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The Four Main Ingredients in a Magical Potion

Love Potion and Lavender

When creating a magical potion, one could argue that there are unlimited possibilities for ingredients. This is true, but when the word "magic" comes into play, I would then argue that there are four main ingredients that, while not able to be physically placed within a bottle, are what carry the most power in a magical blend.

The word "magic" is defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary as, "A mode of rationality or way of thinking that looks to invisible forces to influence events, effect change in material conditions, or present the illusion of change." When creating a magic potion, the main reason for this magical brew is to influence change. The word "potion," as defined by Oxford Languages is, "A liquid with healing, magical, or poisonous properties." Here we see the word "magic" in this definition. So, in order to create a "magic potion," there will always be the ingredient of invisible or unseen forces. Below I examine those four magical, unseen ingredients.

1. Intention
I have personally been creating magic potions for many years, and I have found that the key to determining the first ingredient (or ingredients) into the bottle is that of intention. There is no way to create a magic potion without an intention—otherwise it would not be magic. The first questions you must ask yourself are, "Why am I creating this potion? What is my intention behind the blend?" Stating your intention sets the foundation for the blend. Asking yourself the question, "What am I wanting to create, call in, or embrace in my life?" will help you to determine the intention behind the potion. Do you want to call in abundance? Are you wanting a specific job or a new home? Do you want to create through writing or art? Maybe, you want to become a tarot reader and need to take the next step forward, but you can't seem to get past fear, anxiety, and insecurity. Step number one is to write down what you want—your intention.

Let's use the scenario of an individual who wants to become a professional tarot reader. Their intention may be, "I want to become a professional tarot reader and build up a solid clientele." First, we must change the statement to a positive affirmation, something like, "I am a professional tarot reader with a solid clientele." Here is our intention behind the blend. Now, what is stopping you from stepping into this role? Perpahs it is fear or self-doubt? Choosing a keyword or keywords will be your next step forward. In order to shift the words of "fear" and "self-doubt" into a positive state, I would replace them with their antonyms, "courage" and "confidence." Through the statement of your intention, you have created a foundation for the blend and you have now come up with your first two ingredients for the blend. The first two ingredients are courage and confidence.

2. Trust
Now that you have the words courage and confidence as the first ingredients into your magic potion bottle, the next ingredient that you must place energetically into the bottle is trust. This is a key ingredient for the magic to work. You must have faith and believe that your intention is becoming a reality. Placing your trust in the bottle allows for you to be open to receive. As you trust in the process and allow the magic to work, opportunities and synchronicities will often present themselves to you. You will also want to remember that magic does not always present itself in the manner you think it should. This is where being open to receive is important. Pay attention to what presents itself to you and be willing to say yes and step outside of the box. You must move out of your comfort zone a bit in order to step into new beginnings. Welcome the innocence into your life. Now that you have confidence, courage, and trust, you will be more open to step into those situations that offer the opportunity for growth and forward movement. Because of these keywords (courage, confidence, and trust), you will be more inclined to take that next step towards your intended goal.

3. Gratitude
Gratitude is the next ingredient. Being grateful for what you are about to receive and placing that gratitude energetically into the bottle prior to receiving it is magic in itself. It is truly amazing what one thought, prayer, or word can create. Allow yourself to feel grateful for your life, for the opportunities that are on their way to you, and for all the magic that surrounds you. Now, energetically place your gratitude into the bottle as well as stating it out loud for the Universe, Spirit, God, Goddess, or Deity of your choice to hear and receive.

4. Elemental Energy
Now that you have courage, confidence, trust, and gratitude energetically placed in your bottle, there is one more energy upon which to call and ask for assistance in creating your potion. This is the elemental ingredient; which of the four elements (earth, water, fire, and air) can best support your intention? This can be determined by your first ingredients in the bottle. Look at the words that were chosen as the first ingredients. In our above example, we chose courage and confidence. These two words are supported by the fire element. By studying the four elements and their properties, we can easily determine the energy we wish or need to call in for support. Let's take a look at each elemental energy and their characteristics. This will help you to make a clear choice.

  • Earth Element
    The earth element is a grounding element that calls in structure, security, growth, abundance, fertility, solidity, and nurturing energy. We can look to the earth element if we need a new foundation for a business, or if we want to begin to plan for the future (therefore, creating a structured plan or map for forward movement). The earth element can help us to get our finances in order, to create structure, or to dig deeply to create a rooted energy that cannot be destroyed. If dealing with health issues, the earth element will help to call in nurturing energy and support healing. There is a raw, sensuous energy in the earth element that allows us to move; dance; enjoy the material aspects of life; to be wild like the ivy that reaches out for what it wants, growing out, up, and stronger every day. Like the ivy on the vine, the earth element allows for growth. If wanting to expand on a business idea or finances the earth element can create the grounding for that growth to happen. The earth element supports our family, home, work, money, and the material aspects of life. Earth element is a tangible element.

    Keywords for the Earth Element: Grounding, supportive, nurturing, structure, abundance, growth, fertility, foundation, beauty, home, family, money, abundance, solidity, trustworthy, stability, and security.

