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How the Moon Speaks

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The word communication means different things to people. Of course, it's how a person speaks to another, but it's also how you interpret and relate to others. Are you someone who enjoys making light conversation with many individuals? Are you more comfortable engaging in one-to-one discussions? Everyone has their own comfort zone and style. Each day brings with it a different mood that affects all of us uniquely. Let's have fun exploring how a transiting Moon feels (and therefore communicates) in each of the zodiac signs.

Aries Moon
Aries is a fire sign. Fire is hot and can burn rather quickly. When the Moon is traveling through the sign of Aries, your thoughts and speech may be quicker, possibly even louder. You may feel impatient and want things and people to get to the point, which may cause you to blurt things out. This in itself can be a problem—you can never unsay something. Using some forethought, thinking before you speak, is always good advice but not always easy to do.

It's easy to initiate projects or to promote yourself with an Aries Moon. You could be more confident and assured, which makes selling yourself or a product less painful. Maybe you can project your voice more. This would be a great time to give a presentation.

An Aries Moon is ruled by the planet Mars, which is about action. Speak up and share your thoughts with friends, coworkers, and your boss. This energy can come off as pushy or aggressive at times. Be secure in your abilities and assertive without running someone else over.

Taurus Moon
Taurus is an earth sign. This energy moves slower, so you may be more careful and take your time when speaking with others. I always think of Ferdinand the Bull, and maybe that's because the symbol for the sign of Taurus is the bull. Ferdinand was gentle and took things at a leisurely pace. You may feel more grounded and proceed deliberately and calmly. Taurus also gets the label of being stubborn. There could be certain issues where you refuse to budge. Don't dig in your heels before hearing all sides.

Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus. This planet appreciates beauty and art. They say music can soothe the savage beast. (Congreve 1797, 13). When the Moon is transiting Taurus, put on your favorite music and sing along. You could also put on a soothing meditation or hypnosis track to ground you and get you into your body. When the Moon is here, maybe you'd like some quiet time—silence, just the sound of your own breath. Taurus likes to manifest and acquire worldly goods. There is also a concern around finances. Have an honest discussion about how to balance your budget with yourself or your significant other.

Gemini Moon
Gemini is an air sign, and air, like fire, moves fast. Thoughts and communication are coming and going quickly. In fact, you may not even have time to process everything before you become restless and feel the need to move on to something else. When the Moon is here, you'll be more than happy to share what you've learned with others; after all, this sign is ruled by Mercury, the "winged messenger."

When the Moon is in Gemini, there's a good chance you're socializing. It can be a light and friendly energy, and you communicate easily. Maybe you're keeping everyone laughing with your humorous anecdotes. You may discover you enjoy being the center of attention while regaling others with your stories. Remember to come up for air once in a while and leave space for others to respond.

Have fun learning, communicating, and playing with this energy. Enjoy the moment before you become distracted and move on to the next thing that grabs your attention.

Cancer Moon
Cancer is a water sign and, like earth, moves slowly. The sign of Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which means it feels at home in this sign. When the Moon is here, you may feel the need to withdraw from other people, even if it's for half an hour. Sometimes that peace and quiet are just what you need to recharge your batteries. Then, at other times, surrounding yourself with the people you love is also in keeping with this energy. It's whatever nurtures you. Pay attention to your intuition and follow what feels right for you.

When the Moon is here, you could verbally express your love for others. You may find that you speak words of love, gratitude, or praise to your loved ones. Its also nice to show them you care by doing something that would make them happy.

This Moon is sensitive and intuitive. You may want to feel your way, just as if you're in a pool and feeling for the bottom before it drops off. Your conversations and speech may be slower; maybe you're protecting yourself. Feeling safe is important when the Moon is in Cancer. Do what feels right for you, tune in to the energy, and go from there.

Leo Moon
Leo is a fire sign, and you already know fire is fast. Did you know that the sign of Leo is ruled by the Sun? You could feel more energetic and enthusiastic when the Moon is here. Maybe you're bubblier and more outgoing! When tuning in to this energy, remember the activities you loved as a child. As adults, it's easy to get caught up in all the work you need to do everyday to keep the household running smoothly. Set some time aside to connect with your inner child and laugh. Laughing, smiling, and playing are good for your spirit.

A Leo Moon can amplify your generous and affectionate nature. Call up a friend and do something exciting. It's easy to be swept up in this energy, especially when you have a partner in crime!

Expressing yourself is a must. Singing, acting, or creating are essential for this energy to be happy and fulfilled. Maybe you can't see yourself getting up in front of people to sing or act; you can still sing to your heart's content at home. Have fun reciting lines from a movie you love. It doesn't matter what you do as long as it lights you up!

Virgo Moon
Virgo is an earth sign just like Taurus. Earth moves slowly. When the Moon is here, you may not communicate at all unless you are 110 percent sure of what you have to say. You could find you're critical and hard on yourself and sometimes others. It's not helpful to criticize yourself—or anyone, for that matter. Do the best you can and move on.

This sign is also ruled by the planet Mercury, the sign of the communicator. Learning and talking with people fills you up. You don't just want to spout theories, though. There's a need for the knowledge to be practical and useful. Otherwise, you may think, "What's the point?"

Use this energy wisely by creating some order. Maybe now is the time to dissect whether or not that sofa is in its optimum place. You may be able to analyze situations through a more objective lens. Having order could bring you peace of mind. You're not as willing to go into your feelings (or express them); you probably want to sit above them and focus on practical applications instead. Tune in to the energy and follow it. There will always be another time to connect with your feelings.

