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How to Create a Magical Beauty Ritual

Alise Marie's Beauty Altar

The routine of getting ready each morning is, well, just that: a routine. Dull, perfunctory, usually hurried, and decidedly devoid of anything one could describe as "magical." It often involves little thought and even less presence, and, dreariest of all, it's treated as something of a chore, to be done in front of a clinically white bathroom sink, as coffee is chugged and anxiety rises. Let me tell you something, mes chérs, the mere thought of this scenario, let alone the visual, makes my sensual soul wither. It makes my heart ache. And it makes me mad.

Why, oh, why has the art of loving yourself become something to check off the to-do list? To take it deeper, why is beauty perceived as something vain—even frivolous—to be looked down upon? Are we somehow less authentically wise because we care about how we look and feel? I've never heard of anything so absurd. Certainly, the goddesses of beauty and love are no slouches, and we are informed to take a tip or two from them.

Beauty is an outer reflection of your inner fire. Beauty is internal love made external. It has absolutely nothing to do with the shape and size of your features, but rather your kindness, your strength, your integrity, and your wisdom rising to the surface like Venus to been seen out in the world. The fine art of empowering beauty rituals show others by example exactly how you are to be treated, and this instills pure confidence—a high vibration of who you are, what you need, and what you can offer all wrapped in silky, glowing vitality. What could be more restorative and more bewitching?

The act of caring for your skin, hair, and body is something precious, to be cherished—just like you. When you arrive at your bathroom sink, I invite you to see it differently: this is your beauty altar, where your temple of abundance is worshipped. And, by infusing magic into our beauty, as we would with any other ritual, we align with natural forces to be our most vibrant selves. Whether we craft our own potions (hint: you can find fabulous concoctions for every possible beauty and wellness need in my book, The Beauty Witch's Secrets) or use what we have on hand, the fine art of slowing down and savoring these moments is truly a pleasure, and a most effective one.

So, no more rushing! It's time to elevate the routine to that of ritual. Try this: each morning, reserve five minutes for yourself (yes, you have five minutes—steal it from the time you might otherwise be glued to your phone.) Allow yourself to really get into this petite ritual from the new moon to the full moon, and see what happens.

Create Your Altar
First, let's begin by redesigning the space where you get ready. It must be functional, yes, but it must also reflect your desires. It should, above all, be beautiful. Clear away any clutter, clean the area (don’t forget the magic mirror!) with a natural, essential oils-based preparation, and decide how you would like to adorn this altar. Space will dictate, yes, but even a tiny spot can beguile. A statue or framed artwork of a beauty and love deity you feel connected to deserves a place of honor on your altar. Have a small candle at her feet, perhaps in white to symbolize spirit, or a floral shade that you associate with allure. An offering of flowers, fresh or dried, makes a beautiful gift to her, and in turn, to you. Crystals are always a welcome addition to your altar space, as are trinkets that mean something to you. How about a beautiful vintage comb, an exquisite potion bottle, a detailed antique hand mirror? Perhaps something that has been passed down to you, or something you've met in your travels. However you desire, make it a space that feels inviting, sensual, and entirely yours.

Enter The Temple
As you sit, or stand, at this divine altar, take a sacred pause to center yourself by breathing slowly and deeply. Remember why you are here: to pay homage to beauty, love, and well-being. These few moments are brief, yet highly charged with energies needed to raise your energy, boost your mood, lift your confidence, and, ultimately, unleash those high vibrations out into a world that truly needs them, yes? Light your candle, and begin to take a good, loving look at yourself in the mirror. What do you see? Focus on what you love about yourself. Smile at that familiar creature reflected in the glass, and begin to notice your best attributes moving forward, becoming stronger. You'll feel an almost mediative state beginning to arise, transcending the ordinary, and amplifying your greatest asset: the light within you.

Take your beauty potions into your hands (if you are at a dressing table or mirror outside of your bathroom, you will want begin by gently cleansing in front of your sink first.) As you mist, anoint, pat, and apply your facial potions, do so with a slow, liquid sensuality. This creates an immediate ease. Give yourself a soft, gentle facial massage as you work in beauty oils or serums, in circular motions that bring fresh blood to the skin, and with it, instant radiance. Feel the texture of the potions, inhale their fragrance, and fully connect with the touch of your fingers gliding along your skin. Notice how your body responds! You'll feel your heart rate slowing to a calm rhythm, and a soothing, all-over warmth. The irony is that you, once you make the choice to slow down and be present, find that this process actually relaxes you—quite the opposite from the increased stress of rushing. When you have finished your face, neck, and décolleté, move on to your scalp and hair, and then to your entire body. You needn't add any more to your normal routine than usual, but, I will let you in on a little secret: if you decide to incorporate "extras" like body brushing, oils, or hair styling, you will increase the potency of the ritual. Even if you keep it to a minimum, just taking the extra few moments to be in the moment, and to experience the tactile and sensory joys of it all, you will see (and feel) and remarkable difference.

As with any ritual, close your ritual by grounding the energy and giving thanks. How-to, Beauty Witch® style? I think a few deep breaths, and a knowing smile at yourself in the mirror will do it. Then tip your hat to the beauty goddesses that surround you, to the earthly delights by way of potion ingredients that have been your cohorts, and to yourself for taking the space to feed your confidence. Et voilà! Now off you go, magnificent one, to touch everyone and everything with your unique light. I do hope we meet beneath the stars one balmy evening.

Xo Alise

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Alise Marie is an actress, writer, and certified holistic nutritionist. She has been creating health and beauty potions for over 30 years, recently launching a line of eco-luxe products. Alise has been featured ...

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