  • Water Element
    The water element creates a flow in life, although at times, water can become contained and therefore eventually becomes stagnant. The water element relates to our emotions and our feelings. If we do not address our feelings and allow the water element to flow by releasing our emotions, then our feelings can become a dam in our bodies allowing for an energy blockage and stagnation to set in. This is why it is always good to have a healthy relationship with our emotions. The water element is a feminine energy and often relates to what is going on inside of us. In this element we find not only our emotions and feelings, we also find love, grief, sadness, depression, escapism, spirituality, intuition, dreams, and our psychic abilities. I often work with the water element when I need to find compassion for myself, a friend, or family member. Calling in the water element can help you to get in touch with your intuition, imagination, and your psychic side. Water can call in love, compassion, joy, and happiness of the heart. Water allows us to release and purify our mind, body, and soul. Be open to receive, like the top of the cup, and allow the water element to flow over you and through you. This flow will release that which is ready to go, therefore creating an openness in the heart. The open heart creates room for love, compassion and trust in your intuition.

    Keywords for the Water Element: Love, compassion, flow, intuition, psychic, feelings, emotions, happiness, community, spirituality, beauty, attraction, sadness, dreams, grief, escapism, joy.

  • Fire Element
    The fire element is a masculine energy that longs for movement outward. Fire is about expansion, as fire likes to consume and move. Fire can only stay in one place when contained properly. Fire is the spark within us that calls in creativity, passion, and desire. Fire allows us to create and to become who we wish to become, as fire is the power of transformation and change. Fire transforms wood into ash, so fire can help us to personally change, too. Fire lights the dark, so fire attracts. See how moths are attracted to the light? Fire can help you to attract through the power of charisma. Fire energy can help you to become the leader, to delegate, and to create success. Fire allows us to be seen and to shine brightly in the eyes of others. Fire is confidence, courage, strength, power, and magic. Use the power of fire to create your world. Allow the light to shine upon you and within you for others to see. Allow yourself to lead, to be seen, and to create success with the power of the fire element.

    Keywords for the Fire Element: Courage, confidence, charisma, transformation, spark, creativity, magic, power, leadership, success, attraction, passion, desire, power, drama, ego, anger, change.

  • Air Element:
    The air element relates to our thoughts and the act of communicating those thoughts. Since the air element is centered around our thoughts, you will find the energies of fear and anxiety, as well as clarity and the power of the intellect, in its energies. The air element gives us many gifts. The gift of inspiration, clear vision, and communication are all powers of air. Air is the least emotional element, so when needing to speak your truth and be clear about your desires, the air element can be of assistance. Call in the air element when wanting to write, speak, sing, teach, or to get your words out into the world in any form. Air is the power of opening the voice for prayer and communication with the higher realms. The air element is a powerful tool to have in your toolbox for sharing your inspirations to the world, or to become clear about your life and the world you wish to create around you. Since the air element is about intelligence and linear thought processes, air can assist in getting things in order, study, and creating balance in your life.

    Keywords for the Air Element: Clarity, communication, inspiration, fear, anxiety, linear thought, order, balance, truth, study, research.

Now that you have the power of your chosen elemental energy with you, you can now research and find your physical ingredients, such as, herbs, essential oils, stones, and carrier oils.

The power of the elemental energy is the key to your blend, so finding the final ingredients for your blend is based off of the elemental energy. This is where the power of research is key. There are many magical books out there to help you to discover which herbs, essential oils, stones, and carrier oils to use based off of the elemental energy with which you have chosen to work. Here is where I offer up some of my favorite books for research in this manner. Of course, number one on my list is my new book The Tarot Apothecary: Shifting Personal Energies Using Tarot, Aromatherapy, and Simple Everyday Rituals. In my book, not only do I give you several resources and correspondences for essential oils, herbs, stones, and teas that relate to the elements, I offer the knowledge of the tarot as an archetypal tool for your advancement, and I have a chapter or two that will teach you how to blend your potion successfully through several techniques in blending. Choosing to work with a tarot archetype gives physical form and character to emulate the qualities that you wish to embrace through the potion. You can choose whichever tarot archetype that relates to the elemental energy you wish to embrace and therefore enhance the magic of the potion. Some of my other favorite books are Mixing Essential Oils for Magic by Sandra Kynes and Magical Aromatherapy by Scott Cunningham.

So, as you can see, there is a lot of power in a magical potion. Creating your potion in this manner, of selecting the non-tangible ingredients first, will give foundation to your potion as well as to create a container of positive and powerful reinforcement for your movement forward. Magic is the power to shift energies and create change. There is magic all around us, and we as individuals have the ability to shift our energies by embracing and manifesting the change we wish to see in our lives. Creating a magical potion with the key ingredients of intention, trust, gratitude, and the power of the elements will only be of benefit to your goal.

Working with the power of the scent three times per day, whether you are inhaling or wearing the scent, will reinforce your intention through creating a daily reminder of where you are going and what you are creating in your life. In a sense, you are creating a new memory with this scent that automatically calls in your powers of courage and confidence each time you work with your potion. You have created magic, and through this magic comes power and the changes you wish to embrace in your life.

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