Libra Moon
Libra is an air sign, and just like the other air signs—Gemini and Aquarius—it moves quickly. When you speak, your words are transmitted through the air. Libra is the sign of balance and fairness. These themes usually play out in your relationships with other people.

Libra is ruled by the planet Venus. The planet Venus's focus is on love and relationships. Maybe you need to have a conversation with your partner about sharing the workload or how to make things easier for each other. Take time to listen to what your partner wants and needs.

It's not all about balance and fairness—there's also romance. Why not put on some beautiful music and dance around the living room? Maybe reciting poetry is more your style. Reading something to your partner can be an aphrodisiac. You'll know what works best for you and in your relationships.

Scorpio Moon
Scorpio is a water sign. When the Moon is here, your emotions may be amplified. As you know, water moves slowly. Scorpio has a reputation for being sexual as well as being possessive. This sign is also one that enjoys meaningful conversations, talking about subjects that other people may shy away from.

Scorpio has two rulers: the traditional one is the planet Mars, and the modern ruler is Pluto. Mars likes to take action. Pluto does, too, but something has to die to be reborn. This brings us to the theme of transformation. Scorpio is known for death and rebirth, being transformed in the process.

When the Moon is transiting through Scorpio, your discussions could be of a more serious nature. You may not say a lot, but you'll be sure to get your point across when you need to. While the Moon is here, make time for the conversations that matter to you and your partner. Expressing yourself through lovemaking is also a beautiful use of the energy. Have fun exploring the Scorpionic side of your nature.

Sagittarius Moon
Sagittarius is the last of the fast-moving fire signs. This sign is known for being an explorer, being interested in education, and embracing other cultures and philosophies. The world is their playground. Freedom is important for Sagittarius, so you could find yourself dreaming about travel and getting away from it all.

Sagittarius is ruled by the planet of Jupiter. Jupiter is often called the "great benefic." Everyone loves Jupiter's optimism and generous spirit. It's the planet that does everything in a big way. It expands whatever it touches.

When the Moon is in Sagittarius, you may feel called to explore a different subject, maybe with a focus on religion or philosophy. Conversations could be quite interesting and varied. Since this is a fire sign, you may find yourself talking more quickly. Be conscious of talking over someone or sticking your foot in your mouth. Have fun and play while leaving room for others to join in the fun, too.

Capricorn Moon
Capricorn is the last of the slow-moving earth signs. This sign has a reputation for being a hard worker. All earth signs are diligent and like order and stability, but Capricorn is also known as a leader. It sets itself apart from the pack.

Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn. This planet often doesn't get a lot of love, being called the "great malefic;" it's also called the "great timekeeper" or the "taskmaster." This energy says, "Work first, then you get to play." If it wasn't for Saturn kicking you in the butt, you wouldn't finish anything! Don't worry; in the end, you'll be recognized and rewarded for your hard work.

Communicating when the Moon is here could be challenging for you. Like everything, it will depend on your chart, your personality, and how you process. If you're someone who thrives on creating order, you may find it easy to say what you need. If not, you could feel restricted when the Moon is in Capricorn, unsure how to get your needs met. There's also the possibility you don't want to talk to anyone. You just want to do your work…alone. Figure out the best way to utilize this energy for you.

Aquarius Moon
The Aquarius Moon is the last of the quick-moving air signs. This sign is often thought of as the humanitarian. It thinks of what's best for everyone. Aquarius is also renowned for thinking outside of the box. You may receive sudden inspiration to solve a problem that's been plaguing you for ages.

This sign also has two rulers: Saturn, the traditional ruler, and Uranus, the modern ruler. As described above, Saturn can be a worker bee while Uranus thinks up unusual ways of doing things. Imagine what you can accomplish if you tap into the energy of both planets!

When the Moon is in the sign of Aquarius, you could suddenly be inspired to start a project. A new idea sparks something within, and you're off and running. Thoughts of how it could assist the collective are first and foremost in your mind. You may just spout off ideas. When the Moon is here, you may want to get together with friends to discuss interesting topics (not your usual run-of-the-mill convos). Everyone's contributions make the discussions rich.

Pisces Moon
Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, as well as the last of the slow-moving water signs. As you already know, water is sensitive and impressionable. This sign is also known for being intuitive and psychic, as well as imaginative.

This sign has two rulers assigned to it, too. The traditional ruler is Jupiter, and the modern-day ruler is Neptune. Jupiter is optimistic and generous while Neptune can be creative and a dreamer. It's a lovely energy, if you put it to work. You could create something beautiful, just relax and watch a movie, or stroll through an art gallery.

Conversations could be dreamy, or they could be confusing. When the Moon's in Pisces, your intuition can be heightened. You may decide to sit quietly and either communicate with yourself or with spirit. There's also the possibility of getting your wires crossed when speaking with others. Make sure you're clear on what they mean and vice versa.

Final Thoughts
The Moon plays a big part in your everyday life. Whenever it changes signs, the energy shifts. Of course, it's not the only player in the universe; it's interacting with the other planets all the time. You choose how your day plays out as you interact with the planetary energies and the world around you. Have fun molding your unique creation. As always, have fun surfing the cosmic waves.

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Excerpted from Llewellyn's 2024 Moon Sign Book.

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