Healing from Great Loss

Facing Pain and Grief to Recover Your Authentic Self

Come Alive Again After Enduring A Great Loss

Great loss turns your world upside down and steals your sense of security, leaving you devastated and confused. However, through healing, it can turn into an opportunity to become your authentic self and achieve renewed joy and fulfillment in your life.

Written from the perspective of Dr. Michael Newton's Life between Lives work, Healing from Great Loss shares dozens of inspiring stories from clients who have connected with their inner guidance to overcome traumatic loss. Ann J. Clark guides you on your own healing journey using a wide variety of exercises, such as visualizations, self-assessments, journal prompts, and more. Whether you have lost a loved one, a relationship, a job, a sense of security, or your independence, Healing from Great Loss gently reveals how to find the lesson embedded in the experience and how self-care, forgiveness, and spiritual growth can restore your zest for living.

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"Dr. Ann Clark is one of the most brilliant minds I know when it comes to understanding the soul's journey...This book will heal where you thought healing was never possible."—Tish Murray, The Cheeky Medium

"By sharing her own experience with great loss and her subsequent journey into healing, Ann Clark directs her readers to cultivate growth out of the wounds of loss by opening-up to new ways of thinking and living. This book is an invitation to use great loss as a springboard into new dimensions"—Reverend Dr. Sheri Perl, founder of The Prayer Registry and author of Lost and Found: A Mother Connects-Up With Her Son In Spirit

"The mix of earthly and otherworldly wisdom in this book can help you survive and even thrive during life's toughest challenges. I suggest reading this book twice, then sharing it with others."—Mark Pitstick, author of Greater Reality Living

"Ann Clark brings clarity, spiritual breadth, and practicality to navigating the difficult landscape of great loss...As a long-time hospice chaplain, I feel the truth in Ann's words and believe her contribution is a powerful, unique, and needed addition to the field. If you are looking to find your footing after a great loss, this book offers a perspective that helps to heal the heart, strengthen the mind, and open the way."—Savarna Wiley, MA CCHT, hospice chaplain and Michael Newton Institute certified Life Between Lives hypnotherapist/trainer

"It is not often that we come across a book as profound as Ann Clark's Healing from Great Loss...It is perfect for anyone trying to understand and appreciate the valuable opportunities for growth that life continually offers us and would be invaluable to counsellors and healers."—Wendy and Victor Zammit, co-authors of The Friday Afterlife Report

"Healing Through Great Loss will take you on a journey filled with compassion, wisdom, insight, guidance and personal examples and stories...Ann's wisdom, along with her own personal story, gives you the opportunity to hold a new perspective, make peace with your loss and have hope for the future, no matter where you are on your journey. This is a book that can set you free."—Betsey Grady, psychic medium

"Dr. Clark has brilliantly crafted this guidebook that is personal and instructive simultaneously. This is a gift to the grieving, not just for Great Loss, but for all grief and loss which follows change within our lives."—Maggie W. Banger, LPC-S, NCC, certified grief recovery specialist through The Grief Recovery Institute

"An extremely helpful and enlightening book for enriching one's healing odyssey through grief...Ann compassionately reveals to us that there are many gifts emerging from a great loss, just waiting to be discovered, and satisfying the soul's longing for a life to be lived more fully."—Elizabeth Watson, CHt, PLRt, LBLt, CRMT, NCC, former editor of Michael Newton Institute Journal, Stories of the Afterlife

ISBN-13: 9780738766898
Imprint: Llewellyn
Pub Date: January 2022
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Page Count: 216 pages
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