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What Do Planets in Intercepted Signs Mean?

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An intercepted sign in an astrological chart occurs when a sign is totally contained in one of the houses and does not appear on the cusp of a house. When a sign is intercepted, the sign opposite it will be intercepted as well. When there is an interception the two houses having this influence will display a dual type of energy as expressed by the sign on the cusp and the intercepted sign. As an example, in my own chart I have Pisces as my Ascendant placed on cusp of first house with the sign Aries intercepted in my first house. My opposite seventh house has Virgo placed on cusp of seventh house with the sign Libra intercepted here. My first house personality is expressed through both Pisces and Aries. My seventh house of relationships is expressed through Virgo and Libra.

Astrologers have different opinions about the meaning of interception. My own theory is an intercepted sign is stimulated by our intuition. We have an opportunity to make use of intercepted signs creatively.

What does it mean if a planet occupies a sign that is intercepted? The same principle applies in that our intuition attempts to aid our mind in tuning into the most harmonious ways to channel the energy productively.

What follows is a guide to help you better navigate your path forward if you have a planet in an intercepted sign. Think of a planet in an intercepted sign in your chart as a gift, though it does require some patience. Why? Because intercepted planets operate like retrograde ones. The energy moves in an inward motion before it can be expressed outwardly. Our intuition is the bridge to cross into the essence of an intercepted planet.

Planets in Intercepted Signs

  • Sun: If your Sun is located in an intercepted sign in your chart, you may not spontaneously feel the usual extroverted energy of this fiery planet. The normal rhythm of expressing Sun energy is to enjoy watching the world respond to your willpower. If you get good at tuning into your intuition, you will find great creative power. Sometimes your goals may get off to a slower start than you anticipated. You might need a push from others occasionally to feel the momentum to make a plan come into fruition. It could be taking that first step toward a new direction will stimulate the confidence you need. The challenge is to let your intuition guide your creative self to make choices that bring harmony and fulfillment.

  • Moon: If your Moon is in an intercepted sign (like my own positioned in the sign of Aries), your moods are linked to your intuition stronger than many other people not having an intercepted Moon. Your lunar instincts are probably extra sensitive to the feelings of others when having an intercepted sign residence. Since the Moon has to do with home, it is very important when intercepted to find the right geographical location to give a sense of inner harmony, the reason being that your intuition will assist you to easier find the relationships and outlets for your emotional needs. The intercepted Moon has a magical way to guide you to experiences that heal old inner wounds and soothe the pain of others.

  • Mercury: If your Mercury is in an intercepted sign, your perceptions have a tendency to be reflective and often guided by your intuition. Mercury is linked to our left brain way of looking at the world. An intercepted Mercury navigates through life with a curiosity that is never ending. It is a dreaminess or extrasensory way of perceiving that can ignite a creative spark. It isn't the normal that excites an intercepted Mercury but more of a fondness of being surprised by unexpected experiences. A lack of spontaneous acting on ideas might confuse others but it is the intercepted Mercury way of finding the right life paths to be truly unique and happy.

  • Venus: If your Venus is in an intercepted sign, your desire to know people beyond a surface level probably interested you early in life. Finding special friends and lovers who understand your inner worlds is not always easy. It isn't that you are hard to please but more that you know what you value and resist compromising it. You instinctually searched for a soul mate long before many others and don't give up easy in finding that right partner. You have intuitive business skills just as much as you sense what others need from you. You cherish your self-esteem as much as your material possessions. Life does not seem fair when others disappoint you. But, your intuition is always keeping an eye on you with a supportive push to never stop believing in yourself.

  • Mars: If your Mars is in an intercepted sign, you have a capacity to time your actions to get the best results. Your intuition is always out in front of your movements, whether or not you get good results. You likely don't care to confront others directly but will when it comes to pushing an important plan. Assertiveness can be a challenge. Then again, you might surprise yourself and take the lead in ways you never thought possible. When you tune into your emotions you feel centered. Patience with yourself is more difficult as a general theme than being patient with others. You influence others to believe in you when displaying creative passion. You possess survival instincts that can pierce any type of adversity.

