve transformation to a spiritual being.
    • AURIEL, the Angel of Uranus. Aquarius comes under the ray of Uranus and Auriel will bring you spiritual revelations that lead you to understand spiritual truths.

  12. PISCES:
    • ROMIAL, the Angel of Self Confidence. Romial is the special angel of Pisces, and he will help you gain self confidence and a realisation of your own unique talents.
    • BARCHIEL, the Angel of Mastery. Mastery is the special lesson Pisceans have incarnated to learn, and he will bring the power to control disruptive emotions and habits.
    • DAGYMIEL, the Angel of the Turquoise Ray. Pisces comes under the influence of the Turquoise Ray, and Dagymiel will help you make the right decisions in your life and bring you to a place where you can find forgiveness.
    • ASARIEL, the Angel of Neptune. Pisces comes under the ray of Neptune, and Asariel will help expand your consciousness and aid you in working from your higher self.

Working with your own unique angel will bring you spiritual awareness and improve your life. When you meditate with your zodiac angel, channels will be opened that connect you to your higher self, that part of you that is of the Divine. This will bring untold joy and peace for the Divine part of you, which can bring healing to all aspects of your life. Enjoy working with your Zodiac Angels for they will bring miracles to your life.

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