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How to Use Tarot in Your Daily Activities

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When most people think about tarot, they view the cards as a device to answer questions or tell the future. I get asked to read someone's cards every time I pull a deck from my bag. Did you know tarot can be used for more than just asking questions? You can sprinkle tarot into almost every activity you do in the day.

Each of the techniques I suggest here do not have to take up too much time in your life. In fact, I recommend you spend less time when you pull cards. Doing so helps prevent the inner editor from leaking in and telling you how you are doing things wrong and that your interpretations aren't good enough. Time is precious, and simple acts of insight can be as potent as ones done in longer, more formal settings.

Morning Routine
Tarot fits in perfectly as a morning intention-setting tool. You can pull your deck out after you wake up or sneak in some journaling time before you settle in to deal with work emails. Shuffle your cards, select one at random, and note the name down. Think about how the card and its meaning could affect you and the events you participate in during the day. Some readers post images of their cards on social media so others can follow along. Others jot their notes into a journal or planner.

Put the card away and go about your day. Don't force the card to remain in your mind. Let the moment soften and settle in the back of your mind. You'll be surprised how much this intention can influence the various activities in your day.

Workout Motivation
Use the cards to motivate your health and workout goals. The power of tarot numerology comes into play here. I've always had a fondness for the Strength (8) card. Gaining strength is one reason so many push themselves at a gym. I always try and select lockers with numbers that add to 8 (for example, lockers 71 and 35 are favorites).

A fun activity to do while you're on a machine is to test your knowledge of major arcana and numerical reduction skills. Most machines include a calories burned area on their displays. These numbers start at one, and as you move the number counts up. Add each individual number appearing on the screen and reduce it to a base number between 1 and 21. Can you quickly tell which card gets associated with that number? Doing this task is harder than you think when your are moving on a treadmill.

When you are finished moving, do a final reduction of those numbers at the end of your session. What card do you get? How might it have influenced your exercise session? For some reason I tend to end on The Hanged Man (12), The Empress (3), or even The Chariot (7).

A Trusty Coworker
Bring your cards into work. This can be done with physical cards, or discreetly with one of the many smartphone tarot apps available. I keep the Shadowscapes Tarot and Beautiful Tarot apps on my phone.

Use the cards to do readings as you go about your daily routine. Need some quick advice on a new project? Draw a card and see what action it gives you. Dealing with a coworker and need advice? Draw two cards on the subject and see what is going on with them and how you can resolve the conflict. Using tarot at work this way gives you the ability to receive some instant advice on dealing with tough questions without needing a full-on reading.

As a freelance writer, I tend to use the cards to interview the potential partnerships with working with various clients. My readings also lend me valuable insights I may not have seen or thought about while I work on short and long-form projects.

A Boost of Energy
Need a self-esteem boost? Have an important deal at which you want to succeed? Look through your tarot deck, or tarot card app, for an image that represents the energy you need to have. You can tuck the card into your pocket or wallet as a reminder of how capable you are. If you are using an app to achieve this purpose, you can always set the background image on your phone, or computer.

Then, when you are ready to propose a raise, or seal the deal, take the card out. Let it remind you how strong and important you are. Let its energy fill you with a confidence boost and go get what you desire!

Creativity Partner
Take your crafting skills to the next level with tarot. Keeping a deck at hand while I feel creative is one of my favorite way to incorporate cards into my daily routines. Try your hand at designing a deck with your drawing, painting, or college skills. Sew "clothing" (aka cases) for your cards. Torn between two different hobbies? Why not let tarot help you decide? You can create a spread to help determine the right path to take each step of the project. Use the cards as prompt generators to get your inner muse psyched for your next crafting session.

As a writer, I'm constantly thinking of new article ideas, fiction worlds, and ways to bring my views to others. Tarot is, hands down, my creativity partner. Use the cards to help you craft well-rounded characters for your fiction. Draw three cards and you have an instant beginning, middle, and end story plot. The imagery can even inspire various settings and atmospheres for your characters to run around in. Torn between two new non-fiction book ideas? Do a quick reading for each project to see which one is better for you to work on at that moment.

Keep those inner editors at bay when they try to derail your writing session. Draw a card at random, or find an image that helps you focus, and set it up against your desk. Once again, this is a good place to let your creative side free and create desktop images with digital tarot cards to help cheer you to completion. Tarot always has my back when it comes to keeping my fingers moving across the keyboard.

Bedtime Routine
Wrap up your day and get ready for tomorrow by using your deck to reflect. Take out the card you drew in the morning and look over any notes you may have written. How did the card's meaning and energies fit into the day. What new insights can you add now that the day is almost over?

Alternatively, you can draw another brand new card that contains insights for a lesson your day has gifted you. Look at the card, reflect on the day's activities. When you are ready, get your journal and write a single sentence wrap-up for the day. This exercise is especially good for those who dislike drawing cards first thing in the morning.

Shuffle the cards back into the deck. Put away then pen, journal, and deck. Turn out the light and rest peacefully to begin the day anew.

Wrapping Up
Although everyone's daily journey is unique and filled with an ever-changing palette of challenges, adding a little bit of tarot through out the day can help lighten the stress. Many people talk a lot about wanting to bring spirituality into the workplace. Integrating tarot into various moments each day can help do just this. Repetition of the activities helps build your practice and gives you a small way to invite spirit into every action you take.

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