  • Jupiter: If your Jupiter is in an intercepted sign, your inner gypsy is never far from your mind. You never really like being told your dreams cannot be attained even if you don't verbally show it. Your intuition stimulates you to be a positive spirit inspiring you at times to take a spontaneous leap of faith. You feel like a fish out of water if you get lost in negativity. People expect you to be there for them when they are dealing with their problems. You need to know when you say no to make sure you are not promising more than you can deliver. You attract good fortune when walking with enthusiasm. Developing a belief system that represents the true you is the path to abundance and harmony.

  • Saturn: If your Saturn is in an intercepted sign, it reveals your inner determination to finish what you start that comes with self-confidence. You might need to overcome a sensitivity regarding criticism. You probably take responsibility seriously. Your intuition gets stronger when you learn to trust your own ability. Letting people get emotionally close gets easier when you make good relationship choices. You are attracted to someone valuing commitments as much as you do. Your way of sensing the right career path comes when you don't fear failure. Learning to take small steps toward a goal gets you to the finish line.

  • Uranus: If your Uranus is in an intercepted sign, your first thoughts are helping others become true individuals. Eventually you realized that it was essential to beat to your own drum. Within you is an independent spirit. When you become passionate about your own goals your intuition guides you to walk your talk ferociously. You might appear too passive to others at times. You likely think of this as being cautious until you feel your ideas are clear and will resonate with the strength you desire. Knowing when to compromise and when to push your own truths comes with self-confidence. You don't really want to burn any bridges to your past but within you is an awareness that the future could be what will set you free.

  • Neptune: If your Neptune is in an intercepted sign (like my own sitting in Libra), your ideals are kept secret until you feel they will be appreciated. Within you is an awareness that emotions are powerful. You rely greatly on your intuition whether aware of this or not when it comes to deciding who you will truly allow to know you. Spirituality could be a serious subject as you have a deep instinct to know that life is a mystical experience. The collective unconscious is constantly coaxing you to tap into symbols. Your life is a duality in that you search for meaning on the physical level yet know your greatest happiness rests in your belief system. People look to you for replies to their deepest questions as you walk on a quest to find your own answers. Your greatest happiness comes in finding a soul mate and experiences that express your highest values.

  • Pluto: If your Pluto is in an intercepted sign, your intuition will challenge you to make choices that will sometimes scare you yet at the same time empower you. Your survival instincts are deep and can handle adversity when you stay calm. Some people perceive you as charismatic while you may see yourself as quiet. Your words have a great impact on others when you believe in them. You feel better when you forgive others but stay stronger when you don't forget their bad behaviors. Letting go of past problems frees your creative passion. You have a tendency to process life experiences deeply. Knowing when to stop reflecting and when to move forward with conviction is liberating. You are loyal to those you love and want the same from them. Finding people you can trust is something you greatly value.

The Nodes of the Moon Intercepted
The Nodes of the Moon are not planets; they are symbols in the chart that give important clues on the soul level as to why we incarnated and what we came here to learn. There is a North Node and a South Node of the Moon that are opposite each other by sign and house position in your chart.

What does it indicate if the Nodes of the Moon are in intercepted signs in your chart? One important thing is that your intuition keeps you reminded on a regular basis of why you came into this life. Your soul awareness gets stimulated when you are trying to transcend your karmic patterns on a more conscious level.

Relationships are a big way this dynamic polarity gets activated, whether or not the nodes are in intercepted signs. If your nodes are in intercepted signs, relationships have a way of awakening key goals that are part of your soul evolutionary path. When you are in balanced partnerships, your intuition finds it easier to keep you in the highway lanes that bring greater abundance and soul growth. The Moon's Nodes, when in intercepted signs, will try to steer you away from relationships that block your approach to harmony.

If you have planets or the Nodes of the Moon in intercepted signs, listen to your intuition as it can help you navigate your way through life with a vivacious spirit. Don't fear making the wrong choices. Sometimes it is those difficult times that actually reveal our intuitive power. Intercepted signs contain intuitive wealth that can give us great clarity and an inner compass to guide us to wonderful growth. Enjoy your journey!

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